Combat X 20 – Attack at the Yack – Results from June 26, 2010

Combat X stormed back on the local MMA scene with Combat X 20 – Attack at the Yack. The Yack Arena in Wyandotte was an awesome venue for such an event. There were a series of setbacks on the fight card due to some shady dealings and fight camps pulling out, but Combat X matchmaker extraordinaire Mike Akers pulled off a miracle at the last minute and put together a very solid fight card. Phil “The Voice” Davey was in the house pumping the crowd and delivering the goods on the mic. Two of the judges were Genesis FC’s promoters (and friends of FightMichigan) Josh “Rage” Lawrence and Terry Bertrand. Also in attendance were Fight XC’s promoter Norbert Pasztor and Amateur Combat Sports promoter Jason Stoner. This event also marked the final cage fight for a man who is a familiar face cheap MLB Jerseys in the local scene…Phil “Slam” Ferney. Also appearing on the card were renowned local fighters like Adam “The Joker” Trombley, Ivan Wolshlager, Hector Garcia, George “of the Jungle” Snedden, Ray “The War Machine” Rocheleau and Johnny Shasteen. It was a very entertaining and interesting night of fight action. And, as always, Combat X’s promoter John Poe showed the crowd the work ethic that makes Combat X such a class act. Here are your results…

Fight #1 – 160 lbs.
Andrew Zuke vs. J.R. Meddaugh
Winner: Andrew Zuke at 2:10 in round 1 by arm triangle.

George “of the Jungle” Snedden vs. Chris Ostosh
Winner: Chris Ostosh at 42 seconds in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #3 – 155 lbs.
Tony “Bad Intentions” Morris vs. cheap nhl jerseys Alonso St. John
Winner: Alonso St. John at 2:24 in round 1 by tap out due to guillotine choke.

Fight #4 – 145 lbs.
Shawn “Fireball” Jefferies vs. Phil “Slam” Ferney
Winner: Phil “Slam” Ferney at 1:09 in round 2 by cheap nfl jerseys standing guillotine choke.

Fight #5 – 160 lbs.
Jeff Mackey vs. Josh Ellison
Winner: Josh Ellison at 2:40 in round 1 by tap out due to choke.

Fight #6 – 145 lbs.<br NFL Jerseys Cheap />
Mario Aguilar vs. Ivan Wolshlager
Winner: Ivan Wolshlager at 2:09 in round 2 by tap out Chari due to rear naked choke.

Fight #7 – 195 lbs.
Adam “The Joker” Trombley vs. Kris “Batman” Lusch
Winner: Adam “The Joker” Trombley by unanimous decision.

Fight #8 – 155 lb. TITLE FIGHT
Johnny “The Machine” Shasteen vs. Hector Garcia
Winner: Hector Garcia at 48 seconds in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Rob “The Hooligan” Taylor vs. Ray “War Machine” Rocheleau
Winner: Ray “War Machine” Rocheleau by unanimous decision.

9 comments to “Combat X 20 – Attack at the Yack – Results from June 26, 2010”
  1. Hello Fight Michigan!!!

    I haven’t been to a Combat X show for some time now but my friend Mike Akers called us up and invited us down and what did I find! A hell of a lot of good people supporting a good show! I was stoked as soon as I walked into the building with Terry, and some Dom O’Grady and his H8 squad, the studs from Lightning Kicks out of Kazoo, local badboys Drew Morais, Brandon Noble, Brandon Maddox had all came out for the show!

    Thats what I love about this sport here in our great state, besides some of the drama and b.s. !!! There is a lot of great fighters and camps out there that show up “fighting or not” to watch, help corner green fighters, help out with production, or to scope out future opposition.

    All in all it was great. The fights were good, the last four as a matter of fact where really good. I called most of them cuz if you know me thats my thing, I expected Ivan out of Lightning Kicks to win, as well as Garcia and Rocheleau, but what really threw me for a twist was Trombley vs Lusch.

    Akers calls me up a few hours before the show because Billy Ward’s guy backed out last min “whoever u were you’re a tool”, anyways he needed some help finding a guy to step in there, so i called Adam Trombley, well I didn’t know Trombley had just beat Ward so that didn’t happen but I told Adam to bring his gear anyways. So I get down there and I find out Adam and Kris decided to fight. I know both of these fighters very well and I didn’t see anyone coming away unscathed! esp Trombley for the simple fact Kris Lusch was the #1 ranked 185 in the state, and Trombley wasn’t even in the rankings.

    Anyways enough b.s, What a fight, Trombley won all three rounds, getting some very nice takedowns, stuffing submission after submission and also landing a few nice power shots on his fight, Granted Kris just came off a very bad knee injury that could have been a part of the outcome but I have to give it to Adam Trombley. I have seen this young man since he came on the scene, not really caring for him at first, and I’ll admit – talking show shit about him because of the way he carries himself sometimes but what can I say the kid is a stud. Now sporting a 17-4 record and fighting all comers at 170-185 and 205. Plain and simple you better pack a lunch when you fight this guy. Win or lose you’re gonna know you were in a fight the next day.

    Garcia really impressed me, this young star is super aggressive and throws down with very bad intentions, promoters: you want a bad boy on your card, holla at this guy’s coach and put him on a show! Garcia will show up and Throw down.

    Last but not least.
    Taylor vs Rocheleau
    This was every bit of the fight it was going to be but lacked 1 thing – it should have been a 5 round title fight. don’t ask me why it wasn’t. Well, I know but can’t tell, lol.
    Nevertheless it should have been a 5er.

    Taylor came out of the gate in round one and took it right to Big Ray landing some nice shots and scoring a beautiful double leg, but made his only mistake in the fight – he let Ray back up! The rest of the fight was not in his favor landing a few really good shots on Ray but getting taken down and grinded out by the Bigger Champion. A big turn around in the fight was up against the cage. Ray scored a knee to the head that dropped Taylor but then hitting him with an illegal blow and the fight restarted back up on the feet, Regardless of that, it was a great fight, both of these warriors gave the crowd one hell of a fight and to be honest I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch with the fight getting set up further out so both fighters can train for one another!

    Well peeps that was my two cents on the show, John Poe puts on a good show, Akers matches a nice card and Fight Michigan is there giving you the details, thanks for having us out Combat – X and Thanks for having such a kickass site Fight Michigan!

  2. I have to thank Josh and Fight Michigan for throwing out props to the hardest working and best match maker in the state. Mike literally put together a fight card in 2 days that completely rocked. Josh really came through for us. Amazingly with a lot of people trying to stop our show, we ended up with one of the best fight cards out there.

    I honestly thought of hanging it up after this show. I just couldn’t keep putting my wife through this crap. People who were friends stabbing us in the back and some even showing up to try and rub it in our faces.

    you know what?

    We will continue doing shows, and in fact are working on our next. Look for us to hit Michigan again, hard and fast. We know that with support of the people, WE KNOW WE CAN TRUST WE CANT BE STOPPED!

  3. Thanks, John. We are thrilled to hear you’re not giving up on Michigan, yet, and we can’t wait for your next show.

    And, Thanks Josh, for the awesome commentary and compliments… if you’re not careful, I’m gonna end up giving you your own account and making you write for us 😉

    • All you have to do is ask Shannon, i go to alot of shows that you and Trev don’t cover! no skin off my back just 5-10 extra min at the computer that i spend 25% of my off time at anyways!

  4. I also gotta mention that I’ve been to some shows lately and I’ve been hearing some things that have made me ashamed of the way some of the people in this sport act, and I gotta say…. Last night’s show reminded me of all the people who are in this for the right reasons and how great it is to see people doing this because they love it and not because they see it as a money maker.

    • well i really think you should do write up’s on the events your talking about , so that maybe the promotion will see it and start acting and treating people right , and also let the fighters know who there are or about to deal with! if you wanna stay neutral, i would be more than happy to write about it!

  5. Great show John! Way to roll with the punches Mike. It was a concerted effort to pull it off and yall did just that. Josh stepped up to help as did all involved. A truely sick card, the fighters left it all in the cage. Fight Michigan is most deff the leader in covering Mich MMA, fair and balanced. Keep it up Shannon and Trev!! Thank you for all your efforts, not going un-noticed!

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