I.D.C. MMA Fight League – Striking Back at the Temple – Results from February 25th, 2012

Grand Master Marshall Dixsonbey’s I.D.C. MMA Fight League struck back – IN A BIG WAY – this past Saturday night at the sprawling, luxuriant Masonic Temple in the heart of beautiful downtown Detroit. There was a veritable plethora of the Metro area’s toughest fighters, representing camps like Stars and Strikes MMA, My Tactical Advantage, Cooper’s Gym, Master Bey’s I.D.C. MMA, Team Tubbs, James Lee’s MASH Fight Team, Eastside Four Aces MMA, Academy of Soo Do Thai, Team Capital Punishment, Fuse MMA, Hamtramck Main Event Gym, Southwest Fight Club, Kollide MMA, Team Cage Rage, and Eric Moon’s MoonStalkers. Fans came out in FORCE to see all of their favorite fighters in action, and they were AMPED. After EASILY one of the sweetest, most soulful renditions of our National Anthem we have ever heard, performed by one of the female warriors for the evening, Anitra Rice, the action got underway.

It was fireworks from the very start as My Tactical Advantage’s debuting Greg “The Hammer” Mathis took on Cooper’s Gym’s Sultan Harper, who was also making his first cage appearance. The first round was a NICE display of standup and footwork, with Mathis appearing to have a slight advantage. Going in to the second round, the two locked up early, and Sultan got the takedown, and unloaded with some excellent ground and pound, while Mathis managed to defend the onslaught nicely. Round three was another non-stop exchange, both standing and on the mat. After the regulation time limit had expired, the judges unanimously concluded that Sultan Harper would emerge victorious in his debut fight, with all three judges scoring the contest 29-28 in his favor. The third fight of the night was an exciting battle in the female division featuring Hamtramck Main Event Gym’s Maria “Young Phoenix” Putman facing the Academy of Soo Do Thai’s Anitra “The Vice” Rice (who was also the acclaimed Anthem singer mentioned above). In the first round, both ladies showed great heart and some VERY even boxing and standup. The second round featured a whole lot more great work on the feet, and later in the round, the fight went down, where Maria was able to dish out some ground and pound. At the start of round three, Putman exploded out of the gate in hopes of an early finish in the round, but Anitra was able to push through some heavy punishment. The fight hit the canvas again, with Anitra in dominant position this time. She seized the opportunity and opened up with the hands, raining down leather until the referee had seen enough, calling a halt to the contest and awarding Anitra the TKO victory. The sixth fight on the card was a grinding Lightweight WAR featuring Eric Moon’s MoonStalkers’ Brent “The Master” Winekoff taking on Cooper’s Gym’s Moe “Ali” Al-Shatri. This was as exciting as a bout can be, with skill sets VERY well matched. There was some SPECTACULAR boxing and footwork by both warriors throughout both the first and second rounds, with Moe appearing to have a slight advantage. In the third round, Winekoff landed a HARD takedown, and started unloading the ground and pound. During the assault, Moe saw a momentary opportunity, isolated an arm and switched his hips for a TIGHT armbar, forcing Winekoff to concede this crowd-pleasing battle. Fight number eight of the night was a fast paced battle of the Flyweights that ended up going the distance. I.D.C. MMA’s Josh “The Thrilla” Cuillia faced Hamtramck Main Event Gym’s Usama “Young Lion” Abdul-Rockmon for three exciting, crowd-hyping rounds. The first round was a frenetic battle, with Cuillia exhibiting good position control and ground and pound, while Usama defended nicely. In the second round, there was an early takedown by Ciullia, but Usamah was able to work the fight right back to the feet, where the two went to work for a very close remainder of the round. Round three was largely spent on the ground, with a simply impressive series of sweeps and transitions by both fighters, as well as some good ground striking. After it was all said and done, all three judges ended up unanimously scoring the contest 29-28 in the favor of Josh Cuillia after an amazing three round display by both fighters. The tenth fight was yet another GRUELING battle that went all the way to the cards, this time pitting I.D.C. MMA’s Timothy “Rambo” Shoots against Cooper’s Gym’s Enrique “Ricky” Garcia. This ENTIRE fight had “impressive” written all over it, with both fighters displaying a TON of great clinch work, including many, many knees and some great dirty boxing, as well as some excellent sweeps and ground defense throughout the ENTIRE fight, start to finish. After the time limit ran out, the judges had the difficult task of choosing a victor in this AMAZINGLY CLOSE fight. After the scores were all tallied up, the RAZOR CLOSE decision victory was granted to Enrique “Ricky” Garcia for his impressive efforts in this fight. Starting with the twelfth fight of the night, it was now time for some GOLD to be contested. The first title fight of the night was a Bantamweight belt battle featuring Team Capital Punishment’s Mustafa “The Rebel” Jordan squaring up against Cooper’s Gym’s James Park. The fight started quick with a brief striking exchange, followed by a clinch, with some good knees and punches exchanged. Mustafa hit a takedown, but Park reversed the position immediately. Mustafa was able to make it back up to the feet, but James took him right back down. After some great ground control and damage by James, he was trying to finish with an armlock. Mustafa kicked Park in the head (who was down) and put his foot on James’ throat, and referee Vance Swerdan knocked it away and gave him verbal warning. Mustafa placed his foot right back on James’ trachea, ignoring the warning, and “Vicious” Vance pulled the plug and ended the match via disqualification due to flagrant disregard of the referee’s instructions. The NEW I.D.C. Bantamweight badboy to beat is Mr. James Park, who earned that strap with an impressive fight! The next beautiful belt to be up for grabs was the Welterweight title, in a battle featuring two cage-seasoned warriors, I.D.C. MMA’s Martinez “The Tank” Bradley and Team Tubbs’ “Trigger” Trey Suthers. As the two combatants took the center, The hands were let go IMMEDIATELY, and “Trigger” Trey got off the first shot and planted it right on the button, sending Bradley to the canvas, and ending the match with a NICE KO, becoming the NEW I.D.C. 170 pound champion. In the Lightweight division, it was time for Roland “The Chief” Saucedo to defend his I.D.C. strap against Team Cage Rage’s always ready, always game Russell “The Ruckus” Campbell. The pace from the start of this fight was EXPLOSIVE, with the two warriors engaging immediately and clinching up. Russell sunk a HARD takedown, Roland worked back up. Russell pulled off ANOTHER devastating takedown, and AGAIN, Roland was able to come up. As Campbell went for another shot, Roland caught the neck and sank in a DEEP guillotine for the tap and the win at only THIRTY-FOUR seconds in the first and final round, retaining his 155 pound crown in yet another impressive title defense. The Super Heavyweight championship belt was on the line as Team Tubbs’ defending champ Lamar “The Abomination” Foster faced the UNDEFEATED Michael “Chaos” Hooper. For a couple of VERY large combatants, the pace of this fight was off the chain. Both warriors came out trying to finish early. Lamar’s striking experience was evident in this one, while Hooper pushed through some early damage. The two cliched, and there was pummeling for position and some dirty boxing. Foster got the takedown and got a dominant position, then unloaded a barrage of fists, forcing a stop to the fight at just past the two minute mark in the very first round by BRUTAL ground and pound TKO, keeping the title belt firmly around his waist. In the MAIN EVENT of the evening, the I.D.C. Featherweight championship was at stake as Stars and Strikes MMA’s Sean “Gator” Dunn squared off against the defending champ, I.D.C. MMA’s Marcus “Icemane” Wheeler. The two very experienced combatants came out looking CRISP and collected, pushing the pace without pause. Dunn was in great form in this showdown, doing a great job of controlling the tempo of the fight, both on the feet and the mat. Marcus fought valiantly as well, and in the very final seconds of the first round, with Dunn partially on Icemane’s back, Marcus threw an elbow strike, which was explained at the fighters meeting as being an instant disqualification, with zero tolerance. Vance Swerdan was right on top of it, and called a halt to the action just as the round was ending. And as an honorable martial artist does, Master Bey fully agreed with the stoppage, even though it was his own student on the receiving end of the DQ. In Wheeler’s defense…any one who trains knows that there is a thing called “muscle memory”, and when you work a technique in the gym, in the heat of battle…you know the rest. We’ve seen Marcus fight enough times to know that he is NOT a dirty fighter. Congratulations to NEW 145 champion Sean “Gator” Dunn, who is now the man to beat in the I.D.C. Featherweight class! And as ALWAYS, congratulations to each and every fighter and trainer that put in the work in the years, months and days leading up to this highly successful event.

The EXCELLENT crew that made it all happen were a Grade-A group of experienced and familiar faces, starting with the leader of the pack, Grand Master Bey. This is a man that DEFINES a TRUE lifetime martial artist, with all of the moral and ethical values that come with formal martial arts. Since the day we met Master Bey, we have been thoroughly impressed with his honor and dedication, both to the sport AND the fighters! And he doesn’t think twice about spending the extra money to do all of the special things that the fighters appreciate, and to provide the best staff possible! Medals and plaques for ALL the fighters, and now, the I.D.C. Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is for those special warriors who pass through the door of the I.D.C., win a title, then make the move to PRO. And the FIRST EVER inductee into the Hall of Fame was Adam “The Beast” Gibson, who held the I.D.C. Middleweight title, then made his pro debut at the Impact Fight League’s February 18th pro show at the Palace. Adam was formally awarded a BEAUTIFUL crystal trophy for his achievement. Congrats, Adam, on the induction AND for making the pro leap! Referees for this event were a duo of well-known Michigan pros, the uber-experienced Vicious one, Vance Swerdan and Eric “The Monster” Moon, assisted outside the cage by Bubba MacKenzie and Mr. Doug Gallegos. Working the cage door on Vaseline patrol was yet another of the Great Lake States’ top pros, Drew “All Day” Morais. The panel of judges (in rotation) were Sam Crawford, Ann Morrell, Tonya King, Nick Frania, along with FightMichigan’s own, Shannon Hale and T.J. Corwin, with Shannon doubling up on stopwatch duty. The man wielding the golden mic was our good friend Pete Trevino Jr., who kept the info flowing and the crowd knowing! Backing him up on the turntables was local emcee and legend, DJ Danny D. The matchmaking for the event was in the very capable hands of two of Michigan’s most distinguished gentlemen, Al Cooper and Master Bey. The combat enclosure (cage) was provided by Michigan Combat League’s promoter Jake “Superman” Short’s cage rental company, Caged Animal Productions. Still photography for the event was shot by Michigan Combat Photography’s Chris Rabior. Our buddy Izzy Quintanilla was in the house repping himself and MI Entertainment, providing the best, most affordable gear around. A special shout out to the Oscar “Big Ox” Brown and the WORLD-CLASS guys and gals from Cooper’s Gym for helping keep things coordinated masterfully and the Masonic Temple’s security, for providing stability and control, which is paramount at ANY event. Great job, y’all! Well folks, if you were one of the unfortunate ones who couldn’t make it out this time, do not despair, for the I.D.C. will be back in the Temple ONCE AGAIN on April 21st, with even BIGGER and BETTER things, so be sure to save the date, and check our “Upcoming Events” page often, so you don’t miss a single detail! Until the next the time, here are your results…

Total Warrior Combat – TWC 8 – New World Order – Results from January 21st, 2012

Total Warrior Combat held it’s BIGGEST and BADDEST event to date (which is an ASTRONOMICAL achievement, considering some of their previous fight cards) at the Best Western Plus Hotel in Lansing (formerly the Causeway Bay Hotel and Resort). One look at the card, and there was NO DOUBT that fans were going to be in for one of the most memorable events in recent history. And they were not disappointed! From the very first fight (which ended in a spectacular knockout), to the Ray Reynero/Dan Dunbar Co-Main event and the Adam Nixon/Kory Wertz Main event, the entire event was a barn-burner. The great teams and trainers that came out to rep their gyms and their fighters were a veritable A-list of the very best in the area…Grand Rapids Mixed Martial Arts, Team Striking Dragons, Murcielago MMA, Soldado’s Boxing and MMA, Pound 4 Pound MMA, Master Bill’s Karate, The Pit, Lansing Jiu Jitsu, The Factory, Old School Fitness, Parker’s Martial Arts and Freedom MMA, as well as a who’s who of individual coaches and trainers. From the National Anthem to the afterparty, TWC delivered intensity and excitement from A to Z. As we were looking down the fight card, we noticed something AMAZING. Beside EVERY fighters name on the card, there was a gym or trainer listed. No one-fight Facebook warriors, only TRAINED martial artists. This is quite possibly the only time we’ve seen this at an amateur event to date…a testament to TWC’s credibility.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the event turned ELECTRIC right from the get-go when Sammy Watchmaker entered the cage to square off against the VERY experienced Cliffy Creech. Like true warriors, the two engaged right away. In only a few short seconds, Sam landed a shot that rattled Creech. As the fight went to the canvas, Sam knew he was in a position to end the fight, and with Cliff caught against the cage, a few more DEVASTATING and well-placed fists brought an end to the contest, leaving Sammy’s always-game opponent temporarily in Dreamland. By the way…all of this occurred in less than THIRTY SECONDS. Is there any better way to start an event?! After a spectacular undercard that featured some of the area’s best up and comers, we move on to the next bracket. The eighth fight of the evening was a Welterweight WAR between One of Matt Torres’ proteges, Bobby Nash and the ALWAYS tough, ALWAYS game George “Superman” Allen. Nash was aggressive in this fight…but you could tell that there was a mutual respect between the two fighters. Nash controlled dominant position for a majority of the first round and dealt out some ground and pound, while George flaunted his experience with some pretty nice ground defense. As the second round began, the fight hit the canvas QUICK. There was a scramble for position that left Nash on top in side control. He shot the arm under George’s neck and rolled his shoulder forward, executing a PERFECT shoulder choke. Unable to alleviate the tremendous pressure, George was forced to concede the contest via tap, granting Nash a VERY impressive win over the uber-experienced Allen at exactly the thirty second mark in the second round. The very next fight on the card was an absolutely UNBELIEVABLE matchup between The Pit’s Josh “The Blood Shark” Fish and Team Striking Dragons’ Cameron Brewer. After a brief moment of feeling out on the feet, this fight went ELECTRIC, and so did the crowd. The pace was just plain GRUELING for the whole first round. In round two, both warriors came out with renewed fervor. Fish got the better of an early exchange, and the fight ended up on the ground. There was a battle for position, and Josh weathered the storm and took Cameron’s back. Fish managed to work the hand under the neck with the hooks in deep, and then cinched a really tight rear naked choke for the finish and the win. Fight number twelve on the card was one of the MOST IMPRESSIVE ladie’s debut fight that we have ever seen! Murcielago MMA’s Carly Mocny entered the cage for the very first time to face off against The Factory’s Nekhai Hong. Now, before we go any further, let me say this – when you have Murcielago in one corner, and Jen Kelly and Elsa Gallegos in the other, you are absolutely, 100% GUARANTEED to be in for a treat! These two ladies DID NOT DISAPPOINT! They both showed heart, skill and experience WELL beyond what their record would reflect. The majority of the entire fight stayed on the feet, with some BEAUTIFUL striking exchanges, footwork and clinch work. After three SOLID, NON-STOP rounds, the judges concurred that Nekhai had gotten the better of the amazing exchanges, and awarded her her very first of what will surely be MANY more victories in her career via unanimous decision. Mark my words…BOTH of these young ladies will be ones to watch! Next up, it was a HIGHLY anticipated battle between Murcielago MMA’s Kevin “The Silent Assassin” Shacks and Pound 4 Pound MMA’s Mike Thompson. Intense is really the only way to describe this fight…aside from EXTREMELY well matched. These two chose to stand and bang it out for ALL THREE ROUNDS, keeping the fans screaming the whole time. After what was a veritable standup CLINIC for all three rounds, the judges were assigned the unenviable task of deciding who would get the glory this night. As they reached their decision, they handed over a RAZOR-CLOSE decision (and we say razor-close because it came right down to splitting hairs) in the favor of Mike Thompson. As with any split decision, but ESPECIALLY with this one, it has REMATCH written all over it! Up next, it was time for the Renegade Welterweight title to be put on the line in a rematch that had been MONTHS in the making – Murcielago MMA’s Skeeter Kittle versus Striking Dragon’s shooting star, Denato Richardson. Round one was much like their first encounter, exciting and fast-paced. Both warriors put it down in the first round, trying to one-up each other on the feet, as well as on the ground. Round two started in similar fashion, with the pace going full tilt right out of the gate. The back and forth exchange continued deep into the second round, and around the two minute mark, Skeeter got into full mount and let the fists fly, bringing a stop to the contest via (a somewhat controversial) TKO. Then, it was on to the TWC Interim Lightweight championship, featuring Lansing’s local legend, Pound 4 Pound MMA’s Zack Shaw taking one of Bob Fish’s disciples, Joe Rogers. Zack came right out and did a smart thing…he used his experience and pushed the pace so quickly, he did not afford Rogers the luxury of being able to fight HIS fight. The strategy paid off, and in rapid fashion, when Zack got the back and whipped out a textbook rear naked choke for the win and the title. Then, it was time for the BIG boys to wage war for the Heavyweight gold, when Lansing Jiu Jitsu’s Joe Clementz took on Grand Rapids Mixed Martial Arts’ “Big” John Lofquist. Now, we all know that when two heavyweights of this caliber are throwing hands, WHEN one of those shots find it’s mark, the results are DEVASTATING. And that is precisely what happened. Both fighters came out with the intention of emerging the victor, and let the leather go early. Joe’s fist found the mark first, dazing Lofquist, and after a quick follow-up, Joe was able to end the night early with a spectacular KO. Clementz was proud to FINALLY be wearing the TWC gold, so much so that it was rumored that he slept in his hotel room with it! Congrats, big guy. The next fight was one for the “WOW” category, as The Pit’s seasoned veteran, Luke “The Assassin” Hnevsa, took the center cage against Murcielago’s undefeated Mario “Wario” James. This is a fight that you could really only fully appreciate it’s magnitude by having been there in person. What a barn-burner! Luke wanted the gold BAD, and you could see it etched on his face. Mario, on the other hand, was not willing to just let him take it, so the frenetic battle ensued. Luke came out to FINISH. The relentless assault began immediately, and early on Mario found himself in some serious danger. At one point, Mario actually rode the momentum of Luke’s VICIOUS flurry of uppercuts back up the cage from the ground! SOMEHOW, Mario endeavored to weather the storm and dish out some gnarly strikes of his own. The onslaught continued at a break-neck pace until nearly the end of the second round, when all of the body shots and kicks were really starting to take their toll, making it impossible to breathe, forcing him to concede the match, leaving a tired, yet satisfied Mario James holding the title strap. Next on the card was the 135 pound title fight, featuring the highly anticipated cage return of GRMMA’s Dan “The American Badass” Dunbar, as he squared off against Soldado’s Boxing and MMA’s Bantamweight badboy, Ray Reynero. While many were expecting to see a lot of boxing in this fight, it ultimately became more of a grappling match. For the ENTIRE first two rounds, both warriors pushed the pace without cease. Round three maintained the same intensity. It was a virtual Grappling 101, with a non-stop chain of submission attempts, sweeps, escapes reversals…you name it, they did it. Nearing the two minute mark in the third round, a well timed reversal found Dan in a compromising position. Ray maintained position, a started delivering blows to the head. Dan fought valiantly to escape the position, but to no avail. The cumulative effect of Ray’s fist were too much, and the referee was forced to stop the fight, crowning Ray Reynero as the NEW TWC Bantamweight champion. The final fight of this CRAZY card was a battle for the TWC Junior Lightweight title pitting Team Striking Dragon’s Adam “The Atomic Zombie” Nixon and Pound 4 Pound MMA’s rising star Kory Wertz. As the battle began, these two wasted no time getting right in the pocket and banging it out. Adam fought like a soldier, but this night would see Wertz emerge the victor, when he landed a series of well placed and timed hands that brought about an early FLASH KO…at just barely past the thirty second mark of the fight! Kory seemed VERY happy about his new hardware, as did his team and his fans, evidenced by their ear-shattering roar of approval! As with EVERY event, FightMichigan honors and recognizes EACH and EVERY fighter and trainer that came out to represent and make this show that will carry an afterglow for a VERY long time!

Now it’s time to shout out the TWC dream team that made this event run silky smooth from top to bottom, starting with the promoters. In only eight shows, Adam Molnar and Petey have made LANDMARK improvements with each event, very quickly scaling the promotional food chain and fixing the TWC name on the lips of fans across the State. The staff they have elected over the course of their tenure in the sport has changed minimally, also providing the consistency that the fans have come to expect. One staff member that has been there since the very beginning is TWC’s head ref and referee for the ENTIRE event, FightMichigan’s T.J. Corwin. The panel of judges were comprised of the experienced trio of Ed Pigeon, Dru Gardner and Mickey Millis, with Scorpion Fighting Systems’ LEGENDARY BJJ master James David Gray and Miss Shannon Hale from FightMichigan (who was also armed with the trusty stopwatch for the event) stepping in to judge a couple of fights. Handling Vaseline duty at the cage door and occasionally stepping in as a ring GUY was Marky “Cash” Christiansen. The man on the mic for the event was the crowd-pumping up-and-coming MC extraordinarre, Michael “Skipnosis” Gorham. Backing him up on the DJ stand with the street-shaking beats was the one and only Bobby “DJ BabyDaddy” Cantwell. The Director of Sales and Marketing for TWC is the one-man street team, Bear K. Fitz. Heading up TWC’s team of hotties (ring girls) was the always eye pleasing Michaela Prevost. Handling still photography AND video for the event was Fierce Photography’s Noah Paris. The pics look AWESOME…check out the gallery HERE. Assisting Mr. Corwin with the cage door and keeping the competition area clean were the extremely helpful trio of Jake Prosser, Max Little and Dillon Deal. Last, but MOST DEFINITELY not least, were the guys who MASTERFULLY handled ALL of the coordination in the locker room (a challenging and unenviable task, for those familiar with the promotion game), Mr. Tony Sterk and his assistant, Josh Stuer. We also noticed there were a LOT of people sporting Loved By A Pit gear…if you haven’t got one of these SWEET shirts that support an awesome cause, GET ONE. We did! Well, folks, it’s safe to say that Total Warrior Combat is not only here to stay, but with future plans that include MANY yet-to-be publically announced events and other HUGE, HUGE things on the horizon (that we can’t WAIT for the green light to reveal), TWC has already, and will continue to be, one of the front-runners in the sport. As Petey and Adam release all of this great info to us for public dispersal, we’ll IMMEDIATELY release it to YOU, our loyal readers. Until the next great event, here are your results…

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