Local Fighter Accused of 2 Counts of Murder – In Turn Bringing MMA Under Undue Scrutiny

I want to address a very serious issue that has been Melbbad-Schließungspläne brought to the forefront by the allegations that a local Michigan fighter has been accused of two counts of open murder. Junior Lee (B.J.) Beebe has been accused of killing two innocent people, Amy Henslee and Tonya Howarth. Before I proceed, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of these poor young ladies whose lives were cut short by the acts of a selfish and clearly disturbed young man.

The focus of this article is to make an open statement about the implications that a terrible act like this has on the public’s view of mixed martial arts as a legitimate sport. What Mr. Beebe has been accused of has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with MMA. These murders were a vile act perpetrated by one individual. The news and other media outlets are going to be hasty to point out that Mr. Beebe has participated in MMA. While it is true that MMA is a contact sport, it IS NOT earmarked by unbridled acts of savagery and barbarism. It is, in fact, the most deeply sportsmanlike and mutually respectful sport I have ever seen, bar none. Myself, as well as many others, are deeply hurt by the fact that someone who is associated with this sport has done so much damage in one fell swoop through their wicked and selfish actions.

I know (personally) dozens of fighters, trainers, promoters and others involved with this sport. They are typically well mannered, well spoken, humble and affable. Very rarely will you meet a fighter who is anything less than a great sportsman, friend or family man (or woman). When an athlete from another sport perpetrates an act of violence (i.e. football or basketball), rarely does the media demonize that sport as heavily as they do with MMA. People who are not constituents of this sport are quick to use such negative press as fuel for their anti-MMA campaign. In addition, most news staff writers who handle these stories are either opposed to mixed martial arts as a sport altogether, or at least are not themselves fans. Cheap Jordans This type of media bias paints a portrait of the sport that is simply not true to life.

In closing, I would like to state that I am definitely NOT trying to minimize or detract from the severity of Mr. Beebe’s alleged actions or the losses of the families of these 2 beautiful young women. The acts that were committed cheap nfl jerseys have left an indelible mark on many, many lives. It is simply my wish to state my opinion and voice my concern that it should NOT leave an indelible mark on the great sport of mixed martial arts. We, the Michigan MMA community, need to stand up and let the press know that these kind of actions are NOT consistent with the NFL Jerseys Cheap discipline, moral values and mentality of our sport, and we as a group conscience DO NOT condone or approve of this type of behavior in any way. The comments for this post are open…PLEASE FEEL FREE TO VOICE YOUR OPINION AND WEIGH IN ON THIS MATTER. Your opinion DOES count!

Here is the link to the MLive.com original story.
Photo courtesy of Van Buren County Oakleys Outlet Sheriff’s Office.

More importantly, here is the link to Amy Henslee’s Facebook Memorial Page and Tonya Howarth’s Facebook Memorial Page.

7 comments to “Local Fighter Accused of 2 Counts of Murder – In Turn Bringing MMA Under Undue Scrutiny”
  1. Yo TJ totally agree with you. With what the media is doing that’s like saying Kobe raped that chick because basketball is a sport where you touch people. I say if they scrutinize MMA then let’s scrutinize all the other full contact sports.

  2. TJ well wrote. I would also first give my regaurds to the families. First and for most what we do is a sport. 99% of us in it treat it that way.One of the most respectful sports I have ever played, and I have played them all. I have recieved more disrespect on a golfcourse than ever at a MMA function. All I can say is MMA changed my life in a positive way and I have seen it do it for so many others. Untill you have been to an event I don’t think yoe should comment on the sport. We are holding one Feb.5th at Causeway bay Hotel on cedar st. in Lansing. I invite any reporter or blogger that is negative to the sport to come and see the professionalism and respect that fighters have for one another and the fans. Hope to see you there.

  3. News flash! MMA is a sport, NOT any goddamn membership based movement! Do you see people out there in karate, boxing, hockey, basketball (!) weeping tears when some guy goes crazy who just so happens to be involved in one of those sports? Fuck no you don’t! I feel for that family’s who lost their love ones — but this tragedy has NOTHING to do with MMA! Nuff said!

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