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  1. Hey there!
    My name is Amber. I’m very interested in becoming a ring girl! ive never done it before..
    BUT i do have experience in being a shot girl, and gogo dancer.
    Please email me back! 🙂 thank youu

  2. Hello, I am a model, singer/songwriter and designer. I’ve alwasy been fascinated with being a Ring Girl. Could you please hit me back with info on how to register/become a ring girl?!

  3. My name is rachael and i would like to be a ring girl for mma. I love the atmosphere of the fights. I have a fit body and more than willing to work as a ring girl. I recently picked up modeling and would like to further my career.
    Email me for more information.
    Thank you

  4. My name is Amanda I’m 18, I’m really interest in being a ring girl because mma in my family! And I wanna support my family in it. I’m very athletic I’ve played volleyball for 6 years and basketball for 5. I run and work out everyday so I’m fit! Would really like to have the experience of being a ring girl! Please email.

  5. Hi my name is Maddie and I am very interested in being a ring girl, I used to model and am a dancer so I have a fit body and workout everyday. Iv been interested in being a ring girl for a couple months now and I think I would do great, thank you for the opportunity applying.
    Please Email if you are interested or need to see photos 🙂

  6. Hey there my name is Erin Allen, I’m a fitness trainer and yoga intructor. I would love to get into the mma world and try my hand at being a ring girl. I love the fight club scene. I’m in amazing shape and could really get the crowd going. If your interested email me back and I’ll sent pics.
    Thanks so much,
    Erin xoxo

  7. I’m the type of girl that loves to make people laugh and be silly. I always make people feel comfortable around me and am very outgoing. I have a fit, toned body and love being center of attention and always seem to catch eyes. I’m very humble but also have a crazy side, which is a good kind of crazy. I work hard at whatever it is that I do and always keep a positive attitude along with a positive outlook on things. It would be a great opportunity to be a ring girl. Thank you for your time I appreciate it.

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