Caged Aggression 31 with Special Guest Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal – Results from February 18th, 2012

On February 18th, 2012, Caged Aggression, in association with Big John’s MMA, returned once again to it’s familiar home, Streeter’s Ground Zero in Traverse City, for an action-packed night showcasing some of the great north’s best competitors. Setting VIP at the event, signing autographs and mingling with excited fans was many time StrikeForce veteran and renown pro fighter Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal. Fans packed the house to see the end result of the combined promoting experience of Christos “The Mad Greek” Piliafas and one of the busiest promoters in the game, Big John Yeubanks. If anyone knows how the business works, it’s this guy! When Big John started promoting, people thought MMA meant the Michigan Manufacturing Association…no joke! After a stunning rendition of our National Anthem by Miss Amanda Kerby, it was time for the WARS to begin!

The action took off right away, as the very first fight, a well-matched battle between Ryan Smith and David Mata, went all the way to the judges score cards, which is a universally recognized sign of solid matchmaking. This particular outing, the judges leaned in the favor of Smith. Among many of the outstanding highlights of the night were some impressive victories by local favorites such as Josh Deluco, Chris Pinkowski, Charlie Breithaupt, John Kanary, Tony Alfonseca, Tyler Edgington, Al Caicco, James McQueen, Warren “The Polish Hammer” Niewiadomski and Josh Stevenson. There was also a SPECTACULAR title fight between two men who are no strangers to MMA, Gabe Howard and Randy Wiggins. The night, and the belt, would go home with Gabe, but a huge shout to Randy for stepping up and showing the fans what it’s all about! Gabe now adds one more championship belt to his already EXTENSIVE collection. The Co-Main event of the evening was an ALL OUT WAR between Great Lakes MMA’s Jared Prusick and True Fighter’s Justin Baricska. Once again, as is the benchmark of a great match, this one went all the way to the cards. Ultimately, this GRUELING battle was awarded to Prusick for his unbelievable effort…and kudos to Baricska too! No shame in a fight that good! The Superfight of the night featured two of the big boys, as Devon Brown took on Joe Smith. This fight was over at a mere FIFTEEN SECONDS by tap out. Wow…that’s what is called getting it done! As is the custom here at FightMichigan, we salute EVERYONE involved in the event from A to Z, but MOST ESPECIALLY the fighters and trainers. YOU ARE THE SHOW.

Now for a quick series of shouts who made it all go down – the Caged Aggression cast and crew…starting with Christos “The Mad Greek” Piliafas and “Big” John Yeubanks. Anyone who has promoted – even a single time – will be QUICK to tell you what a nightmare it can be. But somehow, both of these guys pull it off time and time again (quite masterfully even!). BECAUSE THEY TRULY LOVE THE SPORT. And it shows in the way they take care of their fighters…just ask around. The referee for this stunner of an event was none other than MASH Fight Team trainer, Michigan pro fighter and UFC veteran James “Superman” Lee. King Mo was originally scheduled to step in and ref a couple of bouts, but as it turns out, he wisely opted to take the night off to finish recuperating from a recent knee operation. The cageside physician for the event was none other than the mega-experienced Dr. Michael Fillenworth. Keeping things dynamic and smooth in the back room was the team of Diamond D MMA’s Scott DiPonio and Dom Hernandez. There were also some of our fave vendors in the house repping themselves and their respective badassery – Izzy Quintanilla and the HUGE product lineup of MI Entertainment, Anthony Lebron and Defyant Industries, which is, by the way the OFFICIAL home of the Dave “The Butcher” hoodie AND booty shorts. YES, THAT’S RIGHT. Dave “The Butcher” Clifford booty shorts…get yours today! House of Pain Ironwear and Heywire (featuring Dingo Brown) were also in the house.

NOW…FightMichigan would like to take this time out to bring to the attention of the ENTIRE MMA community and to DIRECTLY thank a man who (like many others who will also see their day in our feature spotlight), not only contributes an UNPRECEDENTED amount of time and effort to this, the sport we all love, both openly and overtly, but also contributes in literally countless ways behind the scenes on every imaginable level, asking for little to no credit, Dave “The Butcher” Clifford. Dave not only announced this (and many other) event(s), but he also took the time and effort to collect the fight results of this and many other shows that he was a part of that FightMichigan would have otherwise been unable to deliver coverage to you, our loyal readers. So here’s to you Dave, for ALL you do, which only a select few in the sport TRULY understand! Oh yeah…Dave also now has a weekly podcast (posted on Fridays) with Pete Trevino Jr., brought to you by MI-Entertainment. It’s on…click on the WGRD MMA page under the events banner…it’s called “WGRD UNCAGED” and it previews, features, and recaps all of Michigan and regional MMA, interviews and FLAVOR!

Well…it’s safe to say at this point, after 31 highly successful events, Caged Aggression is here to stay. IN FACT, they will be back sooner than you think, on April 7th, 2012, with Caged Aggression 32 – All Stars. For a quick info fix on that, check out their Facebook event page, or hit up our “Upcoming Events” calendar…and we’ll see you cageside at an event SOON! Here are your results…

Fight #1
Ryan Smith vs David Mata
Winner: Ryan Smith by decision after three INTENSE rounds.

Fight #2
Josh Deluco vs Steve Loope
Winner: Josh Deluco at 1:40 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #3
Chris Pinkowski vs Justin Robldeau
Winner: Chris Pinkowski at 1:46 in round 1 by tap out.

Fight #4
Charlie Breithaupt vs Eddie Evans
Winner: Charlie Breithaupt at 2:50 in round 2 by tap out.

Fight #5
John Kanary vs Zack Sanford
Winner: John Kanary at 1:06 in round 1 by tap out.

Fight #6
Tony Alfonseca vs Justin Sanford
Winner: Tony Alfonseca at 1:04 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #7
Tyler Edgington vs Eric Lyon
Winner: Tyler Edgington at 1:29 in round 1 by tap out.

Fight #8
Al Caicco vs Joe Carson
Winner: Al Caicco at 2:27 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #9
James McQueen vs Randy Pettinger
Winner: James McQueen at 30 seconds in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #10
Warren “The Polish Hammer” Niewiadomski vs C.J. Works
Winner: Warren Niewiadomski by judges decision after three AMAZING rounds.

Fight #11
Josh Stevenson vs Chris McClure
Winner: Josh Stevenson at 1:16 in round 1 by tap out.

Fight #12
Adrian Vallaca vs Tyler Lake
Winner: Adrian Vallaca at 1:42 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #13
Gabe Howard vs Randy Wiggins
Winner: Gabe Howard at 1:55 in round 1 by tap out.

Fight #14
Jared Prusick vs Justin Bariska
Winner: Jared Prusick by judge’s decision after three WELL-FOUGHT rounds.

Fight #15
Devon Brown vs Joe Smith
Winner: Devon Brown at 15 seconds in round 1 by tap out.