Impact Fight League: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – Results from February 18, 2011

Donofrio Entertainment and the Impact Fight League brought another amazing Professional Mixed Martial Arts show to The Palace of Auburn Hills. There were knock outs, submissions, and decisions–A well-rounded fight card if we ever saw one. Unfortunately, Shannon was too sick for Fight Michigan to attend, but thanks to the great folks over at, we were able to watch the show live through their website. Go check them out and see what they have coming up on their schedule. Keeping us entertained and informed on the mic all night long was Phil “The Voice” Davey. The judges for the evening were Gerard White, Rosemary Gross, and Anne Morrell. The referees were Marc Fennell and Robert Hinds. Mr. Donofrio outdid himself this time, and as always, we can’t wait for the next show. And now, here are the results…

Fight #1: Heavyweight Bout
Jeff Kugel wholesale jerseys (263 lbs., cheap fake oakleys 1-0, Fight Club Proving Grounds, Roseville, MI) vs. Josh “ The Hammer” Burns (250 lbs., 5-1, MASH Fight Team, Dexter MI)
Winner: Josh “The Hammer” Burns at cheap Oakleys sunglasses 2:52 in the first round by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #2: 145 lbs.
Ivan Wolshlager (0-0, 148 lbs., Lightning Kicks, Kalamazoo, MI) vs. Dan “Pac-Man” Langbeen (3-1, 149 lbs., The Cruickshank Fighting Systems, Macomb, MI)
Winner: Ivan Wolshlager by unanimous decision (29-28) after three hard-fought rounds.

Fight #3: Heavyweight
Aaron “the Grown Man” Ware (265 lbs., 0-0, Detroit, MI) vs. Todd “The Detroit Bad Boy” Allee (255 lbs., 1-1, Mash Gym, Redford, MI)
Winner: Todd “The Detroit Bad Boy” Allee by split decision after three gruelling rounds.

Fight #4: 135 lbs.
Chad Coon (137 lbs., 0-0, Vance Swerdan, Big Rapids, MI) vs. Mike “Hurricane” Hernandez (141 lbs, 1-0, NAMMA Karate, Clinton Township, MI)
Winner: Mike “Hurricane” Hernandez at 4:30 in the first round by knock out.

Fight #5: 185 lbs.
Ryan Sheeper (185 lbs., 27-24, Above Average Joe’s, Lyon, Indiana) vs. Jason “The Beast” Davis (185lbs., 2-0, MASH Gym, Detroit, MI)
Winner: No contest due to doctor stoppage in the first round.

Fight #6: 175lbs.
David Savare (176lbs., 7-6, Davenport, Iowa) vs. Corey O’Dell (174 lbs., 0-0, Warrior Way & MASH Gym, Walled Lake, MI)
Winner: Corey O’Dell halfway Cheap nfl Jerseys through the first round by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #7: 170 lbs.
Josh Taibl (185 lbs., 19-13, Ludington, MI) vs. Adam “Crazy Monkey” Kelso (186 lbs., 3-0, Fight Club Proving Grounds)
Winner: Adam Kelso at 11 seconds in the first round by knock out.

Fight #8: 155 lbs.
Jason “The Finisher” Fischer (0-0, 159lbs., MASH Gym, Livonia, MI) vs. Andy “The Smiling Assassin” Peterson (0-0, 160lbs., Team Murcielago, Lansing, MI)
Winner: Jason “The Finisher” Fischer at 12 seconds in the second round by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #9: 185 lbs.
Scott “The Freak” Ferguson (185 lbs., 0-0, Spider Submissions) vs. Tim Far (185 lbs., 0-0, Gladiator MMA, Howell, MI)
Winner: Scott “The Freak” Ferguson at 3:43 in Cheap Ray Bans the second round by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #10: 135 lbs.
Tito Jones (140 lbs., 7-3, Panhandle Combat Sports, Panama City, FLA) vs. Cody “The Wolverine” Stevens (141 lbs., 15-2, The Fight Farm, Mansfield, Ohio)
Winner: Cody “The Wolverine” Stevens by tap out due to triangle.

Fight #11: Heavyweight
Javon Prewitt (245 lbs., 0-0, Flint, MI) vs. Joe “The Don” Battaglia (225 lbs, 1-0, Al Smack, Glenn Quick, Todd Slater, Detroit, MI)
Winner: Joe “The Don” Battaglia at 47 seconds in the first round by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #12: 170 lbs.
Josh “Super Saiyan” Taveirne (170 lbs., 1-0, MTC Windsor, Windsor, Ontario) vs. Victor “El Torrito” Torres (170 lbs., 5-1, Warrior Way)
Winner: Josh “Super Saiyan” Taveirne at 3:01 in the first round by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #13: Light Heavyweight
Caleb “True Grit” Grummet (209 lbs., 3-1, Ryan Bowe – Kaminari Dojo, GRMMA, Grand Rapids) vs. Terrance “The Handsome Man” Davinney (210 lbs., 8-5, Junkyard Dogs, Shelby Township, MI)
Winner: Terrance “The Handsome Man” Davinney by unanimous decision (29-28) after three hard-grappled rounds.

Fight #14: Impact Fight League Middleweight Title Fight
Hector “El Toro” Urbina (Challenger, 186lbs., 12-5, The Wolfpack MMA, Muncie, Indiana) vs. Brendan “The Caucasion Devastation” Seguin (Defending Champion, 187, 21-17, Black Feather Muai Thai, Hazel Park, MI)
Winner: Brendan “The Caucasion Devastation” Seguin 3:51 in the first round.

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