Michigan Extreme Combat Sports – Sandford vs Meadows – Results from Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Promotion Name: Michigan Extreme Combat Sports

Event Name: Sandford vs Meadows

Date: April 19th, 2014

Location: Taylor Town Trade Center

Promoter: Kevin Whittenberg

Referees: Danny McIntire & Josh “Short Stack” Robinson

Judges: FightMichigan’s T.J. Corwin, John Bond & Tito Brown

Timekeeper: Anna McIntire

Medics: Cathy Harman

Announcer: Pete Trevino Jr.

Still Photography: Anne Miller Effects, Chris Trevino Photography

Video: Kevin Whittenberg Jr.

Honorable Mention: The entire Whittenberg family – thanks for being some of the most sincere and caring people in the game. Also, don’t forget to check out the M.E.C.S. Pro Shop!

The evening of Saturday, April 19th marked another exciting and successful event by Michigan Extreme Combat Sports. Fans packed into the Taylor Town Trade Center ” target=”_blank”>Taylor Town Trade Center to witness firsthand the skills of the area’s greatest amateur mixed martial artists. And they were not let down – it was a spectacular night of fights that culminated in a war for the ages that will be remembered by all in attendance for years and years to come.

But before we get to that, let’s run down some of the other great action that preceded it. Starting from the top, the event “kicked” off with a well-matched kickboxing exhibition featuring Jackson MMA‘s “Hollywood” Blake Genco against Songahm Kickboxing Academy’s Dom “Lobito” Lichti. For five tough rounds, these 2 up-and-coming strikers went toe-to-toe, keeping the pace fast and heavy the entire time. At the end of regulation time, the judges were left to hand down a decision, awarding a unanimous and hard-earned victory to Dom Lichti.

When it comes to entertaining stand-up WARS in women’s MMA, the fifth fight of the night was a real treat for the fans. Michigan Extreme Combat Sports’ Jessica Short took center cage to face off with Spyder Submissions’ Cheryl Jacob. For the better part of two full rounds, these ladies engaged in a face-crushing slugfest that reminds us all that the women are just as tough as the guys! After an amazing display of guts and striking prowess, Jessica Short was forced to concede to the onslaught of Jacob, who picked up her first of what will likely be many more wins at the ripe YOUNG age of fifty two! Gotta respect that…all day long!

The fight immediately after was another kickboxing exhibition that left the crowd in awe. Jackson MMA/United States Army bad boy John “Loose Cannon” McDonald stepped inside to face the always dangerous and exciting man from Mady’s Karate – Tom “Bam Bam” Barry. Attention strikers in training – watch this fight video to see some high level leather being dealt. For five rounds of pure striking clinic which found McDonald getting the better of the Barry for most of the fight, Barry continued to gut it out and continue to find a weakness in McDonald’s striking game, but it seemed there was simply none to be exploited. At the end, the judges unanimously agreed (50-45) that John McDonald took the fight with his absolutely amazing offense.

A little further down the card was an extremely exciting – and extremely short – flyweight fight featuring Jackson MMA‘s Mike Pantangco versus Team Organized Chaos’ Gabriel “Gabi” Espinoza. Both fighters came out looking well prepared, but after a brief feeling out, Pantangco threw a CRUSHING right high kick that brought an end to both the fight and Espinoza’s waking state. Another highlight reel finish for a Jackson MMA fighter…it is something that seems to happen rather often these days!

In yet another impressive and thoroughly entertaining kickboxing exhibition, Jackson MMA‘s Moe “The Machete” Williams took on Hess Oriental Martial Arts’ Clinton Smith. This bout was another action-packed clinic in effective striking. These two went at it the whole regulation time limit, and despite an excellent showing and an amazing display of warrior heart by Smith, Williams was able to get in a rhythm and fight the fight that he wanted. In the end, he pulled off a unanimous judge’s decision to retain his M.E.C.S. Welterweight kickboxing belt.

In the Co-Main Event of the evening, it was a heated battle for the M.E.C.S. Light Heavyweight Interim belt. Greg Sizemore, a member of the fairly recently formed Eastern Michigan University MMA Team, tested his skills against independent mixed martial artist Jacob Freiburg. About midway through the second round, Sizemore had the fight on the mat and seized the opportunity to lock on an Americana for the tap out victory. He will now advance to face the current title holder – Moofie – at the next event.

And now for the Main Event – a fight that was so sure to be a barn-burning, crowd-pleasing war that it had an entire event named after it. And as expected, it was every bit the war – and more – than could have possibly been anticipated. But hey…when you put two of the hardest working, most elite bantamweights in the State, something exceptional is a guarantee. This fight was five pure rounds of high-level MMA action…if you weren’t fortunate enough to have borne witness to this fight in person, you gotta check out the video to really get a good perspective. There are a lot of pros out there that could even take notes from these two superbly trained athletes. After five full rounds of MMA mayhem, the judges had the unenviable task of rendering a decision. In the end, they unanimously concluded that Brandon Sandford had managed to put on a slightly more dominant performance, awarding him both the hard-earned victory as well as the Michigan Extreme Combat Sports bantamweight gold.

When it comes to safe and family-friendly mixed martial arts action, Michigan Extreme Combat Sports is second-to-none. Watch for more great events in the near future, and we here at FightMichigan will let you know as soon as they announce their next date! ‘Til next time…here are you results…


Fight #1 – Featherweight (145lbs.) – Kickboxing Exhibition (5x Two Minute Rounds)
“Hollywood” Blake Genco (Jackson MMA/Team Spartan) vs Dominic “Lobito” Lichti (Songahm Kickboxing Academy)
Winner: Dominic “Lobito” Lichti by unanimous decision after five amazing rounds (49-46, 48-47, 49-46).

Fight #2 – Featherweight (145lbs.)
Ray Stratos (Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Shane Smith (Team Excessive Force)
Winner: Ray Stratos at 28 seconds in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #3 – Welterweight (170lbs.)
Jesse Bowman (Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Jon Mitchell (Institute of Mixed Martial Arts)
Winner: Jon Mitchell at 54 seconds in round 1 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #4 – Middleweight (185lbs.)
Kyle Pilarski (Eastern Michigan University MMA) vs Danny Richards (Jackson MMA/Team Spartan)
Winner: Kyle Pilarski at 2:40 in round 3 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #5 – Bantamweight (135lbs.) Female Fight
Jessica Short (Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Cheryl Jacob (Spyder Submissions)
Winner: Cheryl Jacob at 2:17 in round 2 by verbal submission due to strikes.

Fight #6 – Welterweight (170lbs.) – Kickboxing Exhibition (5x Two Minute Rounds)
John “Loose Cannon” McDonald (Jackson MMA/Team Spartan) vs Tom “Bam Bam” Barry (Mady’s Karate)
Winner: John “Loose Cannon” McDonald by unanimous decision after five thoroughly impressive rounds.

Fight #7 – Featherweight (145lbs.)
DaShaun Smith (Spyder Submissions) vs Russell “The Ruckus” Campbell (Courageous MMA)
Winner: DaShaun Smith at 1:37 in round 1 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #8 – Flyweight (125lbs.)
Mike Pantangco (Jackson MMA/Team Spartan) vs Gabriel “Gabi” Espinoza (Team Organized Chaos)
Winner: Mike Pantangco at 1:11 in round 1 by BRUTAL head kick knock out.

Fight #9 – Lightweight (155lbs.)
“King” Art Harris (The Academy) vs Derek Betts (Dynasty MMA)
Winner: at in round by

Fight #10 – Bantamweight (135lbs.)
Jose Prieto (Spyder Submissions) vs Joseph Figueroa (Team Organized Chaos)
Winner: Jose Prieto at 1:19 in round 3 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #11 – Lightweight (155lbs.)
Raleigh “Cosmo” King II (Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Keith Bullock (Team Organized Chaos)
Winner: Keith Bullock at 1:51 in round 2 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #12 – M.E.C.S. Heavyweight TITLE FIGHT
Tyler Pitock vs Josh Bezeau
Winner: Tyler Pitock at 2:51 in round 1 by verbal submission.

Fight #13 – Welterweight (170lbs.) – M.E.C.S. Kickboxing TITLE FIGHT (5x Two Minute Rounds)
Moe “Machete” Williams (Jackson MMA/Team Spartan) vs Clinton Smith (Kurt Hess Oriental Martial Arts)
Winner: Moe “Machete” Williams by unanimous decision after five superb rounds.

Fight #14 – Co-Main Event – M.E.C.S. Interim Light Heavyweight TITLE FIGHT
Greg Sizemore (Eastern Michigan University MMA) vs Jacob Freiburg (Independent)
Winner: Greg Sizemore in round 2 by tap out due to Americana/keylock.

Fight #15 – Main Event – M.E.C.S. Bantamweight TITLE FIGHT
Brandon “Sequoyah” Sandford (Jackson MMA/Team Spartan) vs Tyler Meadows (Michigan Top Team)
Winner: Brandon “Sequoyah” Sandford by unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 48-47) after five spectacular and memorable rounds.

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