Elite Federation of Fighters – Seasons Beatings + Team U.S.A. vs. Team Canada II – Results from December 16th, 2011

The Elite Federation of Fighters was back in action in stunning fashion at the elegant Fern Hill Country Club with what most people would agree was the best E.F.F. show to date out of their many great previous events! This card was OFF THE CHAIN, featuring several battles that not only went the distance, but ended up with a SPLIT decision because they were so evenly contested. Promoter Isaiah Gathings and his lovely assistant, Christine Reed, did a STELLAR job of setting up coordinating the event. As if Spielplatzbedarfsplanung all the spectacular action in the cage wasn’t exciting enough, former UFC Lightweight champion Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk was in the house, signing autographs, taking pics with fans and mingling with the crowd. He even reffed a couple of fights! Thanks to our good buddy Phil “The Voice” Davey, we had the opportunity to meet Sean and had a really cool series of conversations with him. TRULY a gentleman and a champion! Earlier in the day, Sean was at the Academy of Soo Do Thai doing a very beneficial MMA seminar, helping students take their fight game to the next level and giving some lucky Michigan ammys the opportunity to train with a legend! After a BEAUTIFUL rendition of our National Anthem, the night’s festivities got underway.

The first fight on this awesome card featured the brother of well-known, top ranked, MULTIPLE title holder Shamir Garcia. Cooper’s Gym‘s Enrique Garcia began building his own solid winning legacy when he faced the game Chris Kilu. Round one featured some great technical standup being displayed. At about a minute and three quarters into the second round, Enrique unleashed a fight-ending flurry for a spectacular TKO finish to start off the night! A little deeper into the night, Cooper’s Gym’s Cameron Pinnock stepped up to face the Academy of Soo Do Thai’s Dale “The Stun Gun” Stamper in what was a VERY exciting and evenly matched contest. At just over a minute in the second round, Stamper obtained a dominant position, then proceeded to unleash a VICIOUS barrage of strikes that forced his opponent to concede. Moving into the highly anticipated U.S.A. versus Canada brackets, Pound 4 Pound Canada’s Jordan Wilson took the stage against the United States Marine badboy and trainer Trae “The Hitman” Elmore. Elmore’s MMA record may have been low, but you could tell that this man was MORE than comfortable in the cage. He came in with his hands low, waiting to counter on the first opportunity. Elmore picked his shots carefully, and at just past the two minute mark in the first and final round, he landed a series of BRUTAL hands, scoring an amazing and crowd-pleasing knockout! Now, as we’ve said before, an event that has many judge’s decisions is a testament to excellent matchmaking. And split decisions are even better! The first of several unbelievable battles that went to decision on the card was the three round war between Pound 4 Pound Canada‘s John “Johnny English” Walsh and the Academy of Soo Do Thai’s Danny Ouwerkerk. This crazy back-and-forth technical fight was a battle for the ages, leaving the judges with the unenviable task of deciding upon a victor. After some deliberation, the judges awarded the SPLIT decision victory to Danny Ouwerkerk. Fight number twelve of the night was a frenetic Lightweight matchup between Pound 4 Pound Canada’s Matt “The Milk Man” Kendall and the Academy of Soo Do Thai’s Josh Stinson. These two warriors gave it their all for the crowd and their Country, and after a round and two thirds of non-stop all around action, Kendall was able to finish the fight with some devastating ground and pound. In the very next match, Pound 4 Pound Canada’s Andrew Vass took on Cooper’s Gym’s Ahmad Alzayadi in another fight that had to be seen to believed. These guys pushed each other to the limits – on the feet on the ground – all around. Very technical striking, takedowns, transitions, sweeps, ground and pound, this fight had it all. After it was all said and done, the judges concluded that Andrew Vass had done enough to eke out the SPLIT decision victory. Pound 4 Pound Canada’s Saji Bolo squared off against the Internal External School of Combative Arts‘ Usama “Young Lion” Rahman. These two put on an exceptional display of standup throughout almost the ENTIRE regulation time limit. With only 17 seconds left in the fight, Usama let loose with a flurry of fists that forced the referee to call a halt to the action, securing a crowd-hyping TKO win. Fight fifteen of the night was YET ANOTHER phenomenal three round display as Alex “The Terminator” Rozicki took on Academy of Soo Do Thai’s Matt “The Bolt” Holt. These guys put on a clinic of clinch work and pummeling, as well as some great strikes and transitions. After the final round concluded, the judges handed over a unanimous decision victory to Rozicki for his intense efforts. The E.F.F. Middleweight Title was on the line, as Pound 4 Pound Canada’s Matt “The Meat Hammer” Socholotiuk laid it all on the line against the Academy of Soo Do Thai’s Adam “The Beast” Gibson. The two combatants went all out, with Matt getting the better of most of the striking exchanges. Gibson held his own, and fired back with all he had, until just past a minute and a half in the third and final round, Socholotiuk sunk in a DEEP guillotine for the tap out victory and the 185 pound title. In the Welterweight division, the E.F.F. belt and bragging rights were on the line as Tony “Two Time” Nochty went to battle against New Way MMA‘s Tommy McGarey. Nochty’s onslaught was overwhelming, and at just past the halfway mark of round one, he cut loose with a crushing assault that earned him the tap out from strikes and the 170 pound belt. In the MAIN EVENT of the evening, Cooper’s Gym’s Shamir “Bam Bam” Garcia faced reigning defending E.F.F. Light Heavyweight champion, the Academy of Soo Do Thai’s <a cheap nfl jerseys shop href=”http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000375973689″ target=”_blank”>Ryan King. It was a short-but-sweet, THOROUGHLY IMPRESSIVE display of technical striking. King came out looking SOLID, doing a great job in the opening exchange. Shamir’s vast experience became evident when, at almost exactly halfway through the first and final round, after opening a cut on King’s forehead, Shamir smelled blood, and like the veteran predator he is, went in for the kill. Shamir emerges victorious once again, and adds another title belt to his already extensive collection. Now that the event was in the books, the fans filed slowly toward the exit, still marveling at all of the action they had beheld. FightMichigan would like to take a moment to thank ALL of the great fighters, fans and staffers that made this event truly memorable.

And now it’s oakley sunglasses sale time to give a shout to the shining staffing stars that made this event a hit. Starting with the referees for the event, Michigan pro fighter and experienced ref “Vicious” Vance Swerdan and the aforementioned UFC legend and champion Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk, assisted by Doug “Stone Cold Pimp” Gallegos and Justin “Bubba” MacKenzie. Judges for the event were gentleman and scholar Sam Crawford, along with FightMichigan’s Shannon Hale and T.J. Corwin. Timekeeper for the event was Andrew Nalepa. Handling the microphone with the skills that pay the bills, FightMichigan friend and WORLD-CLASS announcer, Phil “The Voice” Davey. EXCELLENT medics setting cageside were James Hill-Harris and Matt Andrews. Rye Spiteri was in the house reppin’ Garage Muscle, with a sweet Red Carpet photo booth where fans could get special prints of themselves with Sean Sherk. Big shout goes out to the OFFICIAL E.F.F. ring girl Leanne Rumsey. Still photography for the event was done by Charles Mann. You can check out his gallery here. The Elite Federation of Fighters’ events just keep getting better and better with each successive show, and with some of the WARS E.F.F. has facilitated thus far, the future promises great and amazing things! And every time they come to town, we’ll be here to deliver the goods so that you won’t miss a minute of the action! Until then, here are your results…

Fight #1
Enrique Garcia (5’11”, 156 lbs., Cooper’s Gym) vs. Chris Kilu (6′, 155 lbs., Sam Kas Mikha)
Winner: Enrique Garcia at 1:40 in round 2 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #2
Rasheed “The Hitman” Oruche (6’2″, 254 lbs., Master Bey’s I.D.C. Fight Fake Ray Bans League) vs. Kyle “The Monster” Columbo (5’11”, 265 lbs.)
Winner: Rasheed “The Hitman” Oruche at 1:26 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #3
Mohammad “Ali” Al-Shatri (5’11”, 155 lbs., Cooper’s Gym) vs. Rob “The Savage” Savage (5’9″, 154 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Mohammad Ali Al-Shatri at 1:05 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #4
Michael Hooper (6′, 318 lbs., Trained by Mike Hooper Sr.) vs. Brandon Ryan (6′, 263 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Michael Hooper at 2:43 in round 1 by tap out due to strikes.

Fight #5
Cameron Pinnock (5’11”, 170 lbs., Cooper’s Gym) vs. Dale “The Stun Gun” Stamper (5’8″, 168 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Dale “The Stun Gun” Stamper at 1:03 in round 2 by tap out due to strikes.

Fight #6
Jeremy “The Fearless” Caldwell (6’1″, 180 lbs., Team Fearless) vs. Bobby Rheaume (6’2″, 185 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Bobby Rheaume at 2:00 in round 1 by tap out due to strikes.

Fight #7
Clinton Montgomery (5’8″, 145 lbs., Midtown Boxing) vs. Lance “Thunder” Thorton (5’8″, 145 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Clinton Montgomery at 1:58 in round 1 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #8
Jordan Wilson (5’11”, 190 lbs., Pound 4 Pound Canada) vs. Trae “The Hitman” Elmore (6’1″, 184 lbs., U.S. Marine Corps, My Tactical Advantage)
Winner: Trae “The Hitman” Elmore at 2:03 in round 1 by knock out.

Fight #9
Kyle Tatayama (5’10”, 170 lbs., Pound 4 Pound Canada) vs. Layne Stewart (6′, 157 lbs.)
Winner: Kyle Tatayama at 1:23 in round 1 by tap out due to strikes.

Fight #10
John “Johnny English” Walsh (5’10”, 151 lbs., Pound 4 Pound Canada) vs. Danny Ouwerkerk (5’8″, 155 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Danny Ouwerkerk by split decision after three hard-fought rounds.

Fight #11
Jason “The Mad Hatter” Heinz (5’10”, 156 lbs., Pound 4 Pound Canada) vs. Eric Palomo (5’6″, 155 lbs., Team Limitless)
Winner: Jason Heinz at 2:42 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #12
Matt “The Milk Man” Kendall (5’11”, 153 lbs., Pound 4 Pound Canada) vs. Josh Stinson (6′, 155 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Matt “The Milk Man” Kendall at 2:09 in Oakleys sunglasses Outlet round 2 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #13
Andrew Vass (5’10”, 154 lbs., Pound 4 Pound Canada) vs. Ahmad Alzayadi (5’11”, 155 lbs., Cooper’s Gym)
Winner: Andrew Vass by split decision after three tough rounds.

Fight #14
Saji Bolo (5’7″, 130 lbs., Pound 4 Pound Canada) vs. Usama “Young Lion” Rahman (5’7″, 127 lbs., Internal External School of Combative Arts)
Winner: Usama “Young Lion” Rahman at 2:43 in round 3 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #15
Alex “The Terminator” Rozicki (5’11”, 148 lbs., Todd Whetter of Caged Dragon) vs. Matt “The Bolt” Holt (5’8″, 149 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Alex “The Terminator” Rozicki by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Fight #16 – Middleweight Title Fight
Matt “The Meat Hammer” Socholotiuk (5’9″, 182 lbs., Pound 4 Pound Canada) vs. Adam “The Beast” Gibson (5’8″, 182 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Matt “The Meat Hammer” Socholotiuk at 1:38 in round 3 by tap out due to guillotine.

Fight #17 – Welterweight Title Fight
Tony “Two Time” Nochty (5’10”, 169 lbs., True Fighter) vs. Tommy McGarey (5’9″, 160 lbs., New Way MMA)
Winner: Tony “Two Time” Nochty at 1:39 in round 1 by tap out due to strikes.

Fight #18 – Light Heavyweight Title Fight
Shamir “Bam Bam” Garcia (Challenger, 5’11”, 202 lbs., Cooper’s Gym) vs. Ryan King (Champion, 5’10”, 205 lbs., Academy of Soo Do Thai)
Winner: Shamir “Bam Bam” Garcia at 2:29 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

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