Donofrio MMA’s New Year’s Revolution Provides Thrills to Large Palace Crowd

<img src="×250.jpg" alt="" title="Donofrio – New Year's oakley outlet Revolution” width=”161″ height=”250″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-4068″ srcset=”×250.jpg 161w,×500.jpg 323w, 792w” sizes=”(max-width: 161px) 100vw, 161px” />Well, folks, here at FightMichigan we usually do all of our own writing. The following article was submitted to us via FightMichigan friend, top-shelf trainer and distinguished gentleman Al Cooper. It was a breath of fresh air to receive a publish-ready, well written article such as this one! So, we’ve decided to post it, as written, with links added in. Hats off to Mr. Donofrio for yet another off-the-chain, memorable event! And hats off to ALL of his awesome staff, without whom these spectacular events couldn’t be as flawlessly put together as they are consistently, each and every time. So, without further ado, here is the article:

Promoter Joseph Donofrio put on another of his world-class MMA events on Saturday night (January 14) and treated the large crowd at The Palace of Auburn Hills, to an exciting night of full-contact thrills.

“New Year’s Revolution”, presented in association with Impact Fight League and Palace Sports and Entertainment, featured six men’s title fights and one women’s, plus 16 fights in total.

Also on display were the beautiful cage girls, thumping music, blazing light shows and the superb work of ring announcer Phil “The Voice” Davey to truly create an unparalleled MMA experience in the Midwest.

In the night’s main event, Zack Burns defended his Impact Fight League Welterweight Championship by taking a unanimous decision over Tom Grisham.

Burns kept his distance and stifled Grisham’s aggression with quick leg and body kicks. Studio Grisham seemed baffled by Burns’ careful attack and spent much of the fight following him around the cage.

Grisham finally found some success in the fifth and final round, but it was not enough.

Boxing legend Jackie Kallen was among the glitzy crowd seated around cageside.

All of the night’s matches were competitive and exciting and the credit must go to matchmaker Al Cooper.

Donofrio is scheduled to return to the Palace in February for another MMA show.

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Compiled by Samuel Crawford, Jr.

Bout 1: Will Watson defeated Jordan Guthrie by second round tap out. One of the bloodiest MMA bouts in recent memory ended with cheap nfl jerseys shop Watson submitting cheap ray bans Guthrie in the second round. In the first round Guthrie was struck with a punch that resulted in blood freely flowing from his face.

Bout 2: Trey Suthers defeated Jason Pomeroy by TKO in the second round. After a close first round Suthers ended things in the second with a monster right hook to the jaw, dropping Pomeroy to the floor. The referee waved the fight off immediately.

Bout 3: Genaro DeJesus defeated Anthony Nitecki by TKO in the first round. The fighters traded kicks early until the action went to ground and DeJesus forced a referee stoppage due to strikes.

Bouts 4: Rich Stafford defeated Anthony Roosevelt by Unanimous Decision. Roosevelt started fast, scoring early with kicks before Stafford took control the rest of the way punches and knee strikes.

Bout 5: Michael Jordan defeated Austin Delargey by tap out in the first round. Jordan struck quickly, gaining a grip on Delargey’s ankle and forcing the submission.

Bout 6: Antoine Williams defeated Konnor Kuppe by tap out in the second round. This bout featured back and forth action with Kuppe taking the first round before Williams took control in the second, forcing a tap out with a rear naked choke.

Bout 7: Rachel Smith defeated Chrissie Daniels by tap out in the first round. Smith closed the show early with a rear naked choke.

Bout 8: Fred Turberville defeated Russell Campbell by tap out in the second round.

Bout 9: Raylen Davis defeated Kris Lusch by tap out in the second round. After a close first round that featured accurate striking from both fighters, Davis took over on the ground in the second and forced the tap out.

Bout 10: (Flyweight Title Bout): Jonathan Walker defeated Joel Vincent by TKO in the first round. Walker dropped Vincent with a well executed knee strike followed up with effective punches, forcing the referee stoppage.

Bout 11: (Bantamweight Title Bout): Jacob Butler defeated Otis Caldwell by TKO in the first round. Butler forced the stoppage with punishing punches.

Bout 12: (Lightweight Title Bout): Roland Saucedo defeated Kamron Snyder by tap out in the first round. After both fighters traded jabs early, Saucedo executed a perfect guillotine choke to secure the victory.

Bout 13: (Middleweight Title Bout): Charlie Cosens defeated Cody Wall by TKO in the third round. After two rounds of good back-and-forth action, Cosens finished things off with knee strikes and punches.

Bout 14: (Featherweight Title Bout): Vince Murdock defeated James Holloway by TKO in the third round. In the fight of the night, Murdock and Holloway showed great skill and heart, both scoring with devastating strikes before Murdock ended things with a barrage of punches in the third round.

Bout 15: (Female Featherweight Title Bout): Allanna Jones defeated Carolyn Biskup by TKO in the first round. Davis used her accurate striking skills to score the TKO victory over the tough Biskup.

Well, folks…there you have it. A beautifully written article on a fabulous event. Thanks again to Mr. Donofrio and the ENTIRE Impact Fight League cast and crew, and to Al Cooper and Sam Crawford for their hard work on this event, and in the sport in general. And don’t forget…the Impact Fight League and Triple X Cagefighting are teaming up for the next event TONIGHT – Title Survivor – at the Emerald Ballroom in Mt. Clemens. Get your tickets at the door or online at, and even if you can’t make it out, you can always catch the event on PPV on <a Cheap Jordans href=”” target=”_blank”> Either way, DON’T MISS IT!

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