This week in Michigan MMA (Through July 4, 2010)

Detroit's Joe Louis Fist

Detroit’s Joe Louis Fist Photographed by Jess Bournay (

I was going to say it’s another quiet weekend for MMA here in the Mitten State, but I have a feeling that just isn’t going to be accurate. Spartan Caged Combat has a huge event coming up this weekend in Cement City, MI.

There’s been a lot of talk about this show. Promoter Tommy Troyer was recently interviewed on the Rich and Joe show. During the interview, Tommy gives a huge shout out to (Thanks Tommy!).

Spartan Caged Combat Championships Presents: Fight for Freedom at Town and Country Sports Center on U.S. 12 in Cement City, MI 49233.

It’s an all day event with a Hot Dog Eating Contest at 2pm, a bikini contest at 4pm, and the doors open for live cagefighting at 6pm.

The cagefights are set to begin at 8pm. The poster also promises Foxy Boxing.

After the fights, there will be a UFC Party (Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin – cheap football jerseys in case Fake Oakleys you’ve been living under a rock) at the Artesian Wells (It’s across the parking lot).

There will be live radio coverage by the Rich and Joe show.

And, if that wasn’t enough, UFC fighter James Lee will be there, along with King of the Cage/MTV Bully Beat Down Host Daron Cruickshank, D.A.V. (Disables American Veterans), and Team Darius.

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Tickets are $20 each for general admission, $30 each for rows 1 & 2, and $40 each for cageside table seats. Admission is free for the hot dog eating contest and the bikini contest!

The latest news is that the main event will feature Travis Travesty (14-6) and Justin Debarge (12-2) both at 145 lbs.

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  1. Shannon I think you have it wrong you have to participate in both the hot dog eating contest and the bikini contest. lol just kidding although i have had a few girls tell me thats the plan. I would like to invite everyone out to an event that very important to me and its not the MMA fights as much as it is the cause of this show. The Disabled American Veterans, I personally served my country and and really believe in the cause of helping out our Veterans. So to everyone out there that either loves me, hates me, or dispises me lets put all that aside on this day to come out and honor some real tough guys, that are the reason we have to freedoms we have to be able to talk trash about each other, to be able to put these events on, and the so many other freedoms we have as Americans. To this very day it brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear our National Anthem because so many people from my family have served and so many people from everyones family have served and given so much to keep our country free. Forget about everything else and all the drama and come out if you can make it and help give thanks to the few men and women that have given so much for the many to be free.

      • ah no problem see you guys saturday for a great time. another announcement about the card is Brett Swaenepoel 4-0 VS Jon Kish 3-1. I have kept the card pretty quite but let me tell you there are goning to be some wars in there. Good Luck to all the warriors putting the gloves on.

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