Triple X Cagefighting and the Donofrio Entertainment present – The Silverdome Smash – Results from November 5th, 2011

<img fake ray bans src=”×250.jpg” alt=”” title=”TXC – Silverdome Smash” width=”161″ height=”250″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-3449″ srcset=”×250.jpg 161w,×500.jpg 323w, coat 971w” sizes=”(max-width: 161px) 100vw, 161px” />Triple X Cagefighting, in association with <a cheap nba jerseys href=””>Donofrio MMA’s Impact Fight League, made Michigan mixed martial arts history on Saturday, November 5th, when they brought some of the best cage fighting action available to the massive, historic Pontiac Silverdome. The event was appropriately entitled “The Silverdome Smash”, a perfect name, because not only did the event take place at the ‘Dome, but it was a SMASH with fans and fighters alike! There were a roster of some of the area’s best teams, such as Stars and Strikes, Fight Club Proving Grounds, The System, Team Tubbs and Absolute Kombat Club…just to name a few. The fight card was rock solid, with several of the fights going all the way to a decision, which is the hallmark of quality matchmaking. The first battle to go the distance of the night was a crowd-pleasing war between Pete Knelsen and Mitch Beekman, making the judges break out the pens and score sheets early on. The judges concluded after three rounds of great action that the tide of the bout was in the favor of Beekman. Team Tubbs‘ bad boy “Trigger” Trey Suthers stepped up to face Austin Delargey, who is also no stranger to the cage. This fight was non-stop action as expected, until just past a minute and a half in the second round, Trey locked down the sub and another win over a tough opponent. Immediately following, two more cage veterans took center stage to test each other’s abilities…Manny Villarreal and Kris Halstead. Manny was able to end the fight via TKO nearing the two minute mark of the second round. It was a valiant effort by both warriors! In another amazing battle that went the distance, The System‘s Anthony Bain fought Absolute Kombat Club‘s Mitch Rheaume tooth and nail throughout the ENTIRE fight. When the dust had settled, the judges awarded the decision victory to Anthony for all of his hard work. Congrats to Mitch as well for hangin’ tough through the entire fight! In yet ANOTHER battle that kept the judges on their toes, two excellent Heavyweights – Center Line MMA’s Dave Anderson and Team Tubbs’ protege, Lamar “The Abomination” Foster, exchanged blows back and forth for three fan-pumping rounds, with Anderson squeezing out a CLOSE decision. In the fourteenth fight of the evening, Ruben Baraiac stepped up to take on Steve Eldridge. It was an exciting exchange throughout the first two entire rounds. At only eighteen seconds into round three, replica oakleys Ruben got the better of Steve and ended the fight via TKO. In the Main Event of this STELLAR show, it was the HIGHLY anticipated matchup of one of Stars and Strikes‘ top alumni, Derrick Mandell, facing the exceptionally skilled Fight Club Proving Grounds warrior, Eric Ramirez. In a battle that not only lived up to, but EXCEEDED the hype (if that’s possible), these two champion caliber bad boys put on a clinic of MMA prowess that kept the crowd on their toes and SCREAMING for more! At the conclusion of three of the most spectacular rounds in recent MMA history, the judges awarded the victory to Mandell, who continues his dominant reign on the ammy scene. Much respect goes to Eric Ramirez also, for being a TRUE cage warrior and for providing the fans in attendance some top notch action. Following this epic match, Eric will now return to a more natural weight to face Scarred MMA‘s ultra-tough Mike Gantner at an upcoming event in the near future…sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Now we move on to the staff…those professional-grade men and women that make MMA events like this both safe and ensure quality and continuity. First, hats cheap jerseys wholesale off to the promoters of this (and MANY other) great events, Joey “The Don” Battaglia and cheap authentic jordans Mr. Joseph Donofrio. Ask around and you’ll find that it’s UNANIMOUS amongst the fighters…these guys know how to take excellent care of their combatants. The men in charge of fighter safety within the confines of the cage (referees) were Michigan pro fighters “Vicious” Vance Swerdan and Daron Cruickshank. Timekeeper for the night was Steve Daher. Judges for the event (in rotation) were Mr. Al Cooper, Scott Bickerstaff, Brandon New, and Dan Holliday. Keeping it safe from outside the cage (medic) was James Hill-Harris. Lighting up the night, and the mic, was the man with enough character to fill the walls of the Silverdome, prolific Michigan MMA announcer and FightMichigan friend Phil “The Voice” Davey. Masterfully handling the color commentary for the CageFightingLive broadcast and the TXC MMA Undisputed telecast on MyTV20 were the experienced team of undefeated boxing specialist Kara “KO” Ro (who will put her undefeated record on the line for Donofrio’s professional boxing event in January) and Michigan’s very own fight professor, Steve Lafrate. Still photography for the event was masterfully handled by Mr. Todd Samson. You can check out his video montage of the fight pics here. The top-notch security team for the event was headed up by Oscar “Big Ox” Brown.

Triple X Cagefighting AND the Impact Fight League have an absolutely awesome lineup of events still to come in 2011, and several events already scheduled for the year to come. First of which is Impact Fight League’s PRO show – Caged Apocalypse – coming up on November 19th at the Palace of Auburn Hills. To keep up on ALL of these upcoming events and much more, keep FightMichigan bookmarked on your browser and check back in with us often! For now, here are your results…

Fight #1
Tyler Kirk vs Antonio Gonzales
Winner: Tyler Kirk at 2:11 in round 1 by tap out.

Fight #2
Jordan Maguire vs Ronnie Galpal
Winner: Jordan Maguire at 2:40 in round 2 by tap out.

Fight #3
Pete Knelsen vs Mitch Beekman
Winner: Pete Knelsen by decision after three AMAZING rounds.

Fight #4
Marco Andrade vs Chayn Poole
Winner: Marco Andrade at 1:53 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage.

Fight #5
“Trigger” Trey Suthers vs Austin Delargey
Winner: “Trigger” Trey Suthers at 1:37 in round 2 by tap out.

Fight #6
Manny Villarreal vs Kris Halstead
Winner: Manny Villarreal at 1:42 in round 2 by TKO – referee stoppage.

Fight #7
CJ Walker vs Colton Bowen
Winner: CJ Walker at 26 seconds in round 2 by tap out.

Fight #8
Mike Smiley vs Mark Johnson
Winner: Mike Smiley at 2:35 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage.

Fight #9
Brian Tomlin vs Derek Hope
Winner: Brian Tomlin at 30 seconds in round 1 by tap out.

Fight #10
Josh Rich vs Leslie Hunley
Winner: Josh Rich at 2:18 in round 1 by tap out.

Fight #11
Dallas Proctor vs James Stoors
Winner: Dallas Proctor at 34 seconds in round 2 by tap out.

Fight #12
Anthony Bain vs Mitch Rheaume
Winner: Anthony Bain by decision after three IMPRESSIVE rounds.

Fight #13
Dave Anderson vs Lamar “The Abomination” Foster
Winner: Dave Anderson by decision after three INTENSE rounds.

Fight #14
Ruben Baraiac vs Steve Eldridge
Winner: Ruben Baraiac at 18 seconds in round 3 by TKO – referee stoppage.

Fight #15
Joe Petahtegoose vs Otis Caldwell
Winner: Joe Petahtegoose at 2:52 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage.

Fight #16
Derrick Mandell vs Eric Ramirez
Winner: Derrick Mandell by decision after three AWE-INSPIRING rounds.

Weigh in for yourself!