WXC 33 – Destiny – Results from October 22nd, 2011

Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting was back in action this past Saturday night at the Gibraltar Center in Taylor with yet another spectacular event! The downriver MMA fans packed the house to witness their favorite local cage warriors and champions in action. The action got underway with a couple of debut fighters who left it all in the cage – Joel “The Young Assassin” Stone and Larry Helka. These two exchanged blows back and forth non-stop for the first two rounds. Finally, halfway through round 3, the fight went to the ground and Joel got his first victory via rear naked choke. In the third bout of the evening, Sean “Gator” Dunn squared off against the always-ready Russell “The Ruckus” Campbell. It was a fast paced battle when Dunn took the fight to the ground, got his opponent’s back with the hooks in, and unleashed a flurry of strikes that forced the referee to call a stop to the contest. In the ladies division, Kathleen “Lil’ S**t” Albany took the stage against Hayley “Ice Cold” Winters. It was an interesting matchup of similar styles. These ladies went all out – until Kathleen was able to get the fight to the ground and secure the rear naked for the win. Next up, Darryol “The Hitman” Humphery went to WAR with Nate “Rampage” Ellison. These two warriors fought tooth-and-nail for three round of constant action, with Darryol earning the decision from all three judges unanimously. Then it was on to the title fights! Starting with the Flyweight division – Thomas Fudoli challenged belt holder Michael Gonzales for the strap and the bragging rights. There was no time to blink in this one. Fudoli came out strong and ended the fight early with a quick rear naked choke. Moving up to the Lightweight division, Team Savage‘s Jerome “The Ox” Ottler faced Stars Cheap Jerseys and Strikes’ Chris Wolfgang in a very well matched and exciting fight. About two minutes into the second round, Chris locked on a TIGHT Kimura for the win and the title. The next fight nfl jerseys cheap was a Heavyweight title qualifier match featuring two of Michigan’s premier Heavyweights – both champions in other organizations – against each other. Hollywood MMA & American Top Team‘s Thomas Duncan and Scorpion Fighting System‘s Michael “Wojo” Wojciechowski put on a standup clinic in the first round. Wojo got the takedown EARLY in round 2 and wasted no time securing a smooth Americana for the tap and the strap. Now Wojo will go on to face the current WXC Heavyweight champion, Ray “The War Machine” Rocheleau at WXC’s next event on December 3rd. The 185 and 205 pound belts were scheduled to be defended, but both Gary “The Coroner” Conradson and Michael “The Sandman” Raffone‘s (who has had three consecutive opponents back out on him) opponents got cold feet and ran, giving them the titles by default. Gary won’t be keeping his long though…he announced his pro debut for King of the Cage on November 12th! In the Main Event of the evening, Muay Thai specialist Mark Poupard stepped up to challenge champ Tyler Pitock for the belt in the Welterweight division. It was a great exchange on the feet through all of round one. Early on in round two, Tyler’s arm found Mark’s neck and locked in a SUPER TIGHT standing guillotine that put an untimely end to Mark’s night and left Tyler still holding the belt. During this event, there was also a Halloween themed ring girl contest, with a $100 first prize, a professional photo shoot, and the opportunity cheap MLB Jerseys to be WXC’s next top ring girl. While ALL of the ladies brought out their best, one girl won the crowd over unanimously…Miss Amanda Corder Webber. Congrats to Amanda on the win and thank you for reminding us all that there are other great reasons to go to a show than just fighting! Keeping the action fair and safe for the event were the experienced duo of Danny McIntire and Doug “Forever Single” Gallegos. Working the cage door and applying the Vaseline was MadMen MMA‘s Steve Gossett. The judges were John, Jim, and Shelly Bedford, with John pulling double duty as timekeeper. The sound team was the trifecta of total mastery – on the mic, Mr. Throwdown himself, Pete Trevino Jr...along with Eternal Entertainment Group‘s crowd-amping innovator, Joey Ruckus. Backing them both up with the beats that shake the streets was E.E.G.’s other half, DJ Trevy Trev. Joey was also ripping it up on the color commentary, along with Judo legend, first class trainer and Michigan pro fighter Harley “Swede” Wallen. The matchmaker for the event was local fighter and MMA guru Jamey “Ink NFL Jerseys Cheap Daddy” Dushane. In charge of the fight footage was the one and only Michigan MMA video guru, Shiloh “Blu” Shilinski. You can check out TONS of local MMA footage on Shiloh’s YouTube Channel. Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting’s promoter Jeff Pitock has many things in the works…Born Fighter Magazine, Made in the Cage, and another smokin’ hot event set for December 3rd! Keep us bookmarked…we’ll keep you informed! Here are your results…

Fight #1
Joel “The Young Assassin” Stone (6’, 140 lbs.) vs. Larry Helka (5’6”, 145 lbs.)
Winner: Joel “The Young Assassin” Stone at 1:37 in round 3 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #2
Joey “The Pit Bull” Hess (5’6”, 160 lbs., Team Torment) vs. John “The Don” Flow (5’8”, 155 lbs., Team Savage)
Winner: John “The Don” Flow at 42 seconds in round 1 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #3
Russell “The Ruckus” Campbell (6’3”, 157 lbs., Team Cage Rage) vs. Sean “Gator” Dunn (5’10”, 145 lbs., Stars and Strikes MMA)
Winner: Sean “Gator” Dunn at 2:09 in round 1 by tap out due to strikes.

Fight #4
Derek “Maverick” McDonald (6’, 145 lbs., Elite Combat Inc.) vs. Justin “J.P.” Price (5’5”, 150 lbs.)
Winner: Derek “Maverick” McDonald at 10 seconds in round 1 by TKO.

Fight #5
Kathleen “Lil’ S**t” Albany (5’5”, 135 lbs., Scarred MMA) vs. Hayley “Ice Cold” Winters (5’2”, 115 lbs, Team Total Jitz)
Winner: Kathleen “Lil’ Shit” Albany at 1:57 in round 1 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #6
Darryol “The Hitman” Humphery (5’8”, 137 lbs., J.P. Ramone’s Cheap NFL Jerseys Team Savage) vs. Nate “Rampage” Ellison (5’11”, 135 lbs., Team Cage Rage)
Winner: Darryol “The Hitman” Humphery by unanimous decision after three amazing rounds (30-27).

Thomas Fudoli (Challenger, 5’7”, 125 lbs., Team Cage Rage) vs. Michael Gonzales (Champion, 5’3”, 125 lbs.)
Winner: Thomas Fudoli at 1:39 in round 1 by XwoLfTn tap out due to rear naked choke.

Jerome “The Ox” Ottler (5’6”, 151 lbs., Freestyle, J.P. Ramone’s Team Savage) vs. Chris Wolfgang (5’7”, 152 lbs., Stars and Strikes MMA)
Winner: Chris Wolfgang at 1:58 in round 2 by tap out due to Kimura.

Thomas Duncan (6’6”, 250 lbs., Hollywood MMA & American Top Team) vs. Michael “Wojo” Wojciechowski (6’5”, 255 lbs., Scorpion Fighting System)
Winner: Michael “Wojo” Wojciechowski at 23 seconds in round 2 by tap out due to Americana.

Mark Poupard (Challenger, 6’1”, 171 lbs., Evolution Martial Arts) vs. Tyler Pitock (Champion, 5’10”, 170 lbs., Team Cage Rage)
Winner: Tyler Pitock at 1:04 in round 2 by tap out due to standing guillotine.

Weigh in for yourself!