GWO – The Barn Burner Results for October 4th, 2009 – with videos

Last Sunday I went to the Whiskey Barrel Saloon in Lansing, MI for Go Work Out Gym’s Barn Burner event. This was their first show, and it was definitely a top-notch production. The Sound system sounded great, the lights looked great and they had a velvet-rope entrance for the fighters. There were also two 50-inch LCD televisions awarded for best knock out of the show and best submission of the show.

Justin Houghton (who holds several belts from several promotions) refereed all the matches. It’s obvious that Justin has a deep love for the sport, and as much as I love to see him fight, it was fun to jordans for cheap see him referee as Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys well. This was definitely the best way I can think of to have spent a Sunday afternoon at a country bar.

Here are your results:

Fight #1:
Brandon Thedrou (145 lbs., 0-0, Lansing) vs. Raidan Sobh (140 lbs., 0-0, Jackson)
Winner: Raidan Sobh early in the first round with a knock out.

Fight #2:
Matt Earls (205 lbs., 0-0, Lansing) vs. Ryan “Ryno” Marcou (185 lbs., 0-0, Irving, TX)
Winner: Ryan “Ryno” Marcou at 1:15 in the second round by knock out.

Fight #3:
Marcos “The Real Deal” Velasquez (140 lbs., 2-1, Lansing) vs. Shawn Moore (145 lbs., 1-1, Flint)
Winner: Marcos “The Real Deal” Velasquez by referee stoppage at 2:11 in the first round.

Fight #4:
Richard Marr (205 lbs., 2-0, Go Work Out Gym) vs. Aaron “Malibu” Wood (205 lbs., 0-0, Charlotte)
Winner: Richard Marr at 36 seconds in the first round by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #5:
Luke “The Duke” Wright (280 lbs., 1-0, Lansing) vs. Robert “Big C” Taylor (260 lbs., 0-0, Jackson)
Winner: Robert “Big C” Taylor very early in the first round by knock out.

Fight #6:
Rodney O’Dell (170 lbs., 0-0, Grand Blanc) vs. Dequan Townsend (170 lbs., Wolfpack MMA)
Winner: Dequan Townsend at 2 minutes in the second round by knockout from FLYING KNEE. That’s right. FLYING KNEE.

Fight #7:
Skitter Kittle (170 lbs., 0-0, Lansing) vs. James “Iron Man” Greer (175 lbs., 0-4, East Pointe)
Winner: Skitter Kittle at 35 seconds in the first round by knock out.

Fight #8:
P.J. “The Predator” Caram (203 lbs., 2-0, Canton) vs. Josh “Ferocious” Kozak (202 lbs., 3-1, Lansing)
Winner: Josh “Ferocious” Kozak early in the first round by tap out due to arm bar, resulting in a fractured arm.

Fight #9:
Jared Freeman (155 lbs., 2-1, Lansing) vs. Kory Wertz (155 lbs., 1-1, Charlotte)
Winner: cheap jordans for sale Kory Wertz by unanimous decision (30-27) after three hard-fought rounds.

Fight #10:
Jason Burker (172 lbs., Lapeer) vs. Jerrod “Pooh Bear” Adcock (170 lbs., 5-1, Lansing)
Winner: Jerrod Adcock at 2:20 oakley outlet ion the first round by tap out cheap China Jerseys due to arm bar.

And the winners of the 50″ TVs were:
Best Movie Knock Out: Robert “Big C” Taylor
Best Submission: Josh Kozak

You can see all the fights on FightMichigan’s YouTube Channel.

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