Promotion Name: Michigan Extreme Combat Sports

Event Name: Rise Against

Promoter(s): Kevin Whittenberg

Date: April 21st, 2012

Location: Skateway of Monroe

Trainers and Gyms: Michigan Extreme Combat Sports, East West Martial Arts, True Fighter Fight Team, White Elephant Fight Club, Camp Tisdale, Midland Muay Thai Academy, Mob Squad

Referee(s): Josh “Short Stack” Robinson, Danny McIntire

Judges: Dru Gardner, Rob “The Hooligan” Taylor, T.J. Corwin,

Timekeeper: Shannon Hale

Medic(s): Jeff Mendryza, Brandon Higdon

Announcer: Joey Ruckus (Eternal Entertainment)

DJ: DJ Trevy Trev (Eternal Entertainment)

Commentary: Phil “The Voice” Davey, Alex Hudson

Ring Girls: Samantha & Ashley

Honorable Mention:
Team Edina, Ellison Foundation, Loved By A Pitbull, The Fight Shop, Michigan Extreme Combat Sports Gym, Rye Spiteri, Garage Muscle, Trained in Detroit, CORE Entertainment, Elevation Training Mask, Mott’s Children’s Hospital, American Cancer Society, Boobies Rock