Some of the Changes New Legislation Brings

Lara BannerYou might already know that the writers and editors at are also State Licenced ring officials for Professional MMA in Michigan. I’d like to share with you part of an email I recently received from the Unarmed Combat Commission regarding new procedures for events that effect specifically ring officials under the new legislation. We’d love to hear your opinion! Use the comments section below!

Ring Officials

o    Previously the department scheduled all ring officials.  Promoters will now be responsible for scheduling ring officials (physician, alternate physician, referees, judges, timekeeper).  The promoter will need to provide the names of the ring officials to the department on the event approval request.

Officials Pay

o   Previously an inspector employed by the department would collect payment for ring officials from the promoter and distribute.   Ring officials will now be paid directly by the promoter.


o   Ring physicians will no longer be licensed by our department.  Only a license by Bureau of Professional Licensing is required.

Seconds & Managers

o   Seconds and managers will no longer be licensed.


o   Inspectors will no longer be contracted by the state and assigned to events.  Promoter will now be required to hire/assign and compensate at least 1 inspector for each event.

See Sec. 33(11).

Bout Tabulation/Show Results

o   Previously an inspector assigned by the department would tabulate the scorecards and return score cards and bout summary sheets to the department.  Promoter is now responsible for tabulating each contest and submitting results to the department.

Sec. 54a(2)(bb) The results of each contest are reported to the department, on a form prescribed by the department, within 48 hours after the conclusion of the event. The report shall include any physician recommendations under subdivision (q). Within 2 business days after it receives those results, the department shall enter those results in each national contest results database selected by the department.

The effective date of the new legislation is February 10, 2016.


3 comments to “Some of the Changes New Legislation Brings”
  1. To think that these new regulations are going to work is a joke. Bureaucratic atrocities is the only way to describe this horrendous change. The ABC (Association of Boxing Commissioners) will not stand for any promoter hiring their own refs and judges. I labored extensively to get us recognized by the ABC only requesting what the ABC and the rest of the nation already has in place so our amateurs can fight out of state and out of state fighters would be allowed to fight in Michigan (out of state fighters were subject to suspension if they fought in Michigan if that state is a member with the ABC).
    For amateur MMA, I requested: Doctor Physical, Hep B & C and HIV blood work, licensed and bonded promoter, Doctor cage side/ring side, ambulance on site, proper record keeping with MMA.LLC, Fighters obtaining a national ID card as well as a Michigan ID, trained officials, medical insurance for fighters and liability insurance for spectators, no professional fighters allowed to fight amateur, no pay for fighters (travel expense is permitted). If any of you reading this is blind that the UFC did not have anything to do with this disaster, think again. I am now ashamed to be noted as a fight promoter in Michigan, a now disingenuous title.

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