FightMichigan Press Release – MAJOR Media Collaboration/Site Relaunch

ACSLive - FightMichigan - UMOR AllianceWe admit, things have been slow here at FightMichigan for several months now, but we have not been completely dormant. We have been beta testing some new AWESOME site features, a new look and layout, and one of the BIGGEST collaborations in Michigan MMA media history!

FightMichigan would like to OFFICIALLY announce our new partnership with our good, long time buddies Jason “Muggzie” Mugg over at and one of our all-time biggest site contributors EVER, Dave “The Butcher” Clifford and our new radio affiliate with Chris Maltsburger at UMOR Live Uncensored MMA News! Here’s how this is going to change Michigan MMA media forever:

Here at FightMichigan, we are going to be adding some impressive new features to the site, and we are going to do something that we have had HUNDREDS of requests for – we are bringing back our full-length articles! You all asked for it, and we are glad to deliver as a way of saying “Thank You” to all of our friends, fans and supporters. Jason “Muggzie” Mugg and are going to be continuing to deliver some of the very best fight footage and video services in the game as well as fighter/promoter/staffer interviews (that we will also be directly involved in) as well as many other things, and Dave “The Butcher” Clifford is going to be lighting up the airwaves over at Chris Maltsburger‘s UMOR with his hard-hitting, no-punches-pulled style. This is going to provide Michigan with a perfect trifecta of coverage; written event coverage, video event coverage and radio broadcast coverage from THREE of the best and most respected sources out there…creating an absolutely unstoppable media powerhouse. So when you promote/advertise through this amazing newnetwork, you are guaranteed to get the MAXIMUM publicity if you are a promoter, the greatest amount of media exposure if you are a fighter, and a wealth of information and event coverage if you are a fan. We are EXTREMELY pleased to be a part of this huge landmark in Michigan MMA history and we at FightMichigan would like to sincerely thank you ALL for your fanfare and support over the years and your patience with our recent temporary absence. We assure you that the very best is yet to come, and with the additional support of Frank Patino and the Patino Diet and our newfound friends over at, the future of MMA coverage in this State is going to be UNPRECEDENTED. Here’s to the future…and to an alliance that will benefit EVERYONE involved in the sport. Thanks again…and we will see you at an event SOON!

P.S. – Very special thanks to Jeff Styles over at MMAMich for the amazing banner (above). Contact him for fight banners and more and check in at MMAMich also…he does a GREAT job at what he does and has some great, original content.ACSLive - FightMichigan - UMOR Alliance Version 2

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