Capital City Cage Fight Championships – Results from September 11, 2010

Ron DeLeon Promotions held the Capital City Cage Fighting Championships last Saturday at the Lansing Center. We really really wanted to see those fights, Cheap Jordans and we were left wishing we could have been in two places at once. Luckily Ron sent us the results… We hear there might be a rematch in the works due to a controversial decision, so stay tuned for the announcement of Capital City Cage Fighting Championship’s next show. We’ve got the video of that controversial fight at the end of the post (You can also see it at, so let us know who you think should have won. Were the judges on point, or not? Let us know in the comments!

Fight #1 – 205lbs.
Josh Barton def. Darius Darby – submission 1st Round.

Fight #2 – 155lbs.
Bruce Merrill def. Chris Richardson – Unanimous Decision.

Fight #3 – 170lbs.
Chris Richardson def. Jacob Akley – Unanimous Decision.

Fight #4 – 135lbs.
Andrew Greening def. Delano Kealohapauole – Rear Naked Choke. 2nd Round.

Fight#5 – 170lbs.
Calvin Stover def. Brandon Packer- Armbar 2nd Round.

Fight #6 – 145lbs.
Justin Espinoza def. Andy Ketchum- Rear Naked Choke. 3rd Round

Fight #7 – 205lbs.
Chad Guilford def. Greg Miller- strikes 1st Round.

Fight #8 – 155lbs.
Andy Whitman def. J.R. Meddaugh- submission 1st Round.

Fight #9 – 135lbs.
Ray Renero def. Dan Lee- T.K.O. 3rd Round.

Fight #10 – 135lbs.
Daniel Gonzalez def. Dan Sousa – T.K.O. 1st Round.

Fight #11 – 130lbs.
Josh Justice def. Mike Wood- T.K.O. 1st Round.

Fight #12 – 190lbs.
Cedric Smith def. Orcel Banks- T.K.O. 1st Round.

Fight #13 – Heavyweight
Robert Keeth def. Steve Denman- K.O. 1st Round.

Fight #14 – Heavyweight
Aaron Ware def. Alan Basic- Unanimous Decision.

Fight #15 – 140lbs.
Donald Ceri def. Darryl Humphrey- submission 1st Round.

Fight #16 – 155lbs.
Hector Garcia def. Jerome Otler- K.O. 2nd Round.

Fight #17 – 155lbs.
Antoine Williams def. Darmel Roby- Rear Naked Choke. 3rd Round.

Fight #18 – 130lbs
Jen Aniano def. Jamie Colby- Strikes 1st Round.

Fight About #19 – 170lbs.
Skeeter Kittle def. William Frost- Strikes 1st Round.

Fight #20 – 145lb. Championship
Ben Sutton def. Ivan Wolshlager Unanimous Decision. Retains Championship.

Fight #21 – 155lb. Championship
Zach Shaw def. James Carrow Unanimous Decision. Wins Championship

Watch the fight now, and tell us what you think of the decision!

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