He’s Baaaaaaaaaack!

Blake Bowman returns!!! What else do you need to know!?

Alright, if you must know more, the Three Amigos go in depth taking a look at UFC 93, discuss Affliction and it’s possible demise, talk about Cole Miller’s upcoming fight with Junie Browning, and then discuss, with Blake and Cole Miller himself, Josh Barnett’s standing in the overall heavyweight rankings. Be sure to give it a listen, the Bliz is back, baby!!!

Santa Claus Hates Scorcho

Well Christmas has come and gone and Santa left Scorcho a big lump of coal in the form of nearly all of his picks getting killed at UFC 92. Former Pick’em Champ and Current Ultimate Ultimate champ Rob Loney comes on the show to rub his face in it. We go in depth with our review of UFC 92, announce our new Pick’em champ, and touch on the week in MMA news. Here’s hoping you enjoy Scorcho’s misfortune as much as Rob and Shooter did.