Pro MMA Is Coming Back To The Palace – And YOU Can Get FREE Tickets! Read On…

Donofrio MMA and the Impact Fight League are going to be back in action at the Palace of Auburn Hills in just over a week from now on February 18th, 2012 with another BREATHTAKING evening of Mixed Martial Arts action. And you can receive General Admission tickets ABSOLUTELY FREE, with only one small catch…you must RSVP and attend an ABSOLUTELY FREE seminar, right on site at the Palace, just prior to the event. The seminar will be presented by the Sports Legacy Institute’s Chris Nowinski in association with the world-renown referee from the Impact Fight League, King of the Cage, the UFC as well as a host of others and personal friend of FightMichigan, Marc Fennell.

The seminar will be a comprehensive look at concussive injuries in contact sports, will discuss what Second-Impact Syndrome is, its effects on the brain and more. This seminar is PERFECT for fighters, friends and families of fighters, trainers, cornerman, medics, anyone involved in any capacity with contact sports, and even the general public! Don’t miss this great opportunity to expand your knowledge AND enjoy a night of Professional MMA of the highest caliber. We here at FightMichigan will be attending this free and informative seminar, and we would like to cordially invite you ALL to join us! Here is a small excerpt from SLI’s website just to give you a general idea of the topics that will be discussed:
“Concussion guidelines are a rapidly changing field. Just a few years ago, athletes were expected to ‘shake it off’ and continue to play after suffering a concussion or a ‘ding.’ Today, we now know that it is unsafe for any athlete to return-to-play the same Cheap NFL Jerseys day they have suffered a concussion, and it is recommended that every athlete not return-to-play until they have been cleared by an appropriate medical professional. Athletes who do return early are at risk for Second-Impact Syndrome, a rare but catastrophic brain injury in which an athlete who has suffered a concussion incurs further brain trauma before symptoms associated with the initial concussion have cleared. About 50% of athletes die after suffering SIS and the rest suffer life-long impairments.”

All you have to do to register and attend this FREE informative seminar and receive your FREE tickets to the show is send Marc Fennell a private message on Facebook by clicking right on this ===>BIG RED LINK<=== and let him know how many tickets you cheap jordans online will be needing. REMEMBER, in order to receive your free General Admission tickets, you must RSVP with Marc AND be present at the seminar. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses The number of available tickets is UNLIMITED…so tell your friends, family, neighbors and all of their friends too!

We here at FightMichigan would also like to sincerely thank our friend and distinguished gentleman, the Fight Boss himself, Mr. Joe Donofrio, for this amazing and unprecedented act of goodwill and charity toward the ENTIRE MMA community in both facilitating the seminar AND another unforgettable night of caged excitement! Joe has once again gone above and beyond the call of duty by offering FREE admission to his ALWAYS SPECTACULAR show is for the sake of educating everyone involved in the sport, which is why the Impact Fight League is one of the forerunners in fighter safety. Our hats off to Joe, and when you see him, thank him in person for always being a stand-up guy!