Thunderbolt Cage Challenge I – Results from November 3rd, 2011

Thunderbolt Cage Challenge rocked the city of Waterford with their very first event this past Saturday evening, taking an approach that is a rare treat these days: the whole fight card was a Light Heavyweight tournament! Promoter Ben Williams and matchmaker Albrecht Williams took this idea and enacted it quite nicely. It was mandatory that ALL of the warriors on the card be debut fighters, thereby ensuring equal experience. The plan seemed to work well, with a majority of the fights making it to the later rounds. The first four bouts on the night were preliminary elimination matchups to see which of these 205 pounders would advance through the tournament, and which would be left to pick up and regroup. After four well-matched preliminary bouts, it was time for the semi-finals. The four combatants who had been successful in their first outing came back to try to make it the rest of the way to the top of the tourney ladder.

The very first fight of the event was a war that went the distance…ALWAYS a solid way to start the show! Debuting bad boys Cedric Bronson and Richard Scholz kept the crowd excited through all three rounds with an extremely impressive display that ended with the judges unanimously agreeing that Bronson got the better of the exchange, officially putting the first check mark in the “Win” column. In the second preliminary bout of the night, Thomas Davenport and Sam Inhofer locked up to see who would move on to the next round. Davenport was able to secure a nice TKO victory nearing the two and a half minute mark, putting him in the contention for the Semi-finals. Next up was Freddy Retro versus Gregory Adams. These two mixed it up hard and fast in the first round. Less than a minute into the second round, Retro landed a punch that put his opponent to sleep, and solidified his progression to the next level. In the final bout in the prelims, Victor Hartman and Miguel Melendez stepped inside the steel for a chance to dance and advance. The battle raged on all the way into the third and final round, when Hartman was able to capitalize on an opening and sunk in a fight ending armbar. Now, it was Semi-final time.

In the first of two Semi-final matchups, Thomas Davenport and Cedric Bronson put each other to the test for the coveted chance to take home the BIG bacon. Once again, the fight was an impressive three rounder that left the judges with ink to put down. After the dust settled, all three judges concurred that Davenport was the more dominant of the two in this well-fought contest. In the final fight of the evening, previous winners Freddy Retro and Victor Hartman took the stage for their opportunity to shine. After some exchanging of blows and some transitions, Freddy Retro was able to dispatch his opponent at just over two minutes in the first and final round. Now that the night’s WARS had consummated, the last two men standing in the tournament are poised to settle the score once and for all to see who will emerge as the king of the mountain.

Thomas Davenport & Freddy Retro will now advance to the Finals bracket and will fight for the Light Heavyweight Grand Prix title at Thunderbolt’s next event. To witness the outcome of this exciting Light Heavyweight Tournament and much more to come from Thunderbolt Cage Challenge, keep us locked and loaded on your browser and check back often…we’ll have all the goods and info as it becomes available. For now, here are your results…


Fight #1
Cedric Bronson vs Richard Scholz
Winner: Cedric Bronson by unanimous decision after three hard-fought rounds.

Fight #2
Thomas Davenport vs Sam Inhofer
Winner: Thomas Davenport at 2:26 in round 1 by TKO – referee stoppage due to strikes.

Fight #3
Freddy Retro vs Gregory Adams
Winner: Freddy Retro at 49 seconds in round 2 by knock out (Punch).

Fight #4
Victor Hartman vs Miguel Melendez
Winner: Victor Hartman at 2:02 in round 3 by tap out due to armbar.


Fight #5
Thomas Davenport vs Cedric Bronson
Winner: Thomas Davenport by unanimous decision after three hard-fought rounds.

Fight #6
Freddy Retro vs Victor Hartman
Winner: Freddy Retro at 2:11 in round 1 by tap out due to arm triangle choke.