The Burn with Kearns MMA Strength & Conditioning Course Certification Weekend

This Saturday (from 1pm to 6pm) and Sunday (from 8am to 1pm), the Burn cheap football jerseys with Kearns MMA Strength & Conditioning Certification Course is coming to Wright’s Karate School NHÀ in Ann Arbor. You will learn directly from Coach Kearns, a recognized expert in developing cutting edge Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) strength and conditioning training programs that provide a complete advantage – physical, mental and spiritual.

As the strength and conditioning coach for professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters like Jorge Gurgel, Marcus Davis, Kurt Pellegrino and numerous other fighters, Coach Kearns brings them to optimal levels of conditioning through a personalized, precise and phased training program. Each workout session is not only highly challenging, it leads to superior outcomes that build upon one another.

The NFL Jerseys China MMA strength and conditioning concepts developed and employed by Coach Kearns are being embraced by professional athletes, strength & conditioning coaches and personal trainers, because they offer the ultimate in functional conditioning benefits in a safe and adaptable way.
This Course is Recommended for Personal trainers, group exercise leaders, martial arts instructors, martial arts students, strength and conditioning coaches and any fitness enthusiast who wants to learn the latest ways to enhance and optimize their training.

Course topics include:
-How to Conduct a Personalized Evaluation
-Warm-up Techniques
-Establishing the Foundation of Strength for Improved Performance
-Strength Training Protocols
-New Approaches to Achieve Explosive Power
-Flexibility in a Multidimensional World
-Nutrition and Weight Loss ? Putting and Keeping Gas in the Tank – Ultimate Burn with
Kearns Cardio
-Partner Drills That Motivate, Challenge and Burn
-Cooling Down for Injury Prevention
-Adapting The Principles of the Burn cheap oakleys with Kearns MMA
Training System to Various Populations
-Developing Training Programs that Optimize Individual

There are only 6 slots left! Visit to enroll, or call (508) 541-3281. Also, you can check out their Facebook page. Also, pro fighter and Michigan MMA badboy Justin “J-Ho” Houghton will be in town to attend this seminar. Don’t miss out on this Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses awesome opportunity. This may be your only chance to take this certification seminar this Cheap Football Jerseys close to home!

Wright’s Karate School
4597 Platt Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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