TXC 12 – St. Valentine’s Day Smash – Results from February 12, 2011

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Joe “The Don” Battaglia for sending in the results for TXC‘s latest event. It looks like the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Southfield saw a great fight card last Saturday night. We were really sorry we hard couldn’t be there… we’re still working on being in two places at once. wholesale jerseys china If anyone has any tips on that, let us know ASAP! But first… here are the results:

Bout #1:
Matt Christopher defeated Mike Burkie after the 3rd round by judges’ decision.

Bout #2:
Jerry Peace defeated Anthony Fleming at 2:02 of the 3rd round by TKO.

Bout #3:
James Fawks defeated Mike Smiley at 18 seconds of the 1st round by Knock Out.

Bout #4:
Joe Petahtegoose submitted Josh Raley at 2:41 in the 2nd round.

Bout #5:
Jason Vanheck defeated Dan Winston after the 3rd round by split decision.

Bout #6:
James Newport defeated Julian Eberhart at 1:30 in the 2nd round by TKO.

Bout #7:
Andy Nemeckay submitted Drew Hellner at 53 seconds in the 3rd round.

Bout #8:
Manny Villareal defeated Anthony Bain after the 3rd round by decision.

Bout #9:
Eric Ramirez submitted Mikey Galanos at 2:03 in the 3rd round.

Bout #10:
Tommy Bagnasco submitted Armando Pardoe at 2:00 in the 2nd round.

Bout #11:
Chris Franks defeated James nfl jerseys cheap Carrow at 1:33 in the 2nd round by knock out.

Bout #12:
Andrew Ventimiglia vs. Genaro Dejesus resulted in a No Contest due to a finger in the eye.

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