Frank Sedgeman, Waterford MI Fighter “Ready for the Toughest” with Highlight Reel

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Frank “The Law” Sedgeman, fighting as an amateur Mixed Martial Artist at 155 pounds, has fought all over the State of Michigan and is looking forward to his next challenge in the cage. “I’m ready for the toughest guys out there really. I know I can’t get better and challenge myself unless I face the best, so that’s what I’m looking for.”

Frank “The Law” Sedgeman Highlight reel:

Frank adds “I’m not big headed to think I’m the absolute best either, but it’s like wrestling, which I did for 8 plus years, and boxing as well. The better training you get, the better training partners you face, the better you get. I’ve been training strictly in MMA for the past year and a half, and certainly there’s a lot I still need to learn. But, I also know I want to face the toughest guys possible so that when I’m ready, I can turn pro”.

Asked about going pro, Sedgeman says “I train out of MASH Gym and represent Team Mayhem Combat. I feel comfortable with them that only when they tell me I’m ready to make the jump will I jump. There’s no rush right now I’m still young. When it’s time, it’s time you know? I’m sure I will need a couple more tough fights under my belt so that they can make the full evaluation and again, I just want to fight the baddest guys around”.

Frank says he has always been supported by his family in MMA, however he said “Mom was like all other moms I think, but when it comes fight time, I think she yells louder for me than anyone else. She was hesitant, and I guess I understand that. But I think now she’s my biggest fan not only in life, but in fighting as well”.

Frank told me his wholesale nfl jerseys toughest fight to date was his last one with Jamie Newport because cheap Air Jordans “He MADE me have to fight my hardest each and every second of each and every round. He didn’t let up. He cheap jerseys has heart. He pushed me in a couple areas, and now especially in Ray Ban Sunglasses training because I bet there are tougher guys than him out there and I learned I need to do my part in the gym so that I’m ready for the cage. Heck of a fight and hell of a fighter, and I thank him for pushing me like that because although I came out of it a unanimous decision winner, it just taught me a lot”.

“Right now, juggling school, work and training is tough, so I have to be disciplined to get all of them in. I train with a really good gym and team though and that really keeps me going. I truly just look forward to my next challenge in the cage, I love the competition, and the tougher the competition, the better I will be”.

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    • I don’t really understand why you felt the need to leave this comment. If Frank was a hothead saying he could beat everyone and he’s the best out there.. then I might get it.. but that’s not the case. He said he still has work to do, and spoke highly of his competitors. Frank is obviously an intellegent, respectable young man.

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  2. hmmmm kid sounds like he’s got a good head on his shoulders, hope to hear more news about him, and thanks to Fight Michigan for putting some light on one fighter, i’d personaly like to see more of this, Good job guys!

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