Juggernaut Fight Series II – Winter Warriors – Results from November 3rd, 2011

The Juggernaut Fight Series made a triumphant return to the Washtenaw Farm Council Fairgrounds this past Saturday evening with their stellar SECOND event. Promoters Lee “The Juggernaut” Trombley and Scott Burke showed that despite it only being event number two for them, they know how to run a well-organized, very coordinated event. The beer was cold and the action was hot, with some of the best teams around in the house representing their respective camps. Among the great teams in attendance were powerhouses such as Michigan Extreme Combat Sports, Jackson MMA, Team Kihon, Team Gamebred, Team Tubbs, the Institute of Mixed Martial Arts, East West Martial Arts, Mighty Dragons Fight Team, Team Cage Rage and more! Fans PACKED the building, elbow to elbow, wall to wall to see exactly why the JFS has earned such an excellent rapport from fans and fighters alike after their first event. And they were NOT disappointed…this card was chock full of exciting battles that kept the energy at maximum levels all night long!

The first of those battles was an EXCEPTIONAL matchup between two debuting fighters – Michigan Extreme Combat Sports’ Mitchell Bartes and Team Gamebred’s Dave Bostater. These two BOTH showed heart and skill that FAR exceeds most debut level fighters. It was clear that both combatants wanted to make a highly memorable debut…and they did just that. After three solid rounds of back and forth standing exchanges, takedowns, transitions and sweeps, Bartes was able to get a dominant position and finish the fight with a TKO via some intense ground and pound a mere TWO SECONDS before the final horn. It’s a shame with fights like this that someone has to go home “not a winner”, because with battles this well fought and matched, there truly is no “loser”. The fans win EVERY TIME with a fight like this one! Moving deeper into the night, Michigan Extreme Combat Sports’ Julian “The Dynamite Kid” Dumlao stepped into the cage to face Jackson MMA’s Bobby Sutherby. The pace on this fight was fast and continuous, with both fighters working for the finish. After working back and forth for dominant position, Dumlao achieved it at about two minutes into the first round, and wasted no time in unleashing a Winter Warrior flurry of strikes that caused the ref to call a halt to the contest, granting Dumlao the TKO victory. Immediately following, it was a three round WAR between Michigan Extreme Combat Sports’ Justin Torcolacci and EastWest Martial discount football jerseys Arts’ Anthony Palmer. This fight was a prime example of solid matchmaking, with both fighters VERY evenly paired up. The entire fight was a CLINIC of striking, transitions, sub attempts, you name it. From beginning hockey jerseys to end, for all three rounds, these two left it all in the cage, and also left the judges with a HARD decision. Ultimately, the judges awarded the split decision victory to Anthony Palmer for his impressive efforts. This one has rematch written all over it! In the Lightweight division, Team Cage Rage’s ultra-experienced Russell “The Ruckus” Campbell did battle with Might Dragons Fight Team’s Jamal Buckner in yet another well matched fight that almost went the distance. Both fighters were in excellent form throughout the fight. Russell’s experience was apparent in rounds one and two, with some VICIOUS leg kicks being delivered. Jamal managed to weather the storm, all the while firing back. VERY late in the third round, Jamal was able to turn the tide, get dominant position and sink in the rear naked choke with only ELEVEN SECONDS left in the fight. Fight number eight was a battle of the Welterweights, as Michigan Extreme Combat Sport’s “Nice Guy”, Steve Ekquist took on East West Martial Arts’ Bob Schnell. These warriors wasted no time in letting the heavy leather fly, which the fans ATE UP. Something had to happen, and it did. Steve landed a shot that staggered his opponent, and then, at about halfway through the first (and final) round, followed it through and landed a few more HARD shots for an impressive KO win over an extremely game opponent. Next up was the Co-Main event, which was a contest to determine who would fill the vacant Featherweight JFS title slot. Michigan Extreme Combat Sports’ Justin “Pretty Boy” Walls and Team Tubbs & Institute of Mixed Martial Arts’ Mario “The Infamous Spider” Aguilar put on a fast-paced and exciting display for the duration of the fight, which was brief, but INTENSE. Both fighters came out right from the start of the fight looking to seal the deal, but Mario was able to capitalize on a quick opening and snag a nice armbar at just over two minutes into the first round, securing another solid victory and the JFS gold strap firmly around his waist. The MAIN EVENT of the evening was a Middleweight brawl for the belt featuring two heavy-handed individuals, Team Tubbs & Institute of Mixed Martial Arts’ Darryl “The Beast” Childs and current JFS Middleweight champion, Michigan Extreme Combat Sports’ “Bionic” Brian Davis. As I mentioned before, BOTH of these guys are known for putting people to sleep with their hands, so naturally, this was a great fight for the fans of standup action. And they did not disappoint, as the hands were flying hard and fast right from the opening. But not just hands were on display, but there were some takedowns as well with some impressive sweeps and transitions. The last one of the transitions of the fight found Davis in top position, where he went to work right away with some heavy ground and pound action, forcing the referee to stop the contest nearing the two and a half minute mark in the first (and last) round. Davis left the cage STILL holding the JFS 185 pound belt after his first successful title defense. Congrats to Brian and ALL of the other valiant combatants that participated in the event and helped make Juggernaut Fight Series second event a RAGING success! You guys ARE the show.

Now for the AWESOME staff that helped see that the event was one for the ages and made it all go down with NO issues. Starting from the top…Lee “The Juggernaut” Trombley, who truly is a “fighter’s promoter”, as well as an excellent trainer, FightMichigan’s friend, AND daddy-to-be! Lee, alongside co-promoter Scott Burke and assisted by Lee’s lovely wife, Stephanie Trombley, collectively did a smash-up job of putting this event together seamlessly. The referees for the event were a duo of well known and respected PRO fighters and experienced officials, BOTH with a list of credentials and accolades FAR too long to list here…Danny McIntire and Josh “Short Stack” Robinson. The judges in charge of critical decision making were Eric Pearch, John Toth (who just won the 2011 No-Gi World Championship…that is AWESOME!) and FightMichigan’s T.J. Corwin. The timekeeper for the event was Danny Mac’s lovely fiancee (and from our understanding, wife-to-be…congratulations!) Anna Bewersdorf. The announcer for the evening was our good buddy who we hadn’t seen in a while (since he picked up as the announcer for KING of the Cage…nice!), Pete Trevino Jr., assisted by crowd hypemaster Eternal Entertainment Group‘s Joey Ruckus. Backing him up with some street shaking beats was Joey’s partner and the other half of EEG, DJ Trevy Trev. For only being their second event, it is clear that Juggernaut Fight Series is ON TRACK, and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. With that said, you can expect nothing but great things from the JFS in the future, and we at FightMichigan will be on top of all the latest developments and announcements from them and many others! Stay tuned…and until next time, here are your results…

Fight #1 – 155 lbs.
Mitchell Bartes (0-0, 6’, Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys 155 lbs, Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Dave Bostater (0-0, 5’7”, 155lbs., Team Gamebred)
Winner: Mitchell Bartes at 2:58 in round 3 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #2 – 125 lbs.
Anthonio “El Tigre” Alejandro (3-0, 5’7”, 125 lbs., Jackson MMA) vs. Matt Harris (1-1, 5’7”, 128 lbs., Team Gamebred)
Winner: Antonio “El Tigre” Alejandro at 51 seconds in round 1 by tap out due to guillotine choke.

Fight #3 – 145 lbs.
Don Trout (2-20, 5’8”, 145 lbs., Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Taylor Birchfield (0-0, 5’8”, 145 lbs., Team Kihon)
Winner: Taylor Birchfield at 1:45 in round 1 by tap out due to shoulder lock.

Fight #4 – 145 lbs.
“The Dynamite Kid” Julian Dumlao (0-1, 5’10”, 145 lbs., Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Bobby Sutherby (2-1, 5’6”, 145 lbs., Jackson MMA)<br Graó />
Winner: Julian Dumlao at 2:17 in round 1 by tap out due to strikes.

Fight #5 – 155 lbs.
Justin Torcolacci (1-1, 5’10”, 155 lbs., Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Anthony Palmer (0-0, 5’5”, 156 lbs., East West Martial Arts)
Winner: Anthony Palmer by split decision after three hard-fought rounds. (29-28 Torcolacci, 29-28 Palmer, 29-28 Palmer)

Fight #6 – 185 lbs.
John Powers (1-0, 5’11”, 185 lbs., Ann Arbor MMA) vs Kyle Latta (3-1, 5’11”, 187 lbs., Mighty Dragons Fight Team)
Winner: John Powers at 1:48 in round 1 by tap out due to guillotine choke.

Fight #7 – 155 lbs.
Russell “The Ruckus” Campbell (15-12-1, 6’3, 156 lbs., Team Cage Rage) vs Jamal Buckner (2-1, 5’9”, 155 lbs., Might Dragons Fight Team)
Winner: Jamal Buckner at 2:49 in round 3 by tap out due to rear naked choke.

Fight #8 – 170 lbs.
“The Nice Guy” Steve Ekquist (3-2, 5’9”, 175 lbs., Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Bob Schnell (3-1, 5’9”, 170 lbs., East West Martial Arts)
Winner: “The Nice Guy” Steve Ekquist at 1:34 in round 1 by knock out.

Fight #9 – CO-MAIN EVENT – 145lb. (Featherweight) Juggernaut Fight Series TITLE FIGHT
Justin “Pretty Boy” Walls (9-6, 5’7”, 145 lbs., Michigan Extreme Combat Sports) vs Mario “The Infamous Spider” Aguilar (13-6-1, 5’9”, 145 lbs, Team Tubbs & Institute of Mixed Martial Arts)
Winner: Mario “The Infamous Spider” Aguilar at 2:17 in round 1 by tap out due to arm bar.

Fight #10 – MAIN EVENT – 185lb. (Middleweight) Juggernaut nfl jerseys china Fight Series TITLE FIGHT
Darryl “The Beast” Childs (Challenger, 8-2, 5’10”, 190 lbs., Team Tubbs & Institute of Mixed Martial Arts) vs “Bionic” Brian Davis (Champion, 7-4, 6’2”, 185 lbs. Michigan Extreme Combat Sports)
Winner: ”Bionic” Brian Davis at 2:21 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due cheap jordans online to strikes.

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