Fight Michigan was started in 2009, and is arguably the best source of MMA statistics in Michigan prior to the State of Michigan legislation governing unarmed combat sports. In its heyday, Fight Michigan was committed to bringing you all the news about events, fighters, training camps, and MMA action happening here in the Great Lakes State. We were never directly affiliated with any promotion, fight team, or gym, although we did judging, timekeeping and refereeing for various organizations.

We can be reached through our facebook page.

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  1. Does anyone know the fightcard from the March 12 “No Escape” event in Jackson, MI? I saw a few great fights and have no idea who they were.

  2. i was wondering about how to get the NFC National Fighting Championship back on the site i used to know the guy that ran this site but he took a job out of state and is this site under new ownership? thanks

  3. I would like to know when SPARTAN CAGE COMBAT is going to put on there own show instead of riding the coat tails of everybody else?

  4. Well April 24th 2010 my show, Phil I do believe you announced it and was standing right there in the cage by my logo. July 3rd 2010 my show. With as many promoters that are putting on shows in this state why not partner up with different promoters and work together trying to put together something that past promoters failed on with that promoters united thing. Just on this site alone there are 25 promoters listed, and i know for sure that list is short of how many other promoters there are in the state. If you are going to look for people to partner up with, look for the people that are on top and have been there for awhile. I have learned alot from Greg Ahrens and Matt Flynn and I thank them for taking the time to kind of teach me and show me the ropes. XCC and UCF threw the first pro-show ever in the state. XCC past champions are KING OF THE CAGE Pro’s what have have you produced Duke and “The Voice”?

    • I would rather not take credit for something others did. But I have helped a NON PROFIT called PINK RIBBON RIDERS Raise 260,000 last year for breast cancer pateints they did most of the work I am just a helper when needed such as a trail leader and event set up.

    • If I May just touch on a few points.
      1) Promoters United did not fail it was a huge success. It did exactly what it was supposed to do. 2 Get a good group of promoters together and build their companies. 3 of the 4 are still putting on shows. one is TXCLIVE.com witch is arguably the biggest amateur promotion in the state. 2) FYI XCC did not put on the 1st pro Show in the state Caged Combat and Clipped Did and who give a shit you don’t see the doing anymore in this state. TXC also has Fighters that are pro and also fight in the KOTC, IFL and XKL. Tommy you seem like a nice guy but anything u learned from those to guys is probably illegal.

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