Roll the Bones

This week, Scorcho, Shooter, and Blake take a look at the upcoming UFC 95 card, sprint through a stuffed sack, and have a lovely chat with Jon “Bones” Jones! Jones discusses what it’s like beating up Stephan Bonnar, fighting for his family, training in a state where MMA isn’t legal, and who he admires the most in MMA. Be sure to check it out!

UFC® Fight Night™ Lauzon vs Stephens reveiw

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This week Scorcho and Shooter go over the news in Shooter Sack. Then later they are joined by Blake to discuss UFC® Fight Night™ Lauzon vs Stephens results, but do to some technical difficulties with Conrad’s computer the Show had to be cut short. So a little shorter this week but still the same old show so be sure to give it a listen and discuss the show on the forums.

I am the Law.. Prepare to be Judged

This week the guys talk over the UFC 94 results, they welcome back MMA Judge Richard Bertrand and Scorcho decides to take on the world with his views of the Varner/Cerrone fight from last weeks W.E.C. card. Bertrand was one of the three judges that night and gives the guys his expert opinion. All this and Shooters sack, The latest news in MMA and a look at the upcoming Fight night 17. So be sure to join, Jeff “Chowder” Graham, Paul “Scorcho” LaPrick, and Blake Bowman as they give you all the news worth giving.


This week Scorcho and Shooter will go over the Affliction results as well as preview the upcoming UFC 94 card. Later in the show they’ll be joined by Blake and they’ll discuss the mysterious “Codeword MOCKINGBIRD”. There’s also a heaping helping of Shooters sack as well as a serious request for more people to join our pickem. Be sure to give it a listen and remember…..”MOCKINGBIRD”

He’s Baaaaaaaaaack!

Blake Bowman returns!!! What else do you need to know!?

Alright, if you must know more, the Three Amigos go in depth taking a look at UFC 93, discuss Affliction and it’s possible demise, talk about Cole Miller’s upcoming fight with Junie Browning, and then discuss, with Blake and Cole Miller himself, Josh Barnett’s standing in the overall heavyweight rankings. Be sure to give it a listen, the Bliz is back, baby!!!

Santa Claus Hates Scorcho

Well Christmas has come and gone and Santa left Scorcho a big lump of coal in the form of nearly all of his picks getting killed at UFC 92. Former Pick’em Champ and Current Ultimate Ultimate champ Rob Loney comes on the show to rub his face in it. We go in depth with our review of UFC 92, announce our new Pick’em champ, and touch on the week in MMA news. Here’s hoping you enjoy Scorcho’s misfortune as much as Rob and Shooter did.