Total Warrior Combat’s NINTH Awesome Event Is Coming This Weekend…GET READY!

<img src="×308.jpg" cheap Oakleys sunglasses alt=”” title=”TWC 9 – Bragging Fights II” width=”400″ height=”308″ class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-4203″ srcset=”×308.jpg 400w,×193.jpg 250w” sizes=”(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px” />This Saturday night, March 3rd, Lansing, Michigan will bear witness to the best Mixed Martial Arts action in the city’s rich history. Anyone who has followed the meteoric rise of Total Warrior Combat from the start will GLADLY attest to the fact that they CONSISTENTLY have had the area’s best teams, trainers and the best FIGHTS! Every event to date has shown a marked improvement in production and promotion quality, and in only nine shows, has set a precedent of excellence that is rivaled by very few. From undercard to climactic belt fights featuring tried and tested champions, TWC fires an endless battery of excitement from top to bottom.

This fight card is second to none, featuring an amazing lineup of mid-Michigan and the midwest’s toughest amateur martial artists. Just check out this tentative fight card, which pretty much tells its own story:

Gilbert Chapa vs Tyler Larue – Welterweight (170lbs.)
Shawn Saville vs Freddie Rodriguez – Flyweight (125lbs.)
Jason Anderson vs Jarod Ingle – Welterweight (170lbs.)
Justin Bud vs Steve Wojciechowski – Light Heavyweight (205lbs.)
Jeremy Swainston vs Cody Miller – Light Heavyweight (205lbs.)
Kendall Cahoon vs Michael Roy – Featherweight (145lbs.)
Kyle Jacob vs Jakota Dowdy – Welterweight (170lbs.)
Brandon Ramos vs RJ Bailey – Bantamweight (135lbs.)
Justin Thiel vs Dana Ray – Lightweight (155lbs.)
Tobin Klusty vs Tom Cheaton – Middleweight (185lbs.)
Travis Murchison vs Corey Warfield – Light Heavyweight (205lbs.)
Rosalee Bizauskas vs Carly Mocny – Flyweight (125lbs.) Female Fight
Jack Ho vs Marcus “Icemane” Wheeler – Featherweight (145lbs.)
Josh Fish vs Nate Wac – Welterweight (170lbs.)
cheap football jerseys Tim Reichel vs Andy Carter – Middleweight (185lbs.)
CO- MAIN EVENT: Kory Wertz vs Redd Williams – Junior Lightweight (165lbs.) Title Fight
MAIN EVENT: Zack Shaw vs Marky “Cash” Christiansen – Lightweight (155lbs.) TWC Title Fight

And there may be much, much more. The only way to find out is to BE THERE! And the way to do that is to go to and buy tickets online, contact one of your local TWC fighters, or you can get them at the event. BUT, we suggest NOT waiting ’til the event, because this event WILL DEFINITELY sell out, and you don’t wanna be one of the unlucky ones left out in the cold! So get your tix while they’re still available and join FightMichigan, Loved By A Pitbull, Bear Fitz, Skippy “Gore cheap nfl jerseys ‘Em” Gorham, DJ BabyDaddy, Michaela Prevost and the usual TWC cast and crew at Lansing’s PREMIER promotion, Total Warrior Combat!

Photos courtesy of Fierce Photography’s Noah Paris, poster design by Victor Manuel Design and Photography.

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  1. Hello TJ! I just love reading your site. You guys are the shit! Looking forward to seeing both you and Shannon this weekend! Could you add a shout to both DJ BabyDaddy and myself in the TWC preview? That would be the shit man! Thanks, and see you Saturday.

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