This Week in Michigan MMA (Through February 21, 2010)

Detroit’s Joe Louis Fist Photographed by Jess Bournay.

This weekend we know of one show happening, and it’s bound to be a good one.

XCC is hosting another Battle at the Border in Port Huron, MI.

Located inside the Port Huron Armory, Battle at the Border 7 will feature 24 fights with USA’s best amateurs vs. Canada’s best amateurs.

The Port Huron Cheap Jordans Armory is located at 2525 Dove St., in Port Huron MI. Tickets are $25-$60. will Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses have a Pay-per-View of the event for around $20 – less than $1 per fight!

Keep reading to see who’s on the fight card for this Saturday’s Battle at the Border…

Preliminary Bouts: Canada vs Canada
Starting at 7:30 pm
1. Tom Doyle (Adrenaline- London) Vs Cade Joseph cheap oakleys (Team Iroqouis- Six Nations Territory) 170 lbs
2. Jim Fraser (Supreme MMA-Sarnia) Vs Michael Crosby (Destruction MMA-Chatam) 170 lbs
3. Jason Meisl (Cutting Edge- Hamilton) Vs Chad Laprise (Destruction MMA- Chatam) 160 lbs
4. Jeremy Lambert (Supreme MMA- Sarnia) Vs Colin Meloche (Mady’s Karate) 145 lbs


5.Wayne Sarat (Port Huron) Vs Jeff Wilson (Platinum MMA- London) Heavyweight
6. Michael Jordan Vs Cory Chandler (Cutting Edge- Hamilton) 135 lbs
7. Andy Pemberton (Fort Gratioit) Vs Adam Hie (Team Iroqouis- Six Nations Territory) 200 lbs
8. Joshua Donbrosky Vs Clint Kingsbury (Adrenaline- London) 140 lbs
9. Mike Gough (Fort Gratioit) Vs Mike Sanguinetti (Team Iroqouis- Six Nations Territory) 185 lbs
10. TBD Vs Derek Freeman (Adrenaline-London) 170 lbs
11. Adam Assenza (BAMA-Burlington) vs Theo Toney (Mady’s Karate) – Lightweight Title Qualifier (155 Europa lbs)
12. Travis Kincaide (BigDog MMA- Port Huron) Vs Chad Morse (Cutting Edge- Hamilton) 145 lbs
13. Alex Krol Vs Tommy Mcavoy (BAMA-Burlington) 135 lbs
14. Konnor Kuppe Vs Jason Mcintyre (Supreme MMA- Sarnia) 150 lbs
15. Steve Harmon Vs Garth Watkins (BAMA-Burlington) Heavyweight


16. Victor Aquino (Undisputed- Clinton Township) Vs Jim Barber (1st Strike MMA- London) 155 lbs
17. Patrick Stevic (BigDog MMA- Port Huron) Vs Ryan Thomson (Adrenaline- London) 145 lbs
18. Chris Logan (Supreme MMA- Sarnia) vs Kyle Propelec ( Mady’s Karate) 160 lbs
19. TBD Vs Jeremy Setzkron (Cutting Edge- Hamilton) 155 lbs
20. Shane Robinson (Port Huron) Vs Paul Jalbert (BAMA-Burlington) 165 lbs
21. Justin Cardella (BigDog MMA- Port Huron) Vs Nick Niforos (Mady’s Karate) 180 lbs
22. Chris Hicks (Undisputed- Clinton Township) Vs Denny Ward (BAMA-Burlington) 135 lbs

Semi Main Event:
23. Adam Rossow (BigDog MMA- Port Huron) Vs Dean Parsons (Supreme MMA- Sarnia) 170 lbs

XCC Featherweight Interim Championship (145 lbs)
24. Cory Krings (Team Mayhem-Mt Pleasant) Vs Jon Bilagot (Supreme MMA- Sarnia)

Keep in mind that fight cards are subject to last minute changes.