Cage Combat MMA results from November 25, 2009

Clipboard01Greg Ahrens was kind enough to send us the fight results for the Cage Combat MMA event from Wednesday November 25, 2009. The event took place in Muskegon Michigan at the L.C. Walker Arena Cheap Jerseys and his main event featured two undefeated fighters. Matt Blaine was 7-0 and Carnell Cheap Jordans Giles was 12-0. Carnell is the current Capital City Cage Fighting Heavyweight Champion, but was unable to keep his perfect record. Congratulations to Matt Blaine for taking out such a formidable opponent. Here are your fight results as submitted by promoter Greg Ahrens:

Steven Vickery defeated Robert Perez in the 1st round at 55 seconds by tap out.
Juan Calderon defeated Hassel Brewer in the 1st round at 51 seconds by tko.
Rudy Vela defeated Andrew Strickler in the 2nd round at 1:45 by tap out.
Kyle Pierce defeated Joe Varela in the 1st round at 1:03 by tap out.
Cody Woodring defeated Matt Fox in the 2nd round at 32 seconds by tap out.
Lamont Clark defeated Joel Whaley in the 2nd round at 12 seconds by knock out.
Casey Rife defeated Michael Holley in the 2nd round at 2:08 by tko.
Jonathan Wright defeated Joel Smith in the 2nd round at 1:25 by tap out.
Robby Longwith defeated Troy Nelson in the 1st round at 1:42 by tko.
Dylan Kammeraad defeated Termaine Cunningham 1st round at 20 seconds by knock out.
Andre Williams defeated Ryan Sloan in cheap nfl jerseys the 1st round at 28 seconds by knock out.
Daniel Blake defeated Boyd Guzman in the 1st round at 19 seconds by tko.
David Rohn defeated Korey Kuppe in the 1st round at 2:20 by tap out.
AJ Dulinski defeated Ricardo Ortiz in the 3rd round by decision.
Nathan Scott defeated Dan Varao in the 1st round at 55 seconds by tko.
Josh North No Contest Jacob Berghais in the 1st round at 1:11 due to foul.
Matt Blaine (7-0) defeated Carnell Giles (12-0) in the 1st round at 1:47 by tap out.


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