Capital City Cagefighting Championship Results From May 22, 2010

Fight up Michigan’s good friend and phenomenal cageside interviewer, Marc Oppenheimer, graciously kicks ass and takes names! In other words, he made it out to Capital City Cagefighting Championship‘s event last Saturday, and took some notes so we could pass the event results along to you. Here are Marc’s notes:

Fan turnout was high and the crowd was vocal throughout the night. The Lansing Center was clean and very well organized and Ron put on a great show.

Murcielago MMA was out in force, fighting in the majority of the events. They were dominant for the most part and the entire team walked out together for each fight.

GRBJJ was 3-0 on the night with Clint Crabtree, James Carrow and Jen Aniano all winning and James defending his undisputed 155lb title.

Fight of the Night was a tie between Carrow/Gillespie and Carter/Swain. The crowd booed the decision of Carrow over Gillespie due mostly to them being fans of local Lansing product Gillespie who I believe is also Murcielago MMA who was well represented in the crowd.

A fight broke out in the fans during the Carrow/Gillespie fight right behind Red Corner. We were across the way and could not see what happened. After that the crowd was pretty raucous and the DJ and Ron both were trying to tell the crowd to stay seated during the fights (few of whom actually listened). This made it very difficult to hear at times what Ron was saying in the ring.

An announcement was made that Ron Deleon Productions was going to be co-promoting an event with CombatX and that they are attempting to bring in former Ultimate Fighter and Elite XC alum Seth Petruzelli for a heavyweight tilt.

Local MMA fighters, Antoine Williams, Pat Callahan, Andrew Nelson and others were in attendance for this fight as well. Andrew will be fighting for the 135lb title Cheap Oakleys at the Premier League Fighting Championship in September.

Fight #1 – 145 lbs
(2-0) Lance Walker vs. (1-0) Kevin Shacks
Winner: Kevin Shacks by Unanimous decision

Fight #2 – Heavyweight
(0-0) Mike Twombley vs. (0-1) Allen Basic
Winner: Allen Basic by KO 23 seconds into round 2

Fight #3 – 145lbs (females)
(2-1) Kayley Krimbler vs. (4-2) Erika Bobier
Winner: Erika Bobier by TKO (strikes) 13 seconds into round 1

Fight #4 – 145lbs
(2-1) Brad Herron vs. (3-0) Mario James
Winner: Mario James by KO 38 seconds wholesale nfl jersyes into round 1

Fight #5 – 145lbs.
(0-0) Andrew Karsen vs. (0-0) Dana Maynard
Winner: Andrew Karsen by Unanimous Decision

Fight #6 – 170lbs
(1-0) Matt Hudson vs. (1-0) Brandon Packer
Winner: Brandon Packer by submission 26 seconds round 1

Fight #7 – 110 lbs (female)
(2-1) Jessica Reisinger vs. (4-3) Jen Aniano
Winner: Jen Aniano – submission by rear naked choke at 36 seconds into round 1

Fight #8 – 170 lbs
Colton Spinner (couldn’t hear record) vs. (3-1) Thomas White
Winner: Thomas White by TKO (strikes) 29 seconds into round 1

Fight #9 – 135lbs
Brandon Johnson vs. (1-1) Clint Crabtree
Winner: Clint Crabtree by rear naked choke 48 seconds into round 1

Fight #10 – 155 lbs.
(3-3) J.R. Meddaugh vs. (4-0) Zach Shaw
Winner: Zach Shaw by rear Cheap Jordans naked choke 37 secs into round 1

Fight #11 – 135lb Championship Fight
(9-2) Paul Cruz vs. (10-4) Joel Chapman
Winner: Joel Chapman wins at 1:26 of round 1 via head triangle

Fight #12 – 125lb Womens Championship Fight
(3-1) Katie Scannell vs. (5-1) Kelly Warren
Winner: Kelly Warren by TKO (strikes) 12 seconds into round 1

Fight #13 – 155lb Championship Fight
(3-1) Tyler Gillespie vs. (10-4) James Carrow
Winner: James Carrow by Unanimous Decision
*James went on record stating his actual win loss record is 10-4 and 8-2 at 155 as he was announced at 8-2 for this fight*

Fight #14 – 145lb Championship Fight
(7-2) Mike Lemmo vs. Jack Ho (couldn’t hear record)
Winner: Jack Ho by rear naked choke in round 1

Fight #15 – 185lb Championship Fight
(3-0) Andy Carter vs. (1-0) Dontel Swain
Winner: Andy Carter by Unanimous Decision

Fight #16 – 135lb Womens Championship Fight
Lindsey Hojara vs. Elsa Gallegos
Winner: Elsa Gallegos by TKO (strikes) in round 1

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