Upcoming Event Spotlight – MMADraft.com presents – Draft Combine Michigan

MMADraft.com is bringing forth a HUGE opportunity for Michigan’s top AMATEUR fighters to showcase their abilities and possibly gain respect on a wider National level. The Combine was originally scheduled to take place on January 18th, 2014, but it was recently announced that Urijah Faber will be fighting in New York that day. Being a TRUE class act, he decided to postpone until February 15th #7 so that he could be there in person. That means more time to register, prepare and to spread the word!

The Combine will give the participants a TRUE assessment of where their skill level is at in MMA amongst their peers. The MMA Draft Combine is modeled after other professional sports combines but with an MMA twist. These tryouts are for amateur mixed martial artists between the ages of 16-35 with NO professional bouts.

Testing Stations: There will be 10 stations throughout the day that tests the competitor’s skills and athleticism levels. In the morning there will be a test of athleticism (20 meter dash, vertical leap, beep endurance test, 5-10-5 Shuttle Run, Med Ball throw & Vitals). In the afternoon there will be a test of MMA Skills (Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, standup, striking power). The athleticism portion of the testing will be done with special timing equipment, however the skills portion of the test will be done by professionals that train and compete at the highest levels.

Scoring: Competitors Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses score points for each event and these points are added up to find out who the top competitors are at the Combine. The top finishers in each category win a Torque Sports & Performance Athletics package (16oz Gloves and Tees) and the grand prize winner of the event will win a 1 week trip (Flight, Room, & Gym Fees) to train at on of these gyms – Urijah Faber’s Ultimate Fitness, Alliance MMA (San Diego) or The PIT Elevated (Orem, Utah). At present time, only ONE Grand Prize will be awarded. HOWEVER…if attendance and participation in the Combine reaches a high enough level, there may be as many as THREE Grand Prizes awarded, so it is important to put the word out!

The most important aspect of the Combine is at the end of the day every competitor will have a better idea of where they stand and what they need to work on to succeed in the sport. They will know right away what areas they need to improve on.

Exposure: In addition to local news that will be covering the event we are also having the “Fight Network” come down from Canada. Exposure at the amateur level can go a long way in securing potential sponsors for the future.

Bonus Seminar: Participants of the Combine will also enjoy a 3-hour seminar taught by UFC Superstars Urijah Faber, Phil Davis and Daron Cruickshank on February 16th, the day after the Combine. Non-participants are still welcome to attend, however the fee will be $60 if you do not participate in the Combine.

Participation in the Combine is $75 per registrant.

In order for this event to succeed, they are looking for the support of EVERYONE at nfl jerseys cheap the amateur level. They are expecting the very best amateurs to participate and they hope that you encourage your gym/team to join in the fun. Michigan has a very vibrant amateur scene and cheap jordans online we all want to help forward the awareness and safety of the sport.

MMADraft.com is a website dedicated to the amateurs of mixed martial arts. Online they have tools that help all aspiring mixed martial artist attain their goals as well as one of the most extensive Amateur Databases in the United States. You can ask pros questions about anything you want, as well as learn useful techniques that work in the sport today. MMA Draft is here to create a blueprint to succeed in MMA.

If you have ANY questions about the Combine or seminar, feel free to call Donny Deaile at MMADraft.com at (805) 415-9293. Once again, we here at FightMichigan and at MMADraft.com hope that we can get the word out and make this event a success, which is sure to pave the way for many more great things in the future. Hope to see you all there!