Mike “The Hurricane” Hernandez

“People say do it for yourself but I don’t enjoy this I love the fans and all those people that love watching the fight I will die in there for them”
-Mike Hernandez

 Mike Hernandez–so much athlete packed into such a small shell. Mike has taken the cage and the hearts of America by storm and we believe he will continue to awe all those in attendance this weekend at TXC’s Legends 7.

TXC Legends 7

I got to Chat With Mike for a minute online. Here’s what he had to say about this weekend.

MIKE: “I’m scared as fuck I’m scared right now but all I care about is the Fans I hate this fighting game I just love the people that believe in me and maybe that makes me hesitant but I will let it all go Saturday I got nothing to lose
I go in there scared
Every time and that makes me hesitant
ME:thank you for being deeply truthful Mike ,
do you get a rush still watching and or thinking through some of your past fights
MIKE:Every time I hear those people screaming for me
 If I didn’t have so many people believing in me I would’ve quit a long time ago
People say do it for yourself but I don’t enjoy this I love the fans and all those people who love watching the fight I will die in there for them Lol I’m very blessed with the Family and friends I have.

Not only has Mike stolen the attention of FightMichigan’s staff for this weekends event but the State seems to be focused on the outcome of this brilliantly scaled match up between Mike and long time Michigan MMA fight family member Joshua ‘Short Stack’ Robinson. This match will be a top-tier attraction in the events to come this year in Michigan’s blossoming MMA world.

Mike has been busy in the gym and abroad, training hard for a match that he has confidently stated will be a great match–but indecisive he will take home the Win.

Full of humor and skill, below you see Mike hanging onto Michigan Top team’s personal Boxing coach Kara Ro.

“My #wcw when I was able to pick her up
thank you for everything you do for me
you made me the best fighter I’ve ever been
ever since we started working together I’ve been on a five win winning streak about to make it six this Saturday
congrats to you and mark on bringing a bad ass in to this world in March happy for you guys”
-Mike Hernandez

 Mike Hernandez
With a successful approach to MMA, we have seen Mike take on the best that can be put in front of him and take a win or gracefully take a loss and return to the drawing board only to come back stronger and more cunning than before. His athleticism in the cage at his weight class is surpassed by very few as you can see here:

Images and video retrieved from social media and Youtube.  Credits to Maria Sinclair of Sinclair photography,  ACSLIVE.TV for the Video and the many other photographers that have Followed Mike Hernandez and his career.

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