This Week in Michigan MMA (Through June 27, 2010)

Detroit's Joe Louis Fist

Detroit’s Joe Louis Fist Photographed by Jess Bournay (

Looks like it’s going to be a quiet weekend for MMA in Michigan this week. There were two scheduled events, Combat X and WXC, but, when I went to get the poster for the WXC show, I couldn’t find any information for it. It’s not on WXC’s website and there’s no facebook event. I’m going to leave it on the calendar, just in case it’s still happening. If someone knows for sure if it’s still on, please let us know in the comments. As always, let us also know if we missed any events. You can always submit information for events to and she will make sure it gets on the calendar (which gets it into the weekly write up). So without further ado, don’t miss…

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Combat X 20: Attack at the Yack!

Yack Arena
3131 Third St. Wyandotte, MI

14 Action packed fights with 3 title fights

See Heavyweight Champion Ray oakley sunglasses for men “WAR MACHINE” Rocheleau defend his title
Roland Saucedo goes for the vacant Lightweight Title
Shamir Garcia defends his Light Heavyweight Title

Plus: Brian Bonnici, Chris Ostosh, Randulf Hull, Kevin Dickey, and more.

The doors wird open at 6pm. We’ll see you there.

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