Michigan Combat League 5 – Domination – Results from February 10th, 2012

The Michigan Combat League was back in town with another stunning fight card this past Friday with what could be hailed a tribute event, Domination. The name “Domination” was a DIRECT shout out from pro fighter, promoter and trainer Jake “Superman” Short to one of his top students and proteges, Dom “The Dominator” Sindone. Anyone who has followed Dom’s career will be quick to confirm that he has fought and beaten an A-list of the BEST ammies in the entire Midwest, and holds just about every Bantamweight title belt in the State! Now Dom is ready to take his unbelievable skill set to the pro level. This event would also be the event where Dom would personally hand over his Michigan Combat League title to the winner of an exciting four man tournament. The venue for the event was once again the spacious and gracious Knights of Columbus’ Diamond Park Center in Lincoln Park. The cage was IMMACULATE, being nearly a virgin competition area with some excellent graphics courtesy of Caged Animal Productions. If you’d like to rent this killer enclosure for your next event, just click that red link and get in touch with those guys! There was a host of great gyms, trainers and teams in the house, showing off the fruits of all their hard labor and providing some of the areas top talent, such as Michigan Extreme Combat Sports, Team Sindone, Team Juice, Jacked N Tan MMA, Team Savage, Team Wolf Pack, Team Mighty Dragons, The Institute of MMA, The Family, Team Cage Rage, A2 Fitness, Team Heavyweights, Luna’s MMA, and Team Redemption. As the house lights went down, the volume went up, and Mr. Throwdown announced to the anticipating crowd that the action was about to begin!

The first two fights of the evening were the preliminary matchups in the aforementioned Bantamweight tournament to determine who would move one step closer to being personally awarded the Dominator’s vacated title strap. And one of the first warriors to step up to that challenge was none other than Dom’s younger brother, Mike “The Maniac” Sindone, as he took on Team Wolf Pack’s Clinton Montgomery. It was apparent that both of these competitors wanted to be the one to take home the belt, as demonstrated by their immediate will to engage. Mike tried to lock on a guillotine choke early on, but Clinton was able to defend it. After some good clinch work and pummeling, Clinton was able to land a HARD knee that briefly staggered Sindone. Sindone pushed through and secured a solid takedown. After working himself into position, Mike was able to lock on a slick rear naked choke for the tap and the win, moving him on to the final round of the tourney. The next prelim of the tournament would find Team Mighty Dragon’s “Sinister” James Salisbury facing The Family’s Anthony “Lil’ Spaz” Baldwin. All I can say is this…Salisbury comes out to FINISH. While Anthony is no slouch in the cage either, James took control of the pace right away, leaving Anthony caught in defense mode. After a rapid and exciting exchange on the feet, the fight went to the ground. Shortly thereafter, James transitioned into side control and was able to end the fight and move on to the tourney finals with an BEAUTIFUL Bulldog choke submission. The fifth fight of the night was a battle of the BIG BOYS for the MCL Super Heavyweight title belt featuring Team Sindone’s Derek “Bad News” Carter squaring off against Team Heavyweight’s Eddie “The Silverback” Borom. Carter secured the takedown early on, and held position throughout the first half of the round, while the two fighters exchanged strikes on the ground. With a quick reversal, Eddie was able to take the dominant position back and unleash some brutal ground and pound for the finish and the belt with only seven seconds left to go in the round. Nice work, Eddie! Fight number seven was a WAR…pitting Luna’s MMA’s Trent Taylor against Team Mighty Dragons “Cannon” Kenny Duvall. Round one was a flurry of non-stop action, with an unbelievable number of great transitions and sweeps, along with some striking on the feet and the ground. The second round was equally as fast-paced and exciting, with a little bit of everything on display throughout the round. In the third round, Taylor was able to control position quite effectively, and dish out some punishment on the ground. After three really INTENSE rounds by both fighters, the judges awarded the unanimous decision victory to Trent Taylor. The ninth fight of the evening was a great matchup in the Middleweight division featuring Luna’s MMA’s “Mighty” Mike MacArthur and Team Mighty Dragon’s Kyle Latta. There was an exciting exchange of hands early on, followed by a BIG slam by Latta. Mike continued to defend and work for a series of submissions from the bottom as Kyle rained down some heavy ground and pound. Round two kicked off and the two warriors engaged once more. Kyle was able to get off the line first, landing a BRUTAL, knockout inducing shot at under the thirty second mark in the second round. The next fight on the card was an explosive match pitting the champs from two other organizations against one another for the MCL gold. Jacked N Tan MMA’s Anthony Nitecki (Current New World Karate Bantamweight Champion) took the stage against Team Cage Rage’s Thomas Fudoli (Current Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting Bantamweight Champion). The two combatants clinched up right away in round one, and Nitecki fired off a long, punishing series of right knees to Fudoli’s body. Anthony then perfectly executed a snapping judo throw, ending up in side control. After a series of transitions, Fudoli was able to sweep and reverse the situation and ALMOST finished a tight rear naked choke at the end of the round. Round two started up and both warriors took the center right away. The exchange that took place on the feet was amazing, with Fudoli getting the better of it. After a series of HARD shots, Nitecki went down, Fudoli pounced and forced a stop to the fight via TKO, taking home the MCL belt to add to his WXC belt! Next up was a match that was PURE GOLD on paper…AND was a contest for the MCL Featherweight belt – Team Savage’s Jerome “The Ox” Ottler versus the Institute of MMA’s Mario “The Infamous Spider” Aguilar. The fight started with a brief feeling out on the feet and a striking exchange. Mario was able to get the fight to the ground and was able to control position well, while Ottler was able to fire back effectively from the bottom. Round two began and almost after a brief setup, Mario threw a LITERALLY stunning heel kick to Jerome’s face, sending him down towards the canvas. Mario’s experience was clear, as he saw the opening and came in with a devastating finisher flurry before his opponent made it all the way down. Mario adds the MCL 145 pound belt to his impressive collection! Now, it was on to the MCL Flyweight title…Jacked N Tan MMA’s Chris Bohacek versus Team Redemption’s Tyler “The Terminator” Kirk. The two engaged right away, with the fight going down and Kirk taking control early on. Tyler was able to lock on a VERY tight triangle choke for the tap and the 125 pound strap. On to the Lightweight division, the gold was on the line as Team Savage’s Will “Freshwater” Frost faced off against Team Juice’s Terry “Mr. Perfect” Travesty. This fight started with a LOT of pummeling from the clinch, and it was apparent that both of these guys had worked this position many times before. Terry lands a SWEET double leg takedown, Will works his way back up. Terry repeats the HARD takedown. Will Frost grabs a NICE armlock from the bottom, and is still working for the finish as the horn sounds. As referee Daron Cruickshank signaled the start of round two, both came out ready to engage. Will let the hands go and got off first, landing a series of vicious shots for the KO victory at only SEVENTEEN SECONDS in round two, walking away the NEW 155 pound MCL champ. Now it was time to decide who would be the next MCL Bantamweight champion and the winner of the 4 man tourney. “Sinister” James Salisbury returned to the cage after a dominant first round fight to meet Mike “The Maniac” Sindone, who also had a great opening fight. As I mentioned earlier, James comes out to finish, as did Mike. Mike landed a HARD shot immediately, causing James to go down. He grabbed Mike’s leg as he went to the mat, but the referee was already stopping the fight. Gotta watch for the flash knockout…safety first, folks! The end of the action came at a mere THIRTEEN SECONDS into the bout, making Mike “The Maniac” Sindone the NEW MCL Bantamweight badboy to beat! It was truly a magnificent sight to see Dom Sindone have the honor of presenting his title to his own kid brother, Mike, who had the night of a lifetime! Congrats to ALL the fighters, fans, trainers, sponsors and staff (see below) who made this the biggest and baddest MCL show to date!

Now it’s event staff time…the guys and gals who put it all together and make things happen! Starting with promoter Jake “Superman” Short, who puts in TONS of work at each and every event to bring the Downriver area (where he was born and raised) the best mixed martial arts action humanly possible. Gotta respect that! The referee for the ENTIRE event was Michigan pro fighter, trainer and quintessential badass Daron Cruickshank. Judges for the evening was another local pro fighter, our good buddy and GenesisFC promoter, Josh “Rage” Lawrence, joined by yet another AWESOME fighter, Cody “Mr. Wonderful” Stamann and Mr. Zach Vasicek, who did a phenomenal job of doubling as judge AND timekeeper for the event. The announcer for the event was one of our fave peeps out there and ultra-experienced emcee, Pete Trevino Jr., with Eternal Entertainment Group’s Joey Ruckus backing him up with the sounds and keepin’ the tables spinnin’ round and round. A quick shout out to Joey’s buddy and ours, DJ Trevy Trev, who was out enjoying some well-deserved R&R and was absent this time around…see ya next time around! Cageside medics for the evening were the ready and capable duo of William Gifford and Rachel Grazioli. The MASTER camera guru in charge of capturing and editing all the great footage was the experienced and just plain awesome Shiloh Blu. For FABULOUS footage from this and MANY, MANY other events, check out Shiloh’s YouTube page. Capturing TONS of great still shots for the event was another homie of ours, Detroit Fightography’s Mario Perez. A shout out to the Hooter’s cage girls, reminding the crowd that the great fights are NOT the only reason to get out of the house and to an MMA event! Speaking of which, the Michigan Combat League will be back in action again SOON, and they get even bigger, better and badder with every outing. And the instant the date and info are dropped, well have it all available for ya right here! So be ready, and until the next go-round, here are your results…

Donofrio MMA and the Impact Fight League present – Armageddon – Results from October 22nd, 2011

Megiddo stood empty, as the REAL Armageddon took place this past Saturday night at the luxurious Palace of Auburn Hills. Donofrio MMA and the Impact Fight League blasted back into action with yet another top-shelf evening of prime time cage fighting excitement with 15 SOLID fights, which included FOUR ladie’s matches. All of the warriors who came out to be part of the action got to come out to a dazzling array of sound, lights and FIRE! Any fighter that has competed for Mr. Donofrio will be quick to tell you that the way he takes care of his fighters is second to none! Speaking of fighters, there was a vast array of very tough and well-known fighters on this card. Starting with the warrior and gentleman Brandon “Sequoyah” Sandford, who faced off with the formidable Mustafa Reynolds. Sequoyah’s vast ground experience shined through in this fight, with Brandon pulling off another slick armbar for the finish. Kudos to Jackson MMA and Quincy Rice for bringing his vast MMA knowledge and experience to the Michigan MMA scene! HOOAH! Fight number three of the night featured The Training Compound’s always-dangerous Augusta Tindall taking center stage against the rock-solid Anthony Beaudoin. This fight ended rather quickly, with Augusta unleashing a devastating barrage of strikes, forcing the referee to call a stop to the contest. Moving on through the night, PJ Caram squared off against Michigan Extreme Combat Sports’ “Bionic” Brian Davis. Davis put on a solid performance throughout the first two rounds, but PJ found the opening, exploited it, and cinched the victory with a beautifully executed rear naked choke in the third round. In the seventh fight of the night, Eric Ramirez did battle with Joey Rogers. The battle went back and forth for 2 solid rounds, then in the third round, Ramirez seized the opportunity, and the armbar for the win. In the next bout, two well-known and respected ladies entered the arena to go to war…American Muscle MMA’s Nikita Netjes and Shiru’ Tora Academy’s Lisa Dzik. This particular night was to belong to Nikita, who put on a dominant performance for a first round tap out. In the Light Heavyweight division, Unleashed MMA’s wrestling specialist Raylen Davis locked up with Ultimate Judo & Karate’s Andrew Johnson. Of these two skilled athletes, Ray came out the winner after a series of brutal strikes in the first round, leaving the ref no choice but to stop the fight. Next up, two more respected and seasoned veterans entered the cage to put each others skills to the test. Rich Stafford stepped up to wage war against the jiu jitsu phenom Tim Jenny. Rich let the strikes fly hard and fast, and Tim couldn’t find an answer in time before the referee stopped the match. Rich walked away with a win via TKO. Returning to the ladies’ action, Alanna Jones and Emma O’Conner fought their hearts out for the fans in attendance all the way to the judges score cards. The judges all agreed and Alanna got the unanimous decision victory, with all three judges scoring the contest 30-27. Moving into the title fights, it was once again veteran versus veteran as American Muscle MMA’s Joel Vincent went up against the always-entertaining Pat Hook. Joel was on fire and came out aggressive for an overwhelming first round TKO for the victory and the strap. For the Light Heavyweight title fight, two of the State’s toughest 205 pounders stepped into the cage to try to take the IFL title. Northern Michigan badboy Eric Madill engaged in combat with the Academy of Soo Do Thai’s Ryan King. Eric was in top form again this night, ending the fight very early in round one with some vicious striking to take the IFL belt and add yet ANOTHER championship to his ever-growing collection. In the female Super Flyweight division, Chandra Engel squared off against the up-and-coming star, Yolanda Gonzalez. These two amazing ladies went the entire distance – all FIVE rounds – to a decision. The judges unanimously concluded that Chandra put forth the better performance this night, with all three judges scoring the bout 50-45, with Chandra walking away with the gold hardware around her waist. In the Main Event of the evening, two amazingly skilled Welterweights took the center of the cage to determine who was the better fighter. New World Karate’s Zack Burns faced the impressive cage veteran Thomas Grisham. Zack went straight on the attack and got the tap out in spectacular fashion in the first round against one of the toughest Welterweights out there. Hats off to ALL of the awesome fighters who made this event one that will be remembered for a long, long time. Also, hats off to our good buddy, the man, the myth, the microphone master, Phil “The Voice” Davey…reppin the Training Mask, Fight Fuel and Michigan MMA! If you need any of these HIGHLY effective products, just give his name a click and hook it up! And we can’t forget a shout out to Mr. Donofrio’s indispensable assistant, the distinguished gentleman Oscar “Big Ox” Brown! A special thanks goes out to Sam Crawford Jr. for collecting the results and to Mr. Joe Donofrio for sending them to us. Donofrio Enterprises has SO many big things coming up, including a HUGE pro MMA event on November 19th, amateur shows on December 2nd and January 14th, a professional boxing event on January 6th featuring Kara “K.O.” Ro, and much, much more. So set aside these dates, come out and witness promoting professionalism, and be a part of Michigan MMA history. And check back with us often for ALL of the latest info. Until then…here are your results…

Michigan Extreme Combat Sports – Arizing – Southern Michigan Championships 4 – Results from October 8th, 2011

Michigan Extreme Combat Sports returned to the scene with another spectacular fight card this past Saturday night at the Skateway in Monroe. Fighters from all over the midwest came out to showcase their skills for the ravenous fans in attendance! The night kicked off with a couple of very interesting grappling matches, consisting of one five minute round, decided by either finish or judges decision. Quendo Mendez went to WAR with Justin Torcolacci in a brutal three rounder that ended in a CLOSE split judges decision. The long-awaited rematch between Adam “The Beast” Gibson and “Bionic” Brian Davis finally took place, with Davis sinking in a choke late in the first round. It was a battle of the super heavyweights as Eric Harvey squared off against Derek “Double XL” Carter. This battle made it halfway through the third (and final) round before Eric secured the win with a nice TKO. For the championship bout in the Welterweight division, Nick “Rage” Sondergeld faced off against another cage veteran, Rob “The Reaper” Wofkowski. The Reaper was on his game, securing a SOLID guillotine choke in less than a minute in the first round. Moving on to the Featherweight division championship, the always tough Jose Prieto took the center stage against C.J. “I’m So Pretty” Proud for the belt. The battle raged on deep into the third round when C.J. cinched a textbook head and arm triangle for the win. In the Main Event of the evening, the amazing martial artist Kevin Lee stood toe to toe with one of the most feared amateur fighters in the state, Deven “Bad News” Brown. This short-but-sweet highlight reel quality fight ended when Kevin Lee landed a perfectly timed knee for what many had believed to be impossible – a KO win over Deven Brown. And Kevin emerged as the NEW M.E.C.S. Lightweight Champion! Promoter Kevin Whittenberg put together another truly amazing event, with MUCH, MUCH more to come in the future! Even the most professionally run promotion can be no better than it’s staff, which is why M.E.C.S. uses some of the best in the biz! Starting with the referees…a pair of well known pro fighters and uber-experienced refs, Danny McIntire and Josh “Short Stack” Robinson. The also very experienced panel of judges was comprised of none other than Mickey Millis, Dru Gardner and Shaun Mitchell. The timekeeper for the event was Mickey’s better half, Stacy Millis. Handling the sound setup and the MC duties were the crowd pumping pair from Eternal Entertainment Group, Joey Ruckus and DJ Trevy Trev. It’s true, folks…if you ever want to see a professionally run event, mark your calendars for the next time Michigan Extreme Combat Sports rolls into town! And keep FightMichigan bookmarked for all the latest event info as it becomes available! Here are your results…

Michigan Extreme Combat Sports – The Inferno Series – Results from April 30th, 2011

The Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall in Monroe was the home of the Michigan Extreme Combat Sports’ latest action-packed event. Promoters Kevin Whittenberg Sr. and Jr. did an excellent job of putting it all together. The house was filled to capacity with fans who came from all over the midwest to witness the excitement. The resident rule enforcer (referee) for the night was Michigan pro fighter Danny McIntire. Delivering the information and keeping the crowd amped all night was the true voice of Michigan MMA – Pete “Mr. Throwdown” Trevino Jr. Judges for the night were local fighter Rick Morais, Jose Martinez and FightMichigan’s own T.J., with FightMichigan’s other (better) half, Shannon Hale, on stopwatch patrol. After the action had consummated for the evening, we had the pleasure of speaking with both Kevin Whittenberg Jr. and Kevin Whittenberg Sr. It didn’t take us long to realize that these guys are in the sport for all the right reasons! MECS is going places… mark my words. And we’ll keep you posted on their next event—coming soon! Here are your results…

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