Halloween Havoc Fight Results for October 31, 2009

Genesis Fighting Championship presents Halloween Havoc this Saturday in Battle Creek.

Genesis Fighting Championship presents Halloween Havoc this Saturday in Battle Creek.

I want to extend a HUGE thanks to Josh Lawrence at Genesis Fighting for providing the following event results and write up (full fight results are at the bottom):

The first fight of the night was short and sweet but no lack of talent, Shane Whelan from Grand Rapids BJJ/Team George Jurgel put on a fast BJJ clinic on Terry Vanavery from the LAB in Kalamazoo. 2:30 into the first round Whelan locked down a beautiful triangle choke that put Vanavery right to sleep. I look forward to see what becomes of both of these fighters.

Moving on to the fourth fight of the night Drew Morais from Monroe vs Tony Zelinski from Cadillac. The start of the first round didn’t Cheap Jordans start slow with both fighters trading on the feet but Morais landing the better of the exchange along with some very nice inside leg kicks followed up by a beautiful double leg take downs, ending the round with Morais landing a slam followed by taking Zelinski’s back into some ground n pound.

Round two: a short exchange on the feet once again then Morais landing another double leg take down back into the ground n pound game which Morais ended up opening a nice cut on top of Zelinskis head! Zelinski regained his composure even though he was bleeding good which pumped up the Battle Creek crowd! Tony played Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses the guard game for a minute, then made it up the cage to his feet for some quick action but ending up back on his back from another takedown from Morais. Smelling blood, Morais went in for the finish, cutting lose some good ground n pound , then taking Zelinski’s back and sinking in the rear naked choke, ending the match at 1:17 in the second round… Folks keep your eye on Drew Morais he is a very good up-coming fighter. And, hats off to Tony Zelinski for putting on one hell of a show as well.

The fifth fight of the night was what Michigan mixed martial arts is all about!
I had two monster 205 l.b light heavy weights go head-to-head. PJ Caram vs Matt Stringham. The first round I would have to say Caram took that 10/9 all day, landing more than 3 take downs, and ending the round with Stringham crucified, taking about 100 hammer fists to the side of the head and face, and shedding some blood for the crowd.

Round two: another battle for take downs and BJJ clinic along with some very good wrestling coming out of these two studs. Caram scoring the take downs but Stringham staying busy in with his guard going from armbar to triangle to kimura to sweep… finally after a scramble, Stringham takes Caram’s back and, along with his own ground n pound, sinks in a rear naked choke to finish Caram with only 4 seconds left in the second round. Not too much in the stand up game from these to big boys, but they looked like two pitbulls going at it on the ground. I look forward to having both back at the show. Caram told me after the fight that he was moving down to 185 lbs., so the middle weight division here in the state needs to watch out because this guy at 185 lbs. will be a monster!

The 8th fight of the night, I’m not going to lie, I was worried about because it was my guy Mark Walker vs Chad Coon (my good friend Vance Swerdan’s fighter). wholesale nfl jerseys I didn’t want the fight to happen on this show but with both of their opponents backing out, it just had to take place. With both fighters’ experience it should have been a title fight, with Coon at 8-4 and Walker at 10-4. Anyway, on to the fight… the bell sounded and there was a quick exchange on the feet that ended with Coon body locking Walker and slamming him on the back of his head, then securing side mount and flowing right to mount locking in an arm triangle. Walker then bumped Coon over on his back in guard, Coon pressed the submission while Walker stayed relaxed and calm.

Walker created some space and Coon gave up the submission attempt, with resulted in a quick scramble after some strikes from Walker. The flurry ended up with Walker in Coon’s half guard, punching to the body and head and trying to pass Coon’s half guard which he did, then right to mount!

From this point on it was Walker’s fight in full mount raining down strikes and Coon not being able to defend him self. Referee Daren Crucshank stepped in and stopped the fight at 2:35 in the first round! Both of these fighters agreed to a rematch that everyone is looking forward to see. Maybe next time they can do it for the Genesis Fighting Championship Featherweight title sometime this winter!

On to the Co-Main event Greenville, Michigan’s Travis Travesty vs Monroe, Michigan’s Dean Walsh! First off I would just like to thank Travis for all his hard work and effort he really helped promote the show and put up with what a lot of fighters do: opponents backing out! After two prior opponents backed out, Dean Walsh stepped up to the plate and took the fight on two days notice, so I’m gonna have to give Dean big props for making this fight happen!

Onto the fight, shall we? After a touch of the gloves, these to boys went at it like dogs. Travesty seeming to have more technical stand up, and Dean throwing bombs and wanting to slug it out… both fighters scored two early take downs then standing right back up. Travesty locked up a front choke on Walsh but that was broke lose when Walsh picked Travesty up and slammed him down, almost knocking him self out, but breaking Travesty’s hold, a little ground n pound went on from Walsh and a little jits from Travesty. Then, back up to the feet where both fighters had three good exchanges, then Travesty landing a knee to Walsh’s head as he missed a take down.

Walsh, slowed down and hurt from the knee, finished his take down but stuck in the sticky guard of Travis, started to take some punishment. Still feeling the effects of the knee, Walsh verbally tapped out at 2:40 seconds in the first round, ending in Travis Travesty winning the 135lb Super Fight Title. Make sure you keep your eye on Travis. At 10-4 his plan is to train for a few months and make his turn pro by next summer. Watch out for this up-coming super star.


Kalamazoo’s own Joel Chapman vs Mark Hassmiller from New Jersey, was a true amateur championship fight! Both of these fighters wanted to take the title of Genesis Fighting Championship Bantam Weight Champion.

Round 1
Both Chapman and Hassmiller showed off their striking abilities right off the bell, both trading punches and kicks to the head and body, these two bad boys wanted the win and the gold!

Chapman landed a hard over-hand left to Hassmiller, then following it with a double leg that ended that trade off. Chapman then working ground and pound and Hassmiller working a good guard game going for armbars and sweeps, then locking down a front choke on Chapman. Chapman kept his cool and stuffed the submission attempt by his opponent from New Jersey and made it back to his feet and started some vicious strikes from the top.

Hassmiller defending well, locked out Chapman’s left leg and tried finishing with a straight ankle lock, but Chapman showed that his BJJ defense is just as good as his offense, Chapman jocked positions and ended the round on Hassmiller’s back trying to finish him but not beating the bell.


Both fighters coming out of the gate ready to bang, Chapman ending up taking a nice body shot but dishing out his own combos followed by another take down.
Chapman on top working for mount gets swept by Hassmiller and ends up in half guard dishing out some love to Chapman’s body and head, then getting reversed back, a quick scramble ends in Chapman getting the full mount on Hassmiller and turning on the heat. Chapman showed his champion spirit by raining down blows from mount with Hassmiller giving all effort to sweep and bump Chapman, but Joel wasn’t planning on losing in front of the home town crowd. After a brutal display of ground and pound from mount, Referee Vance Swerdan stepped in and stopped the fight at 1:45 in the second round.

We all gave Hassmiller big props for coming all the way out from New Jersey and fighting Joel, they both put on one hell of a show!

Congrats to Joel Chapman, the Genesis Fighting Championship Bantam weight Champion!

pics, video, are coming soon, check out the website http://www.genesisfighting.com for updates.

Full Fight Results:

Fight #1: Shane Whelan VS Terry Vanavery
Winner: Shane Whelan by Triangle Choke at 2:30 in the 1st round.

Fight #2: Jamie “Ink Daddy” Dushane VS Luke Sheer
Winner: Luke Sheer at 1:14 in the 1st round by rear naked choke.

Fight #3: David McClendon VS Scott Fox
Winner: Scott Fox at 1:17 in the first round by rear naked choke.

Fight #4: Drew Morais VS Tony Zelinski
Winner: Drew Morais at 1:17 in the 2nd oakley sunglasses outlet round by rear naked choke.

Fight #5: PJ Caram VS Matt Stringham
Winner: Matt Stringham at 2:56 in the second round by rear naked choke.

Fight #6: Chris Alexopolous VS Labron Clark
Winner: Chris Alexopolous at 1 minute in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #7: Joel Smith VS Bill Crews
Winner: Bill Crews at 2:30 in the first round by TKO.

Fight #8: Chad Coon VS Mark Walker
Winner: Mark Walker at 2:35 in the first round by TKO.

Travis Travesty VS Dean Walsh
Winner: Travis Travesty at 2:10 in the first round by verbal submission.
Travis Travesty is the Genesis Fighting Championship 135 lb. Bantamweight Super Fight Champion.

Mark Hassmiller VS Joel Chapman
Winner: Joel Chapman at 1:45 in the 2nd round by TKO.
Joel Chapman is the Genesis Fighting Championship Bantamweight Champion.