Amateur Combat Sports – The Fight To Breathe – Results from November 5th, 2011

Amateur Combat Sports was back in full effect at the historic Michigan Theatre in Jackson this past Saturday night! Promoter Jason Stoner knocked another one outta the park! And this time ACS was on a mission…to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Cystic fibrosis is a disease passed down genetically through families that causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, digestive tract, and other areas of the body. It is one of the most common chronic lung diseases in children and young adults. It is a potentially life-threatening disorder. With General Admission at a mere five dollars, practically everyone was able to come out and witness all the MMA excitement. Defyant Industries’ Anthony Lebron screened up a batch of limited edition t-shirts especially for this event, available for only $15 at the show. There was a HUGE raffle, with prizes such as gym memberships, clothing and other merch, local goods and services and much more! This event, with the support of the AWESOME, dedicated Jackson area fans, was able to raise some money for a noble cause.

The action kicked off quick, with Ohio’s Ryan Gabrio versus Lansing’s Tom Rzanca. The fight went to the ground right away. After a brief scramble for position, Ryan ended up in top in side control. He quickly shot his hand under his opponents neck and rolled all of his weight onto his shoulder, putting enough pressure on the neck to get the tap and the win via shoulder choke. The third fight of the night was especially interesting – a grudgematch – between cousins. Patrick Schuler and Eddie Dolson both came out swinging for the fences, and it didn’t take long before Patrick landed a hook that spun Eddie around, then landed another HARD shot to seal the deal. Getting deeper into the night, the eighth fight featured a pair of exceptionally talented welterweights, Jackson MMA’s Tim Decker and I.D.C. MMA’s Martinez Bradley. Decker suffered a really bad cut on the forehead early on in the fight. MIRACULOUSLY, Jackson MMA’s expert cutman, Rob Tuthill was able to close the cut, and the fight continued back and forth all the way to the judge’s score cards. All three judges scored the contest 29-28 in the favor of Decker. What was also impressive about the fight was that Martinez had just fought a similar three round war to the decision just a week prior! Hats off to both warriors for an entertaining fight. Immediately following, it was another interesting match of styles as Jackson MMA’s Billy “Hands of Mayhem” Warner took center cage against I.D.C. MMA’s Emanuel Buck. These two fought both on the feet and the ground non-stop for all three rounds, once again making the judges earn their keep. All three concluded that Billy Warner got the better of the exchanges, with all three scoring it 29-28. Kudos to both for a tough fight! Next up were the 125ers, Jackson MMA’s Anthonio Alejandro against Alma’s William Tackett. Tackett tried to take the cheap shot off of the glove tap, but late in the first round, karma served him his just desserts, as Alejandro KO’d him with a well-timed shot. The Main Event of the evening was a Lightweight shootout for the vacant Amateur Combat Sports 155 pound strap. Jackson MMA’s Jeremee Wood faced off against Target Martial Arts’ Chris Binschus. The pace was fast and furious throughout the whole fight, until Jeremee secured a takedown. After a series of transitions, Jeremee ended up in side control, grabbed the head-and-arm triangle, and worked it in until his opponent was ALL the way asleep RIGHT at the end of the round. Congratulations, Jeremee on the win and the title! And a HUGE amount of respect goes to the always battle ready Chris Binschus, who took the fight on fairly short notice when Jeremee’s original opponent decided he wasn’t up for the challenge.

Now for the staff…ensuring quality, safety and continuity! Starting with the cage enforcers…the lead referee for the event was FightMichigan’s T.J. Corwin, joined by local fighter Michael Lemmo and heavy-handed Heavyweight, Rob “The Hooligan” Taylor. Helping work the cage door was John Price (YEEEEEAH, BUDDY!). Judges for the evening were Don “Grampa” Williams, FightMichigan’s own Shannon Hale, and Keystroke Computer Repair’s (as well as ACS web guy) Jason “Muggzie” Mugg, who was also pulling double duty on the stopwatch. The MC’s for the evening, keeping hte crowd hyped and informed, were Jackson Radio Works’ local radio personality Marc W. Daly, joined by none other than GenesisFC’s Josh “Rage” Lawrence. Video footage of the event was taken courtesy of Noah Dolce. Still photography for the event was shot by Michigan Combat Photography’s Chris Rabior, with the gallery posted here. All in all it was yet another exciting night of ammy MMA action, with more to come on December 3rd. More event details will be released SOON, and when they are, you’ll find ’em right here. ‘Til next time, folks, here are you results…

Ron DeLeon Promotions – Capital City Cage Fight Championships – Results from October 14th, 2011

Ron DeLeon’s Capital City Cage Fight Championships returned home to the Lansing Center Friday night with another stacked-to-the-max fight card. The amped up fans packed in tight to see all of their local faves in action. And the action started quickly, with a grudge match between Joe Scott and J.R. Meddaugh. J.R. dominated the early part of the fight, but Joe managed to ride out the storm of strikes and turned the tide for a rear naked choke finish. There were several very dominant striking displays throughout the night, starting with this one – James DeWitt versus Shaun Saville. This fight only lasted 11 seconds, with James coming out with all guns blazing for the quick finish. Alex Stutsky and Scott Skriba locked horns in an interesting mix of styles, with Alex coming out the victor. Another one of the dominant displays we mentioned earlier was done at the hands of Ray Reynero, who dispatched his opponent, Thomas Rzanca, in a mere 18 seconds. Next on the card, the ladies went to war in impressive fashion. GRBJJ’s Nancy Churches took to the cage to face Kathleen Albany in a battle that went all the way to the score cards, with Nancy walking away the winner by unanimous decision. Next up was Josh Shaw facing off against cage veteran Antoine Williams. This one ended quickly via the patented Shaw guillotine. We couldn’t help but notice…when one of the Shaw brothers gets your neck, you can count the SECONDS ’til the end! Branford Brown did battle with Pound 4 Pound’s Kory Wertz, with Kory taking the decision after three quite impressive rounds. Then it was back to the ladies, with noteable striker Amanda Cooper taking on a very impressive and tough Imoni Williams. Amanda did what she does best – she pummeled her opponent into submission…literally. Then there was the COLOSSAL showdown between the Striking Dragon’s Denato Richardson and Murcielago MMA’s Dequan “The Tarantula” Townsend. This battle was EPIC, keeping the judges working HARD. Dequan took the “W”, showing off his vast experience and getting the better of the exchanges on the feet. In the 185 pound division, local badboy Brandon Johnson took the stage against the undefeated Mitch Stadel. This one ended when Brandon received an injury while being taken down with a slam, leaving Mitch STILL undefeated. In the Main Event of the evening, the rock-solid Tyler Sible took on the local legend, Zack Shaw for the 155 pound belt. Zack mounted a BRUTAL and relentless assault that Tyler simply could not find an answer to in time. Zack gets more impressive every time out…he might have the belt for a LONG time! The staff for the event were all veterans of their respective trades, starting with – the enforcer of all things law (A.K.A. referee) – experienced ref and Michigan pro fighter “Vicious” Vance Swerdan, along with his trusty (and perpetually single) assistant, Doug Gallegos. Judges for this fine event were Jason Stoner, James Griffin and FightMichigan’s very own T.J. Corwin. Consistent is the most appropriate way to describe Ron DeLeon’s events. Fans know that Capital City Cagefight Championships ALWAYS delivers excitement when it comes to MMA – which is why Ron is a household name in the Lansing area! CCCFC has many BIG things on the horizon…and we’ll keep you posted as soon as the info is released! For now, here are your results…

Amateur Combat Sports – Saturday Night Fights – Results from October 8th, 2011

Amateur Combat Sports returned to their original stomping grounds – the Michigan Theater in Jackson Saturday night with another stacked card full of fresh local talent. Promoter/matchmaker Jason Stoner did a fine job…as always! There were a lot of the guys from Jackson MMA in the house…some in the cage, some looking on in the crowd. Quincy Rice and his Spartans pretty much RAN THE TABLE, showing the amped up crowd how Jackson MMA gets down and gets it done! Early on in the night, Matthew Powell faced off against Michael Bateman in an interesting clash of styles that ended in a TKO early in the third round. In the very next match, Don “Grampa” Williams returned to the cage with a dominant performance against the tough (and considerably younger) Mike Wilson with a first round referee stoppage. The following match pitted the cage veteran Tyler Ray against Jack Ho. This one sounded good on paper, and it did not disappoint, with a fast paced war that ended with a TKO early on. The next 2 fights ended with a knockout…the first at the hands of Mike Glover over a very game William Binschus. The second KO in a row was delivered by Anthonio Alejandro over Eddie Dolson. Immediately following, Andrew Zuke demonstrated how to execute a triangle choke at the expense of the formidable Austin Halfacre. Closing out the evening was the 135 pound title fight between Nick Bowen and Anthony Brown. Anthony threw on a triangle early on in the round and Nick defended it nicely for a while, but finally Anthony was able to work it in for the finish and the belt! The action for the night was being watched over by local fighters Michael Lemmo and Rob “The Hooligan” Taylor, along with the experienced (and still single) Doug Gallegos. The judges for the evening’s action were Mr. Shaun Rozanski, joined by FightMichigan’s Shannon Hale and T.J. Corwin. The M.C. for the evening was a local radio personality, Jackson Radio Works’ Marc Daly. The timekeeper for the event (as well as Amateur Combat Sports webmaster) Keystroke Computer Repair’s Jason “Muggzie” Mugg. All of the still photography for the event was skillfully handled by Chris Rabior from Chris Rabior Photography…check out his gallery here. Amateur Combat Sports has a LOT of things coming up in the near future, starting with November 5th, as well as a date in December. Keep us bookmarked…we’ll keep you informed as soon as the details are released! ‘Til next time…here are your results…

Amateur Combat Sports – Bad Intentions – Results from July 30th, 2011

Before we get started here, I’d like to apologize for the delay on getting this posted. Jason “Muggzie” Mugg made this post possible by forwarding us the results, complete with a writeup and a lot of tags! Thanks, Jason! Read on…

Saturday night was an awesome night of fights! We were surprised by some unlikely newcomers and pleasantly pleased by the showmanship of some amateur MMA locals. Jackson Michigan was on fire tonight as the local fighters beat down their out of town competitors consistently and repetitively one after the other. Madmen MMA brought their A-game tonight, as their fight team had a majority of wins in their favor.

Referee Doug Gallegos was on top of his game tonight calling a very fair set of matches till a rogue knee caught him in the top of his head leaving him to be replaced for a couple rounds. The National Anthem was sung By Jackson local Kasey Wyatt. Our Judges for the evening were Don (Grandpa) Williams, Shaun Rozanski and Jason (the Keystroke Guru) Mugg. Thanks to Jackson Radio Work’s Marc Daly for coming out and MC’ing the event. As always Amateur Combat Sports has done it right with this latest event! Thanks again for all the staff that make it possible for us to attend these great events! Here are your results…

Amateur Combat Sports – Night of Champions – Results from June 11th, 2011

Amateur Combat Sports rocked the town of Jackson, Michigan once again with another impressive display of MMA talent. The card was stacked to the max with some particularly amazing fights, such as Eddie “The Machete” Tamez vs Billy Warner, the long awaited return after a one year hiatus of our friend Johnny Shasteen, and the Main Event war between Mike Leholm vs Freddy Cortez. The Optimist Ice Arena is a spacious and sprawling venue…absolutely perfect for this type of event. It’s not very often that we mention the crowd, but these guys and girls were PUMPED. Definitely one of the loudest crowds we’ve seen, and that covers a LOT of ground! Keeping the fighters safe and enforcing all the rules in the cage were Doug “The Thug” Gallegos (He’s single, ladies! He told me to say that. You can thank me later, Doug!) and another ACS veteran fighter and referee, Marvin Potts. Judges for the evening were Michael Lemmo, Shaun Rozanski and “Grampa” Don Williams, with FightMichigan’s T.J. on stopwatch patrol. The announcer for the evening was GenesisFC’s promoter, FightMichigan friend and Michigan pro fighter Josh “The Voice of 7 Thunders” Lawrence. Amateur Combat Sports’ shows are ALWAYS a guaranteed good time! If you weren’t lucky enough to have been there this time, just remember, there’s more to come from them SOON. Check back with us often! Until then, here are your results…

Amateur Combat Sports – Art of War – Results from April 16th, 2011

Saturday, April 16th saw the much anticipated return of Amateur Combat Sports to the Michigan Theatre in Jackson with their latest installment, “Art of War”. The theatre auditorium was filled to capacity with fans who came out to see all of their local faves. The keepers of law and order during the action (otherwise known as refs) were Michigan pro fighter and FightMichigan’s homie Travis Travesty and our other good buddy Doug Gallegos. Judges for the evening were Shaun Rozanski, FightMichigan’s own T.J., and Mike Lemmo, with FightMichigan’s Shannon handling timekeeping duty. Keeping the crowd pumped and informed was another friend of ours, pro fighter and GenesisFC promoter, Josh “Rage” Lawrence. Promoter Jason Stoner has shown us once again what a dedicated bunch of fans Amateur Combat Sports has in the Jackson area, as well as in the rest of the MMA community…not to mention the rising stars that are coming out of J-town and the surrounding area! Also, all of the still photography was done by Chris Rabior from Michigan Combat Photography, and will be available to purchase soon. Some of the pics will be available for free on Michigan Combat photography’s Facebook page as well. Check ’em out! If you weren’t lucky enough to have made it out to this one, do not despair. Amateur Combat Sports will be back in town again soon…stay tuned for more details! Until then, here are your results…

Combat X 20 – Attack at the Yack – Results from June 26, 2010

Combat X stormed back on the local MMA scene with Combat X 20 – Attack at the Yack. The Yack Arena in Wyandotte was an awesome venue for such an event. There were a series of setbacks on the fight card due to some shady dealings and fight camps pulling out, but Combat X matchmaker extraordinaire Mike Akers pulled off a miracle at the last minute and put together a very solid fight card. Phil “The Voice” Davey was in the house pumping the crowd and delivering the goods on the mic. Two of the judges were Genesis FC’s promoters (and friends of FightMichigan) Josh “Rage” Lawrence and Terry Bertrand. Also in attendance were Fight XC’s promoter Norbert Pasztor and Amateur Combat Sports promoter Jason Stoner. This event also marked the final cage fight for a man who is a familiar face in the local scene…Phil “Slam” Ferney. Also appearing on the card were renowned local fighters like Adam “The Joker” Trombley, Ivan Wolshlager, Hector Garcia, George “of the Jungle” Snedden, Ray “The War Machine” Rocheleau and Johnny Shasteen. It was a very entertaining and interesting night of fight action. And, as always, Combat X’s promoter John Poe showed the crowd the work ethic that makes Combat X such a class act. Here are your results… […]

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