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  1. Hello my name is greg meyers and i seen that theres a cage fight out at the orbit room this saturday. Im gunna attened the fight, but i have a few questions on the leauges, im how im able to become part of a team and fight along side profesional leuge members? if you could relpy back that would be grat thanks.

    • In order to properly answer your question, it would be a bit easier to explain over the phone. My number is (517) 960-8014…feel free to give me a call tomorrow some time and perhaps I can shed some light on your inquiry. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. my name is Adam Sobh, I live in Sterling Heights, Mi and i have loved MMA since I was a kid, my dream has always been to become an MMA fighter and I have been training in MMA again since I was a kid, i’m 22 years old, 6’0, and about 165 pounds, i’m not looking for money or anything like that, all i’m asking for is a chance to show what i got and prove to myself as well the world that dreams really do come true, i’ll fight anyone, height, weight, skill, record, etc. don’t matter to me, i have the skill but more importantly the WILL to be great, i’ve never had any actual fights except 1 through my former gym Champion Karate, it was a small local event against 1 of the other students, i was a blue belt and he was a black belt, it was amateur so technically there was no win or loss but i more than held my own and everyone in attendance called it a draw, please, help me make my dream come true

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