Amateur Combat Sports – Saturday Night Fights – Results from October 8th, 2011

Amateur Combat Sports returned to their original stomping grounds – the Michigan Theater in Jackson Saturday night with another stacked card full of fresh local talent. Promoter/matchmaker Jason Stoner did a fine job…as always! There were a lot of the guys from Jackson MMA in the house…some in the cage, some looking on in the crowd. Quincy Rice and his Spartans pretty much RAN THE TABLE, showing the amped up crowd how Jackson funds MMA gets down and gets it done! Early on in the night, Matthew Powell faced off against Michael Bateman in an interesting clash of styles that ended in a TKO early in the third round. In the very next match, Don “Grampa” Williams returned to the cage with a dominant performance against the tough (and considerably younger) Mike Wilson with a first round referee stoppage. The following match pitted the cage veteran Tyler Ray against Jack Ho. This one sounded good on paper, and it did not disappoint, with a fast paced war that ended with a TKO early on. The next 2 fights ended with a knockout…the first at the hands of Mike Glover over a very game William Binschus. The second KO in a row was delivered by Anthonio Alejandro over Eddie Dolson. Immediately following, Andrew Zuke demonstrated how to execute a triangle choke at the expense of the formidable <a fake oakleys href=”″>Austin Halfacre. Closing out the evening was the 135 pound title fight between Nick Bowen and Anthony Brown. Anthony threw on a triangle early on in the round and Nick defended it nicely for a while, but finally Anthony was able to work it in for the finish and the belt! The action for the night was being watched over by local fighters Michael Lemmo and Rob “The Hooligan” Taylor, along with the experienced (and still single) Doug Gallegos. The judges for the evening’s action were Mr. Shaun Rozanski, joined by FightMichigan’s Shannon Hale and T.J. Corwin. The M.C. for the evening was a local radio personality, Jackson Radio WorksMarc Daly. The timekeeper for the event (as well as Amateur Combat Sports webmaster) Keystroke Computer Repair‘s cheap football jerseys Jason “Muggzie” Mugg. All of the still photography for the event was skillfully handled by Chris Rabior from Chris Rabior Photography…check out his gallery here. Amateur Combat Sports has a LOT of things coming up in the near future, starting with November 5th, as well as a date in December. Keep cheap jerseys us bookmarked…we’ll keep you informed as soon as the details are released! ‘Til next time…here are your results…

Fight #1 – 155 lbs.
Josh Moon (Jackson, Jackson MMA) vs. Jeffrey Dolson (Jackson)
Winner: Jeffrey Dolson at 49 seconds in round 1 by verbal submission.

Fight #2 – 160 lbs.
Matthew Powell (Jackson) vs. Michael Bateman (Jackson)
Winner: Michael Bateman at 38 seconds in round 3 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #3 – 265 lbs.
Don “Grampa” Williams (Jackson MMA) vs. Mike Wilson (Adrian)
Winner: Don “Grampa” Williams at 1:51 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #4 – 155 lbs
Tyler Ray (Lakeview) vs. Jack Ho (Jackson MMA, Jackson)
Winner: Jack Ho at 2:41 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #5 – 205 lbs.
William Binschus (Jackson) vs. Mike Glover (Jackson MMA)<br cheap nfl jerseys shop />
Winner: Mike Glover at 48 seconds in round 2 by knock out.

Fight #6 – 125 lbs
Eddie Dolson (Jackson) vs. Anthonio Alejandro (Jackson MMA)
Winner: Anthonio Alejandro 2:07 in round 1 by knock out.

Fight #7 – 165 lbs
Austin Halfacre (Jackson) vs. Andrew Zuke (Jackson MMA)
Winner: Andrew Zuke at 1:01 in round 1 by tap out due to triangle choke.

Fight #8 – 155 lbs
Hopps Chaffin (Jackson) vs. Nick Callahan (Jackson)
Winner: Nick Callahan at 1:09 in round 1 by tap out due to guillotine choke.

Fight #9 – 145 lbs.
Darcy Ackley (Jackson) vs. Jeremy Wood (Jackson MMA)
Winner: Jeremy Wood at the conclusion of round 1 by verbal submission – Ackley is unable to continue.

Fight #10 – 265 lbs.
Phil Zyla (Jackson) vs. Big Rob (Jackson)
Winner: Phil Zyla at 40 seconds in round 1 by knock out.

Fight #11 – 135 lb. TITLE FIGHT
Nick Bowen (Waterford) vs. Anthony Brown (Jackson MMA)
Winner: Anthony Brown at 2:29 in round 1 by tap out due to triangle choke.

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