GenesisFC – Bushido – Results from July 30th, 2011

<img cheap football jerseys china src=”×250.jpg” alt=”” title=”GenesisFC – Bushido v2″ width=”161″ height=”250″ class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-2822″ srcset=”×250.jpg 161w,×500.jpg 323w, 1325w” sizes=”(max-width: 161px) 100vw, 161px” />GenesisFC came storming back into the Gibraltar Trade Center on Saturday night with a card so stacked, the walls of the Trade Center could barely contain all the action! Promoter/Michigan pro fighter/matchmaker <a Cheap Ray Bans href=”″>Josh “Rage” Lawrence knocked another one out of the park! Speaking of knock outs, if you weren’t lucky enough to be in attendance, you’ll Columns have to check out camera guru Shiloh Blu‘s footage of the Mark “The Savage” Walker’s vicious 10 second KO, followed by Eric “The Reject” Burress with an even faster 9 second KO…and that was just the undercard! Simply amazing. There were also some crazy subs and a couple of TKO’s…a little something for everyone. The crowd was kept both pumped and informed all night long by the man who puts the “Master” in Master of Ceremonies, Phil “The Voice” Davey. With DJ Trevy Trev from Eternal Entertainment Group backing Phil up on the 1’s and 2’s, the sound setup was first-class! Lyzzette Ortiz and the ladies of From Michigan With Love were also in the house, reminding us all that fighting isn’t the only good reason to go to a show! The action was kept safe by 2 of Michigan’s greatest trainers and pro fighters, James “Superman” Lee and Harley “Swede” Wallen. Judging the evening’s action were Mr. John Poe, Todd Skinner (F-1 Management), and Marky “Cash” Christiansen. All of the still shots of the night’s proceedings were immortalized in print by the master handywork of Todd Samson (Photography). Check out his awesome gallery of action shots here. Trust us on this one folks…GenesisFC always delivers on providing some truly outstanding events and fight cards, and there are more events to come this year, so stay tuned here and save the date…which we’ll release as soon as we can! Here are your results…

Fight #1 – 145lbs.
Bobby Adams (143lbs., 5’10”, 0-0) vs Fidel Alvarez (144lbs., 5’6″, 1-2)
Winner: Fidel Alvarez at 1:12 in round 2 by neck crank submission.

Fight #2 – 185lbs.
Willie “The Ambassador of Awesomeness” Kalousdian (184lbs., 5’10”, 1-1) vs Michael Franklin (187lbs., 6’1″, 0-0)
Winner: Willie “The Ambassador of Awesomeness” Kalousdian at 2:15 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #3 – 170lbs.
Gaelen Barnes (171lbs., 6’2″, 2-0) vs Buddy Bennett (173lbs., 5’10”, 4-4)
Winner: Gaelen Barnes at 1:04 in round 1 by verbal submission due to arm injury.

Fight #4 – 135lbs.
Will Watson (136lbs., 5’7″, 1-0) vs Anthony Nitecki (136lbs., 5’5″, 1-1)
Winner: Anthony Nitecki by unanimous decision after three AMAZING rounds.

Fight #5 – 145lbs.
Mark “The Savage” Walker (145lbs., 5’9″, 8-5) vs Jacob Burguis (146lbs., 5’6″, 7-5)
Winner: Mark “The Savage” Walker at 10 seconds in round 1 by BRUTAL knock out.

Fight #6 – 185lbs.
Eric “The Reject” Burress (181lbs., 6’0″, 8-3) vs P.J. “The Predator” Caram (184lbs., 5’9″, 6-3)
Winner: Eric “The Reject” Burress at 9 seconds in throwback jerseys round 1 by QUICK knock out.

Fight #7 – 185lbs.
Korey “Showtime” Kuppe (181lbs., 6’2″, 11-4) vs Donald “The Machine” Brandell (184lbs., 6’1″, 10-8)
Winner: Korey “Showtime” Kuppe at 56 seconds in round 1 by tap out due to triangle choke.

Fight #8 – 135lbs.
Roland “The Chief” Saucedo (153lbs., 5’9″, 5-3) vs Bruce Merrill (147lbs., 5’10”)
Winner: Roland “The Chief” Saucedo at 1:15 in round 3 by knock out.

Fight #9 – 135lb. TITLE FIGHT
James Holloway (136lbs., 5’8″, 7-2, current champion) vs Jerry Peace (136lbs., 5’7″, 10-5, challenger)
Winner and STILL CHAMPION: James Holloway at 28 seconds in round 1 by knock out. (*Note: James Holloway will be defending his title against Derrick Mandell at the next Genesis event.)

Fight #10 – 205lb. TITLE FIGHT
Shamir Garcia (204lbs., 5’10, wholesale nfl jersyes 14-2, current champion) vs Chris “Lights Out” Cameron (202lbs., 6’2″, 12-2, challenger)
Winner and STILL CHAMPION: Shamir Garcia at the conclusion of round 3 – opponent unable to answer the bell for round 4.

Leroy Johnson (258lbs., 5’10”, 7-0, current champion) vs Mike “Wojo” Wojciechowski (264lbs., 6’3″, 5-0, challenger)
Winner and NEW CHAMPION: Mike “Wojo” Wojciechowski at 43 seconds in round 2 by head kick knock out.

Fight #12 – 170lb. TITLE FIGHT
Drew “All Day” Morais (169lbs., 5’11”, 14-3, current champion) vs Troy “Pretty Boy” Lamson (172lbs., 5’10”, 11-0, challenger)
Winner and NEW CHAMPION: Troy “Pretty Boy” Lamson at 1:23 in round 1 by tap out due to guillotine choke.

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