Vengeance Fight League 4 – GPP 32 – Quick Results from June 11th, 2011

The Vengeance Fight League did it again in a stunning fashion last Saturday night with their 4th installment as they returned to the Intersection in Grand Rapids with a packed house and a stacked card! Promoter Dan Waterman keeps pumping out pro-caliber shows with every new event. If you have been Cheap Jordans to a Vengeance show, you know what we mean. If you haven’t, don’t miss the next one! Matchmaker Mickey Millis set the precedence with another great fight card! Phil “The Voice” Davey was on the mic keeping all the fights flowing and the crowd pumped to the max all night!. Hearing those famous trademark words “ARE YOU READY FOR A BEATDOWN?” really set the stage for the action cheap jordan shoes to come. Order NFL Jerseys Cheap was kept – in and out of the cage – by none other than Michigan pro fighters Dom “I Hate You So Much” O’Grady and Sean “The Rebel” Dizay. With three unbelievable title fights, an awesome female bout and a stacked undercard, fans were not disappointed and stayed ’til the lights went off. Sadly, FightMichigan was unable to attend in person, but we’d like to thank the really special person who submitted the bulk of this article and results, who wished to remain anonymous…you know who you are. How humble! If you folks in MMA land need further proof of the top-shelf shows Vengeance delivers, look at the card and results…seeing is believing! Here they are…

Fight #1 – 135lbs. (Bantamweight)
Leslie Hunley vs Ruben Silvas
Winner: Leslie Hunley

Fight #2 – Heavyweight
Cody Collins vs Shae Brophy
Winner: Cody Collins

Fight #3 – 135lbs. (Bantamweight)
Joel Paasch vs Marcus Wheeler
Winner: Marcus Wheeler

Fight #4 – 135lbs. (Bantamweight)
James Park vs Daniel Gonzales
Winner: Daniel Gonzales

Fight #5 – 185lbs. (Middleweight)
Sam Duistehor vs Dakota Tucker
Winner: Sam Duistehor

Fight #6 – 185lbs. (Middleweight)
Chris Dantuma vs Antoine Wilson
Winner: Antoine Wilson

Fight #7 cheap China Jerseys – 170lbs. (Welterweight)
Brandon Snyder vs Vince Murdock
Winner: Vince Murdock

Fight #8 – 185lbs. (Middleweight)
Mikeal Smith vs Justin Roberson
Winner: Justin Roberson

Fight #9 – 155lbs. (Lightweight)
Will Woodford vs Mike “True Grit” Hamida
Winner: Will Woodford

Fight #10 – 170lbs. (Welterweight)
Justin “The Warrior” Zeno vs Steve Wilson
Winner: Steve Wilson

Skeeter Kittle vs Jordan Dusseau
Winner: Jordan Dusseau

Fight wholesale nfl jerseys #12 – 145lbs. (Featherweight)
Terry “The Greatest Show on Earth” VanAvery vs Paul Howard
Winner: Terry “The Greatest Show on Earth” VanAvery

Fight #13 – 135lbs. (Bantamweight)
Cathy Ajami vs Sarah Grecheski
Winner: Sarah Grecheski

Fight #14 – 135lbs. – BANTAMWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT
Cody “Mr. Wonderful” Stamann vs Tony “The Tiger” Zelinski
Winner: Cody “Mr. Wonderful” Stamann

Andy Carter vs Josh Ponder
Winner: Josh Ponder

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